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My son is always losing his key to our front door deadbolt. It would frustrate me to no end. He would borrow my wife’s and mine and lose those too. It got to the point where we only had one key left and I would have to get 4 more made. There were options – under the mat, under a nearby rock – but those weren’t very safe. Plus, if the key was left there overnight someone could get in while we were home. So those weren’t very secure or safe. We had to look into keyless entry door locks.

Now, we didn’t want to put a whole lot of money into a new lock. But these keyless locks don’t cost that much more than a standard deadbolt. They fit in the existing hole in the door for your deadbolt. Because of this most them can be installed in 15 minutes or less. These keyless locks aren’t smart – meaning they can’t be opened from a smartphone app and can’t connect to WiFi or home automation system. But they do allow entry without a key.

Keyless before the Smart Lock

Now locks are capable of opening with your voice or an app through bluetooth or WiFi. Before that, if you wanted a keyless lock it was the combination type where you punched in a code. They allow entry without a key, which is especially useful in homes with children, lots of times they can remember things like a 4 number code but forget where they left their key.

And these locks are not always “on” like the smart locks. Only using power when buttons are pressed prolongs battery life, lasting longer than batteries in a smart lock.

Kwikset Powerbolt

Kwikset Powerbolt 2.0


Kwikset was the innovator of keyless entry with the Powerbolt Touchpad Deadbolt. This model uses 4 AA batteries and in the event you find yourself stuck outside when the batteries are dead you can still use your key to get in. It also comes with Kwikset’s patented Smartkey system allowing you to rekey your lock. When you leave, locking the door is easy, all you have to do is press the lock button on the center of the keypad to lock the door. You can program this grade 3 lock with up to 6 customizable codes. Comes in polished brass, venetian bronze and satin nickel.

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Schlage BE365


Schlage is best keyless deadbolt lock.

As keyless deadbolt locks go Schlage’s BE365 is a best seller. Schlage is a highly trusted brand both in residential and commercial buildings. This lock uses V battery that lasts for 3 years under normal operation. And when it starts to get weak the lock will alert you by changing background colors on the keys. A key can always be used if you can’t get around to replacing the battery. It’s a grade 2 deadbolt that comes with 2 preset codes so it can be used immediately. And those codes allow the owner to program the lock with up to 19 different codes, perfect for temporary access. It is available in 5 different finishes to match existing hardware.

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MiLocks DF-02SN

Install keyless deadbolt

This keyless deadbolt can be programmed with up to 6 codes and uses 4 AA baterries. It gives you audible notifications when unlocking, locking, and when battery is low. And has a keyway for you to use a physical key in case you find the batteries died. It carries a 25 year mechanical warranty. The codes can be completely easily erased by taking off the battery cover and toggling a switch. The alphanumeric keypad lights up at under low light conditions for better visibility. Comes in antique brass, satin nickel and oil rubbed bronze.

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Honeywell 8712409

This electronic deadbolt can be programmed with up to 50 codes and they can easily be deleted. Codes can be set with 4 to 8 digits. This deadbolt has an automatic lock function that will lock after a set time but the user can toggle it to inactive if desired. Works on 4 AA batteries. One unique feature is the vacation mode that sets the lock into a low power mode and effectively shuts the lock down until owner returns and wakes it up. It comes in 4 different finishes.

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Lockey M210


This is the lock for those worried about the batteries dying, leaving you locked out of your house. Lock function is mechanical, not electric, so no batteries needed for this lock to operate. Because it is mechanical and not electrical the lock only allows for one user code.If you give the code to the cleaners or the dogwalker you will need to change it after it is used or run the risk of unauthorized entry. It is available in 8 finishes.

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To Finish…

Keyless locks are very useful, cost effective and user friendly. In addition, all these locks will fit in the standard door prep or your deadbolt’s existing cutout making the installation process easy and can be done in under 30 minutes.

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11 thoughts on “Best Keyless Deadbolt Locks

  1. My first thought as I started reading was “these would be amazing, but not possible, seeing as rent and can’t change the holes on the door”… and then you quickly quashed that fear! I love this idea of keyless locks, not only is it more convenient, but you don’t have the inconvenience of having to cart a key around with you! First world problems, I know… but I’m genuinely that lazy! I usually leave my house unlocked. Would be nice not to have to.

  2. Hi Bill,

    I know the frustration. I get mad at my husband too when he lost his keys and let’s think about it. If he lost the keys somewhere else it means that person who has the set can come to your place any time right? That means every time, you might have to change the locks if you are not sure where did you lose them (in my opinion).

    I know my luck, if I buy the battery operated ones I will forget that the battery is running low and will lock myself out. I like Lockey M210 the best among all the locks. This one looks durable, but I do not see the manual key slot. What will happen if the button broke? I know most likely it won’t happen but what if?

    1. Like you said, the chances of a button breaking are very slim, I wouldn’t anticipate that ever occurring. But without a physical keyhole and a button not working it would be difficult to gain entry. At that point I would recommend a locksmith to come out and take a look. 

  3. Hi Bill

    The idea of a keyless lock is great! I’d be a little worried about the battery operated ones, for obvious reasons: batteries die AND you don’t have the key. 🙂

    I’d probably look at the mechanical version…all you need is a memory, which you need for the others as well.

    Do you have any opinions on phone-enabled versions?



    1. Dave, thanks for visiting, The phone enabled versions are all the rage now. They either work through the BlueTooth or through an app. The Schlage Encode works through your home’s WiFi or you can look at one that works directly through BlueTooth like the August Smart Lock Pro.

  4. Thanks so much for putting this detailed guide together about the best keyless deadbolt locks. I have just moved into a new home and really need better locks on the doors. I wanted to go with keyless because they are more secure. With so many options and too little time to look, I was finding it pretty overwhelming. I will be bookmarking your site as I find it very helpful and relevant for me right now. 

  5. Thanks for the overview of different keyless locks as these will help me decide on a different method of locking my doors when I move out into my own house later. I think that the MiLocks DF looks like the nicest keyless lock as it looks very slick and sturdy. Which of these do you think provides the most value for the money?

    1. Jon, if it was me I would go with the Schlage BE365. Schlage customer service and warranty are top notch. And their locks are made with all steel or brass components (no plastic) and are of very good quality. 

  6. