A Little History

August Home started in 2013 as a smart home security company out of San Francisco and quickly gained a foothold in the residential lock market with their line of smart locks. In 2017, August was acquired by Yale’s parent company, Assa Abloy. This has helped both Yale and August improve their position in the residential door lock market.

One would think that being bought by a large international corporation such as Assa Abloy, quality and reputation would suffer but the August Smart Lock Pro + Connect consistently gets good reviews and continues to have a good reputation.

What’s in the Box?

Upon opening the box you will find the Smart Lock Pro with 4 AA batteries pre-installed, Connect WiFi Bridge, DoorSense sensor, adhesive strips, three adapters and one mounting plate. The adhesive strips are for holding the exterior of the deadbolt in place when the back is removed. And because this smart lock retrofits to the back of your existing deadbolt you will need to find the adapter that fits your model.

Ease of Installation

This lock is very easy to install, the hardest part is probably figuring out which adapter to use.  The August Smart Lock does not come with any mounting screws, it uses the screws of your existing deadbolt. Be careful when removing the interior of your deadbolt, do not damage or lose the screws. Once the mounting plate is on, attach the smart lock to the mounting plate with clamps on either side of the lock.

Choices of Connection

August Smart Lock ProThe August Smart Lock works with Bluetooth, WiFi, Z-wave Plus and HomeKit. With the August Home app, which is available for iOS, Android and Apple Watch, you monitor and grant access from anywhere. It will also respond to voice commands from Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant.

The app can be setup to send you notifications whenever the door is used. It can also be set to automatically lock after a user defined period of time. It will allow you to set up temporary access for service workers, dog walkers and guests. The August Home app makes it simple to monitor all comings and goings because, in addition to everyone having their own access “key”, it will also keep track of any manual locking or unlocking.

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DoorSense and “GeoFencing”

DoorSense is August’s sensor that can either be installed on the door frame near the lock or can be mortised flush into the door frame. This sensor will let the lock and you, through the app, know if the door is shut and if not, will send you a notification. Geofencing creates an imaginary boundary around the house that, once crossed with your smartphone key, will unlock the door.

August Doorbell Cam Pro

August Doorbell CamAugust also makes a Doorbell Cam Pro that integrates perfectly with this lock. As the name implies it is a doorbell with a security camera that has motion detection. The security camera also adds a few seconds to recorded video before motion was detected. And because they’re made by the same company you are able to see video from the doorbell and control the lock from the same app.


Technically, this is not an actual deadbolt lock but it operates the deadbolt. For this reason, if you’re looking for the convenience of a smart lock but also want to upgrade to a more secure deadbolt, see my post about Best Deadbolt Locks for Home Use for which deadbolt to use.

August Smart Lock Pro










Warranty/Customer Service



  • Easy Installation - no need to remove existing deadbolt
  • Geofencing with BlueTooth from your smartphone
  • Autolock when door is shut
  • Monitor comings and goings on your phone
  • Integrates easily with other August products such as a Doorbell cam


  • Need the included hub for remote operation
  • Will need to separately replace existing deadbolt if it is subpar


  1. This is something I wasn’t even familiar with. We have a security system for our home and property that is ready to be installed. The August Smart Lock, along with the Doorbell Cam Pro, look like they would really augment a security system.

    One question: Is there any alert on the Smart Lock when the batteries need to be changed?

    1. As long as you have the August Home app installed on your smartphone it will warn you when the batteries get to 20%.

  2. Hi! I have been reading good reviews about August. And even after being bought by Assa Abloy, they continue to have a good name!

    I really like the fact that the August Smart Lock Pro is very easy to install. And although it is not an actual deadbolt lock, it suits me just fine! Thank you very much for your review.

  3. This looks easy enough to install and use with your existing deadbolt. What do you do if the batteries die though? I can see where the convenience of just using your phone could get you complacent to leaving your actual keys at home.The other thing I am curious about since this is an elctronic device over bluetooth can it be hacked?

