Best Door Peephole Viewer

What is a door peephole viewer? If your door has a window in it so you can look out and someone can see in you don’t need a peephole viewer. In that case, you need privacy or protective film. But if you have taken my advice to increase your security and got a solid door, preferably a steel door, you’re going to want to get a door peephole viewer.

best door peephole viewers

The door peephole viewers you are probably used to seeing are those like the ones you see in a hotel or motel door. They are hard to see out of, viewing angle is not very wide and whoever is on the other side can tell when you are looking out (the light through the peephole is blocked).

But the last few years have seen an increase in the types and capabilities of door peephole viewers. The biggest advancement has been in making peephole viewers electronic. This allows the best security advancement for peepholes, large screens and remote viewing.

Door Peephole Viewers for Security

As for security, you will want a door peephole viewer that has the widest angle possible. The viewing angle determines how much of the outside world you can see. The blind spots in a peephole with a small field of vision are to the left and right of the door and directly below the peephole. With a smaller field of vision it is possible for someone to hide in the blind spots of a 120 degree peephole and you would not see them until you open your door. Those are the areas you want to be able to see.

Door Peephole Viewers Installation

Additionally, peepholes are incredibly easy to install. It only requires a small hole, usually 1/2″ diameter. through the door. The peepholes come in 2 parts. One part goes into the hole, then the other is screwed to it.

If you’re a Renter

Renters and apartment dwellers can also benefit from a good door peephole viewer. Because most of the peephole viewers all use the same size hole it would be easy for a renter to remove the existing viewer. And add the one to their own liking. And when you move it would be just as easy to remove yours and replace it with the one that was there when you moved in.

Best Door Peephole Viewers

Best Value for the Money

Best for Viewing at a safe distance

Best for Remote Access

Best for Remote Access with no Subscription


View Angle

220 degrees

170 degrees

155 degrees

90 degrees


2.295 Ratings

3 Ratings

16,116 Ratings

88 Ratings


More Information

Best Value for the Money

best traditional peephole viewer

The one that is the best value for the money is also a traditional one like this TOGU 220 degree door peephole viewer with a privacy cover. It has a HD lens that can see 220 degrees in front of your door. This is so good that when you look out your peephole you can see all the edges of your door on the outside. This is the perfect peephole to protect yourself from people hiding on the side of the door when you come to the door for a “delivery person”. But remember, this one requires you to be at the door, possibly unnecessarily exposing yourself to a kick in invasion.

Best for Viewing from a Distance

Outside peephole and inside screen

What does “viewing from a distance” mean? Well, when someone rings the doorbell or knocks on your door what do you do? You go to the door and want to look out the peephole. What happens, and it has happened before, is that the bad guys wait until you come to the door and they bust the door in or shoot through the door. You need to see what is on the other side of that door.

Powered by a rechargeable battery the Pomya digital door peephole viewer comes with a 4.5″ HD screen that you can see from 5 or 6 feet away so you can stand to the side of the door and see who is knocking. This has a 170 degree viewing angle. This is better than the Ring Peephole and most any other peephole that comes with an LCD screen. It also has infrared night vision and motion detection. So you’re still able to see who is at your door in a dark hallway or low light conditions. It doesn’t come with one but it will take a 32GB TF card which will allow auto audio and video recording when the doorbell is pressed.

It does not support WiFi or Bluetooth through an app. You cycle through the videos and audio on the internal screen part of the device.

Best for Remote Access

ring peephole camera

Remote access is good for viewing who is at your door when you are away. With the Ring Peephole Cam you get notifications on the Ring app when there is motion detected or when the doorbell button is pressed. Then you can see the real time video of who is at your door. It also has 2 way talk so you can hear them and they can hear you, even if you’re not home. That way they’ll think your home and go away. The video will also be saved by Ring if you have their basic protection plan. That costs $3 a month and will let you save and share videos and Ring will save them for 60 days in the event they are needed.

Best for Remote Access without paying a subscription

brinno door peephole viewer

Ring Peephole Cam is best if you’re ok paying for a subscription to view your own videos. But the Brinno Duo Peephole Camera gives you remote access and video saved to the inside unit and sent to your email without a subscription. And without any of the concern of your videos or personal information being in the cloud. I like this one for two reasons. It comes with a motion detector so it will send you a notification even if someone doesn’t ring the doorbell. And has a large screen on the inside unit so you see them without putting your face up to your door.

It does come with a separate unit that is a motion detector. The sensor is small enough that it can be concealed near the door and not be seen. But you still get a notification that some one is there.

I don’t like that the viewing angle is only 90 degrees. That won’t see people standing to the left or right of your door. You might get a motion sensor detection notification but you might not be able to see them.

Locking it up….On Best Door Peephole Viewers

Just for safety and viewing reasons I wouldn’t recommend the standard front door peephole viewer. I like the 220 degree field of vision. What I don’t like is the idea of putting my face up to the door. I like those peephole viewers that have a screen that lets you see who is at the door from a few feet away. But I also like the convenience of seeing who is at my door from wherever I am. The problem with the one without a subscription is the field of vision is only 90 degrees. This prevents you from seeing anyone that is waiting to the side waiting for you to come to or open the door.

For these reasons I would recommend the Ring Peephole Cam. Yes it does have a $3 a month subscription fee, which is really not that much. But you can see real time video remotely and even within your own house without getting up or going to the door. It will also integrate with a Ring Security System and other Ring devices. And those can all be controlled from the same Ring app. It also has a pretty wide view at 155 degrees, I would like to see at least 180 degrees. But 155 degrees, being able to view from anywhere and being able to integrate to a Ring whole home security system is why I would recommend the Ring Peephole Cam.

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