Best Home Outdoor Wireless Security Cameras

Most wireless outdoor security cameras are not truly wireless. Usually the wireless part of that description only refers to the WiFi connection to the hub or the cloud via a router – wherever the videos are stored. These outdoor security cameras still need to be hardwired to power. I don’t know about you but that doesn’t sound wireless to me.

The biggest benefit of having a 100% wireless security camera is the freedom to put it anywhere you need it without worrying about the length of an extension cord or being stuck with choosing a location near a plug. There is even a wired security camera that recommends hiring an electrician to install a junction box.

But the downside to a wireless outdoor security camera is it runs on batteries, and the battery eventually need to be replaced or recharged. This requires you to remove and replace batteries or plug the battery in to recharge before replacing them in the camera. Then you start to see the benefit of having a wired electrical connection to a security camera.

However, most battery powered cameras conserve energy by only operating when motion is detected or when you perform a live look-in through the app. In addition, the cameras have a battery warning sensor that will let you know when they’re getting low.

And in the event you choose a location for your camera that you end up not liking or a tree grows tall or some other obstruction gets in the way you can’t just move a wired camera, with the wireless you can. This is a list of the best wireless security cameras for home use in no particular order with my recommendation following.

Blink XT2

Best wireless security camera

This is Amazon’s 2nd generation of the previous Blink XT camera. The major change is they added the ability to converse with your visitors through the camera. This was not a feature of the previous version. The XT2 comes with a Sync Module that provides the connection from camera to your home network. The Sync Module is adaptable and can accept up to 10 cameras allowing complete coverage of your surroundings.

You can talk to visitors through the app on your phone or tablet. Using this feature reduces battery life faster than normal however.

See my full review of the Blink Wireless Security Camera.


  • 2 AA Lithium Batteries lasts 2 years under normal use
  • View, listen and talk to visitors through your phone or tablet
  • Motion detection customization to direct the camera to pay attention to specific areas
  • A year of free cloud storage
  • Blink is Amazon owned so it integrates with all Alexa enabled devices
  • 1080p HD video during day, infrared HD at night
  • Push notifications alerting to camera activation
  • IP65 weather resistant
  • Can have up to 10 Blink XT2 cameras on one Sync Module
  • 110 degree viewing angle

Reolink Argus 2

Better wireless security camera

Reolink does not have a subscription service, all videos are saved to a removable micro SD card. Or you can watch videos with through the Reolink app. Connects directly to the router so there’s no need for an additional hub. It has 1080p HD video with Starlight night vision. You can buy a secondary battery that can be used while the primary one is charging. Or you can get an available solar panel that can be mounted next to the Reolink camera for continuous operation. The camera is attached to the mount with a magnet so the camera can be easily removed. When motion detection is activated you receive a notification and email alerting you to the disturbance. It is IP65 certified weatherproof and the operating temperature is between 14°F and 131°F.

Good night vision security camera


  • 1080p HD video with color night vision
  • Videos are stored locally on micro SD card
  • Connects direct to wifi, no need for a hub
  • Rechargeable battery with micro USB port
  • Can get the package with a mountable solar panel for continuous operation
  • 2 way audio
  • IP65 weatherproof
  • Push notifications alerting to camera activation
  • 130 degree viewing angle
  • SD card not included
  • Can have up to 10 active viewers at same time
  • Remote access to live video

Arlo Pro 2

Best wireless security camera

Arlo Pro is an IP65 certified weatherproof camera with 1080p HD video. It works with Alexa voice commands and also IFTTT and SmartThings. The base station has built in 100+db siren and needs to be hardwired into the router but the cameras are completely wireless. The siren can be remotely activated by you or is set off when motion is detected.  Cameras can be used for continuous recording if you plug the cameras into a power source, cannot have continuous recordings when you only use rechargeable batteries. The recordings can be downloaded to a local backup using a USB drive. Recordings are on a free 7 day rolling cloud storage. If there is an event you want to save don’t wait more than 7 days or it’s gone. You can do a live look-in and manually start recording from anywhere.


  • 1080p HD and night vision
  • Works with Alexa
  • 7 days of free cloud storage for up to 5 cameras
  • “3-second lookback” records activity 3 seconds before a triggering event
  • IP65 weather resistant
  • 2 way audio
  • 100db siren can be manually triggered or can be set to go off if motion detected
  • Can cave videos locally through USB drive
  • Can upgrade to continuous recordings to the cloud
  • Cameras connect to the base station which needs a direct Ethernet connection to router
  • Remote access to live video
  • Can get the package with a mountable solar panel for continuous operation
  • Rechargeable battery

Ring Spotlight Cam

Good wireless security camera

Another addition to Amazon’s Ring security suite is the Ring Spotlight camera. Being an Amazon product this camera works with Alexa. It is a standalone camera, and does not need a hub or base to connect to wifi. You can get it as a standalone camera or order it with a second battery or a mountable solar panel for continuous operation. The rechargeable battery can be removed without removing the camera from its mount. This 1080HD and infrared night vision camera also has a built in siren and sends alert when motion is detected.