  4. Hello Bill. I think this is an awesome review on August Smart Lock Pro. Reading good reviews about a product boost my confidence about that product and August Smart Lock is not an exception as. everyone is speaking good about it. It’d be great if they included screws to it. Anyways thanks for the timely warning.

  5. I always had curiosity regarding this electronic locks, looking at the video I realized their installed on the inside of the door using the preexisting lock.

    What if I don´t have battery on my phone will I still be able to open the door? can I use the keys from the outside?

    I understand the kit comes with several batteries what happens when the batteries run out?

    This seem a very good idea but on the other way it’s our front doo and we have to make sure it’s safe and fail proof.´Thank’s in advance,


    1. Yes, you can still use the key to lock/unlock from outside. Regarding the batteries running out, you will get a notification on your phone when the batteries reach 20%.

  6. Great review. Love that you included the warning about the screws. Very thoughtful. Seems like a great lock and I love the aesthetics of it. So the presence of your phone unlocks he door? Kind of like how cars are with not needing to put the keys in? Now out of curiosity, what happens if your phone is dead? Since its not the actual deadbolt are you able to use a real key too?

    1. This smart lock doesn’t replace the existing deadbolt so if the batteries run out or your smart phone is dead you will still be able to use your existing key.

  7. Hi Bill, very good review about August Smart Lock Pro. This smart lock seems very good product; it is easy to install, you have many choices of connections and I really like the option of using camera there. The smart lockers as I know are still in the phase of a start but they have a bright future I suppose. Thanks for sharing with us!

  8. I have a Kwikset electronic door lock which I was considering replacement. My unit was having problems engaging the deadbolt into the box and strikeplate. I just do not understand the rationale of making a “smart” lock so much more costly  than an electronic deadbolt lock.Unlocking/locking a door remotely won’t solve a mechanical lock failure. And recently I read a news story about smart homes being subject to hacking. It all makes one stop and think whether technology makes things too convenient.

    1. My guess is when you do go to lock your door you need to push on the door a little to engage the box. That sounds like swelling of the door or frame due to changes in weather. If that is the case, a new electronic lock or smart lock or even a conventional deadbolt won’t fix the issue. You probably need to look into modifications to your frame. However, this particular smart lock does have an alert that will notify you if the deadbolt won’t engage all the way. This smart lock has two-factor authentication, two-layer encryption and if your phone is lost you can disable the app on August’s website.

  9. Hi Bill,

    Awesome review, I really enjoyed the reading!

    This kind of locker is exactly what I need as every member of the family forget to take their keys quite often. The funny thing is that no one forgets their phone:) Now I will be reassured that my kids can get inside the house when I am out. Anyway, since many users can use the code in the phone to lock or unlock the door, is there an age for kids you wouldn’t recommend giving the code? You know how kids are, they love to share their stories with friends:) And this could be unsafe.

    Thank you for this excellent post!

    1. This lock does not have a code that is punched in on buttons. It works through Bluetooth on the app so it’s just the app sending a signal to the lock and not any code to forget or given out. 

  10. this is clever I must say and gives you a piece of mind when your out but also a good way of knowing exactly if the kids are in at curfew! 

    One thing that I must ask and I hope you don’t think I’m being negative but as the product operates via WiFi or blue tooth, what security is in place to stop the lock getting hacked by hi-tech burglars? Can the system be over rided? 

    1. I would imagine any system can be hacked but August has used two-factor authentication and two-layer encryption to protect against that. 

  11. this is going to go along way in improving the security of our homes  you have done very good work in this review  its well organized  and detailed the video work through  is amazing and you can never go wrong  with stuffs like those  good work and all the best 

  12. This is  a very clever security lock which will help keep thieves at bay

    Do the adapters cover every type of deadbolt available? 

    Are there security measures available so that the lock cannot be hacked by anyone else?This is a very important  question as what happens  if your phone is stolen.

    Looking forward to hearing your response

    1. The adapters can be used on every type of deadbolt. Different manufacturers use different tail pieces in their locks and these adapters fit those. As for the hacking there is two-factor authentication, two-layer encryption which makes it difficult to hack and your neighbor an easier target. If your phone is lost or stolen you can disable the app on August’s website.

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