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Best Locks for Airbnb

If you own a vacation rental or an Airbnb property you know the hassle and inconvenience of allowing access for your guests. If you’re still providing a physical key to your guests you’re leaving yourself vulnerable to unauthorized access or worse – burglary or vandalism. So what do you? You look for the best locks […]


Best Front Doors For Security

Your front door is the first impression a person gets when they visit. They are also an important part of the security of your house. We are going to look at the best front doors that can be installed that will create a good first impression and your security. Fortunately, many manufacturers make stylish, decorative doors that […]

Biometric Locks

Samsung Fingerprint Door Lock

Are you searching for a fingerprint access control door lock? I get asked a lot about if the Bluetooth operated smart door locks can be hacked. The short answer is yes, it is possible, but those locks are secure and most manufacturers use two factor authentication and encrypt the Bluetooth code to make it harder […]