This is not a lock for a front door.

The problem with using a fingerprint door lock for your front door is finding one with a deadbolt. Biometric front door locks or on any other exterior door should have a deadbolt.

I have seen many “best” biometric or fingerprint door lock reviews but none of them address this problem or situation. Almost all of the ones that are reviewed have a latch like the one pictured and not a deadbolt.

There are many fingerprint or biometric door locks that look and work nicely however, most of them have a latch with a handle and are more suited for a storage, office or some other type of interior door.

Most people have a handle and a deadbolt on their front door. Most importantly, the deadbolt is there for security considerations. While the handle has the latch that will disengage when the handle is turned.

If you’re going to use one of these fingerprint door locks that only has the latch on your front door you will also need a separate deadbolt. And that sort of defeats the purpose, no?

Best Fingerprint Deadbolt Door Locks

  1. Lockly Fingerprint Keyless Door Lock
  2. ZKTeco Fingerprint Smart Lock
  3. SCYAN D5 FIngerprint Deadbolt
  4. Wandwoo Fingerprint Smart Door Lock

Benefits of a Fingerprint Door Lock

The biggest benefit of opening your door with a fingerprint or biometric front door locks is not having a key or to remember a code.

Most smart locks require a code that is 4 digits, some go to 8 or 12 digits. Not surprisingly, 8 digits is a lot to remember for some of us. Or they require use of a smartphone with the app that needs to have BlueTooth that you can unlock the door with.

The elderly populations of just about every country are increasing. And, unfortunately, as people age they get more forgetful. They are also less interested in new technology like wanting to use or learning to use a smartphone.

But, they are still capable of putting their finger on the scanner. A biometric front door lock doesn’t require a key or code to unlock the door.

For example, this has been an experience in my own life. Even with the best of intentions, like using a birth date that you would think will be easily memorable, it is forgotten or jumbled and not remembered correctly. Or get them a smartphone that is never used and therefore never on their person.

Fortunately, this is easily avoided with biometric front door locks. Because there is nothing to remember but putting your finger on the scanner.

Also, children and those with special needs could benefit from fingerprint home door locks as well.

No more keys being made

Children, especially my child, would have benefited greatly with a front door lock like this. He must have lost a key at least every semester.

It got to the point where I had extra keys on my keychain. So that when I asked him where his key was and he said he didn’t know, I could give him another. We ended up with a simple electronic lock with a code.

Lockly Fingerprint Keyless Door Lock

  • Unlocks with BlueTooth, fingerprint, code, or physical key
  • Can access remotely with the additional WiFi hub
  • Uses a 3D fingerprint scanner versus the typical 2D readers
  • Can use a 9Volt battery for backup in case batteries die
  • Can store up to 99 fingerprints
  • App works on iOS and Android. Grant and remove access and view history logs
  • Fits all standard deadbolt cutouts in doors up to 2″ thick with an adjustable backset
  • Locks facing direct sunlight might have an issue with keypad displaying numbers clearly
  • Unique and innovative numbers are displayed randomly preventing lookie-loos and fingerprint smudge readers from guessing combination
  • Lock is not graded by ANSI or BHMA
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty, 2 year warranty on electronics

ZKTeco Fingerprint Smart Lock

  • Unlocks with BlueTooth, access card, code, fingerprint, or physical key
  • App works on iOS and Android. Grant and remove access and view history logs
  • Fits all standard deadbolt cutouts in doors up to 2″ thick with an adjustable backset
  • Comes with 5 MIFARE Access Cards that can be used on multiple ZKTeco locks
  • Has a lockout mode to prevent access by anyone other than admin
  • App allows codes and access to be set for specific times and durations making it perfect for Airbnb and vacation rentals
  • Works with Alexa (only through the Echo Plus currently)
  • Works with Zigbee
  • Can use a 9Volt battery for backup in case batteries die
  • Lock is not graded by ANSI or BHMA
  • Can get a non-Alexa version that is about $40 less
  • One year warranty

SCYAN D5 Fingerprint Touchscreen Deadbolt

  • Opens with fingerprint, keypad or code
  • Can program 100 fingerprints and 100 user codes
  • Batteries die or a system reset will not lose user code or fingerprints
  • 9V battery back up if batteries run out
  • Lockout feature – won’t allow access even with correct fingerprint, key or code
  • Schlage C keyway – can be rekeyed to match other locks on premises
  • Fits in standard deadbolt cutout
  • Lock is not graded by ANSI or BHMA
  • One year warranty

Wandwoo Fingerprint Smart Door Lock

  • Unlocks with BlueTooth, fingerprint, code or physical key
  • Can be set to automatically lock after shutting door. Delay can be set from 5 seconds to 15 minutes
  • Easy to install in most doors. It does, however, require an additional small hole to be drilled for optimum connection
  • App works on iOS and Android. App lets you give outt codes and view history logs
  • Uses USB cable to charge for a backup battery if batteries run out
  • Accepts up to 100 fingerprints
  • Has a privacy button which prevents unlocking with code or fingerprint
  • Lock is not graded by ANSI or BHMA
  • One year warranty and lifetime technical support

Final Thoughts on Fingerprint Door Locks

Unfortunately, at the time of this writing there are only 4 quality deadbolts that have the option to be opened with fingerprints.

Fingerprint door locks are very helpful – no need for keys or to remember codes or even carry a phone or deal with an app. Moreover, if you’re putting it on the front door it really needs to be a deadbolt and not just a latch.

The recommendation from me is the first one on this list – from Lockly. They have the best track record, better reviews, it can be used remotely with the WiFi hub and has a better warranty in case of problems with the lock.


Christine · September 13, 2019 at 8:27 pm

The lockley biometric front door lock looks great to me. It’s wonderful that these locks are now available. I had only seen them in movies, lol. I need to get better informed about new technologies 😉 

Do these locks work on batteries only or also on electricity? I am building a house, and now you’ve given me a great new idea, getting a biometric lock installed. While I’m certainly able to remember a code and I am careful with my keys (I always leave them in the same spot to avoid losing or misplacing them) ;-), I hate carrying around a lot of keys. I prefer key rings with a minimal amount of keys, I find it annoying to waste time looking for keys. So the biometric lock seems like the perfect solution 🙂 I am going to check out the lockley, is it reasonably priced?

    Bill Kiser · September 13, 2019 at 10:49 pm

    I am like you, I always put my keys in the same place because then when I’m looking for them they’re always there. My wife and kids are a different matter 🙂

    But the Lockly runs on batteries so even in a power outage you can still get in. 

    And it is in the same price range as other smart locks that don’t have fingerprint technology – about $250.

Dr. Baker · September 13, 2019 at 8:20 pm

I am SO glad that I just ran across this article. Literally last week I told my husband that I wanted a fingerprint lock for our front door. We went to the store and viewed some, but they would not work with a deadbolt! Timing is everything and I ran across this post at the perfect time. I am definitely most interested in the ZKTeco Fingerprint Smart Lock that you have on your site. I like that it has the lock out feature as well as everything else that it offers. I am going to discuss this when my husband gets home and hopefully make the purchase tonight! Thank you again! I’ll let you know how it goes!

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