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I tell every single one of my customers, if they want to have a secure front entry they must think about it as a complete system. You can have one of the best front doors for security, and a high security residential deadbolt. But for a complete, nearly impenetrable front entry you need entry door jamb reinforcement hardware.

This is because the wood frame on your door is, at most, 3/4″ thick. When force is applied this wood splits and breaks, allowing for an easier entrance. With door armor and jamb reinforcement, the metal plates are attached to the framing of your house by 3-1/2″ screws and distributes force along the whole frame instead of at a single point. Making it much harder to bust in by force.

75% of home invasions come through the front door.

Unfortunately for law abiding folks – like you, me and 99% of society – burglaries happen every day. A lot of them occur by breaking through or kicking in the door. But most people don’t have entry door reinforcement to protect against these types of attacks.

In my work with doors and door hardware and through the contact form on this site I get asked many times about pick proof door locks. There are some locks that are very pick resistant like high security deadbolts. And some locks that can’t be picked because they don’t have a key like some smart locks.


I know it looks easy and quick on TV shows and movies but your door lock is not getting picked. The thugs are not going to take the time to do that. Thugs are going to forcibly come in through a window or door.

I had to get this door armor kit. Why?

I have been using a door security bar. It helps to prevent the front door from being forced open. But I wanted to get something that was more secure and passive.

entry door reinforcement

If you live alone, a door security bar is easy to use. But when you have a large family or teens and young adults living in your house, the door security bars can be a nuisance.

I’ve got family members going and coming all the time and you don’t always know when they’ll be coming home so you really can’t have those door security bars on all the time.

The security bar still needs to be removed to allow the door to open. Even if someone has the key or code to unlock the door, the door security bar won’t let you open the door.

And something else I have run into with door security bars is this: if you use the garage door to leave and enter your house like I do and leave the door bar installed, if the power goes out while you’re gone, you will have a very difficult time getting in.

So it’s not always installed and preventing that potential break in. Or you might get complacent and just forget to use it. And it can’t be in place when you are not there, you still need to open the door when you return. It needs to be tucked under the knob and firmly placed on the floor to operate correctly.

Getting rid of the door security bar

So I wanted to get rid of the security bar. It needed to be something to prevent or at least make it very difficult for someone to forcibly get in the door. I knew about these Door Armor Kits from a YouTube video I saw and it looks like they are very difficult to get through. And the installation looked like something that is pretty easy.

Why did I get this entry door reinforcement?

In addition to wanting something instead of the door bar, there has been a development in my family’s life that necessitated increasing the security around my home and this included increasing the security of the front door.

I just didn’t feel like the door bar was enough to prevent forcible entries. Most are made of a very thin and cheap metal that can easily bend or break with enough force.

So, I got the Armor Concepts Door Armor Max Combo Set and we’ll see how easy it is to install.

Armor Concepts makes door security armor, and that’s all they make. The door armor they provide is not just for single front entry doors, they also have French door reinforcement kit and kits for interior, safe room doors. These are inexpensive for the security they provide and reportedly, can be installed in under 30 minutes.

Their Guarantee and Warranty

And they also offer a money back 90 day warranty so if you are not satisfied you can return it and get your money back.

Armor Concepts also has a $500 guarantee that if your door is kicked in, they will pay you $500.

The most perfect reason for this entry door reinforcement kit is it is always on, always there, always working. You don’t have to remember to put on the door before you go to bed or remove it when someone is coming in. And at $89, they don’t cost much more than the security bar and it is more secure.

To me, this is a no-brainer decision. If you own your home, I would highly recommend it. If you are renting you should probably ask your landlord first because it is actually being installed to the door and frame. It can be removed as easily as it was installed but they might not like you leaving screw holes in the door and frame.

What Comes In The Box?

  • Jamb Shield – goes on the door frame lock side with 3-1/2″ screws that get screwed into the structural studs of your door
door armor jamb reinforcement

  • 2 Mini Door Shields – goes on the door edge at the deadbolt and the door latch. This keeps the door from splitting where the deadbolt and latch are
door armor lock

  • 2 Door Hinge Reinforcement Plate – gets installed on the frame at the hinges. These are also attached to the structural studs with 3-1/2″ screws and prevent the hinges from pulling out
door armor hinge reinforcement

  • 17 screws – plenty to attach the door armor and they are 3-1/2″ long. Long enough to screw into the framing which is what you need for the best protection

Entry Door Reinforcement Installation

This entry door reinforcement is really easy to install. It does not require you to remove your door or locks. The plates go over what you have existing on your door already.

If you know how to use a cordless screwdriver or drill it doesn’t take long.

You have to measure the distance you have from your door to the door jamb. Armor Concepts door security says you need the gap from the door to the jamb to fit the width of 2 quarters, which works out to about 3/8″. If the gap is tighter than that, then you should call them. They have armor kits for tight gaps doors as well.

I didn’t have a problem putting this on my door. I did drill pilot holes though, and the instructions tell you to do that and I would recommend it. In my experience installing screws into anything, having pilot holes makes putting in screws a lot easier, straighter and prevents cracking or splitting wood. You want the screw attachment to be secure and true, it helps the jamb reinforcement be the strongest it can be.

After Installation

It doesn’t cause any issues with closing or opening the door. It still opens and closes just as easily as it did before installed it. The weatherstripping and threshold were not damaged or impeded from working correctly when installing this so it does not cause a draft or holes for bugs to get through.

I would like to demonstrate the invulnerability of the door armor for you but I do not want to run the risk of damaging my door just to prove a point. If you want to see the door armor in action there are plenty of videos on the internet for that.

Most Importantly…

I feel safer knowing that there is a really good chance that forcible entries will be prevented with this door entry reinforcement. Or at the very least it will take some time to break in. This allows me and my family time to to take action and defend ourselves or call the authorities.

One thought on “Armor Concepts Entry Door Reinforcement

  1. That was really an eye-opener.  I had never given a second thought to the vulnerability of most front doors to brute force.  I always considered the strength of the lock and the locking system primarily.  What was explained in here makes so much sense I’m not sure why I never considered it before.

    My husband now has an exercise to do to ensure all of our doors are now safe using this system.  The money back guarantee should serve as an incentive as well as the fact that I’m not asking him to change all the doors.  It’s just to add the necessary reinforcement.

    At home safety is important to me and this seems to be a solution that meets by needs both from the protection side as well as from the cost side.

    I’ll definitely be sharing this article with friends and family!

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