  • Works with Alexa
  • rechargeable battery with quick release so no need to remove camera from wall
  • 1080p HD and infrared night vision
  • If camera is stolen Ring will replace for free
  • 30-days free Ring Protect Plus to access videos, after 30 days it is $3 a month
  • Remote activated siren from your phone or tablet
  • Can be ordered with an additional rechargeable battery or a solar panel
  • Weather resistant
  • Customizable motion detection zones and sensitivity

Swann Smart

Good wireless security camera

Swann Smart security camera has Swann’s True Detect heat based motion detection. This reduces false triggers of the motion detection. There is not a hub or base needed to connect to. The 1080p HD camera has a 120 degree viewing angle. You can use voice commands to stream video through Google Assistant and Chromecast or Alexa on Echo Show or 4K Fire TV. Recording will continue even if power or internet goes down and will get sent to cloud when the power or internet returns. Video will be saved locally on for 7 days and on the cloud for 2 days which can be upgraded to be saved for 30 days. The camera is certified for outdoor use but does not have the IP65 rating. The mount is attached to the wall with included 3M command strips.


  • 1080p HD 120 degree viewing angle
  • Heat based motion detection
  • If power or internet goes out recording continues then gets backed up to cloud when power or internet returns
  • Weather resistant
  • Saves locally for 7 days and cloud for 2 days, can be expanded to 30 days
  • Push notifications alerting to camera activation
  • Can recharge batteries with USB cable or available mounted solar panel
  • Multiple users can access the app

My Conclusion

The best of the home outdoor security cameras is the Arlo Pro. You can find a more in depth review on the Arlo Pro Review page. It is more expensive than the others on this list but the free cloud subscription, 3 second lookback, ability to expand the system to 6 cameras and ability to download locally are all features that are not found together on any other wireless outdoor security camera.

The best less expensive option is the Blink XT2. The original Blink XT was pretty good as is and was only missing 2 way audio. The Blink XT2 kept everything that was in the original but added the 2-way audio and speakers so you can talk to visitors or scare off any trespassers. As far as wireless outdoor security camera systems go, you can’t go wrong with either one of these options.

Another very versatile outdoor security camera is the Lorex Security Camera System. It is wireless and has a DVR for local video storage and the receiver will reach to 600 feet for larger properties.

6 thoughts on “Best Home Outdoor Wireless Security Cameras

  1. These cameras seem to be really good for the purpose. I agree with you that wireless should be 100 % wireless. I like Ring Spotlight Cam best because of the features you mention in your article. It’s an infrared night vision camera, does it give perfect quality videos? You write that in case it is stolen, Ring will replace it for free. It’s a very good marketing idea to do so!

    1. Stealing the camera is a big concern for anyone buying these cameras. Not just Ring but most manufacturers offer the same replacement guarantee. 

      The Ring Spotlight Cam has lights that come on with motion sensors but that can be toggled off. So if it is toggled off the infrared night vision is activated. The quality is not as good as with daylight, less details and visibility is not as far but gets much better with the spotlight on. 

  2. There’s a wide range of home cameras to choose from that are equipped with smart features for the purpose of guarding our’s easy for consumers to study the specifications to consider but what I like most as a parent is the clear night vision which Reolink Argus 2 and Arlo Pro 2 can provide. Visibility is one important to consider when purchasing these types of electronic gadget. Good thing there’s a continuous upgrade of products.

    Thanks for this great review because now, I understood that even if we opt for wireless cameras, we don’t have to worry about dead batteries because of alternative ways such as apps that’s beneficial to its battery life. 

  3. Definitely doesn’t sound wireless to me either! Motion detection and energy usage definitely go hand in hand so thank you for pointing that out so well. Your camera list is truly top-notch. The one that sticks out to me is Reolink Argus 2. That color night vision quality is simply amazing! I also like that it has a 130 degree viewing angle, allowing it to cover a lot of ground. 10 active viewers at the same time is definitely beneficial to help ensure security even further. I have bookmarked your Amazon link and I will be referring back to it soon when it’s time for a new security camera, thank you!

  4. There are definitely some good options here, but I like the Reolink a lot, due to its cost effectiveness plus its night color vision isn’t too different from the day, which is another plus. Along with direction connection and being certified weatherproof for most conditions, this camera would be tough to beat.  

  5. Very good reqd this is for me. I moved into this neighborhood just recently and I’m very paranoid about the activities going on around here owing to everybody’s hostility towards me. That led me to researching to get security cameras so I can get them fixed around my home to monitor and ensure my safety. The options of products here are very great with little differences among them but I’d prefer to go for the Blink XT2 because of my budget plan. Its pretty cool too and should deliver very well also. Thanks

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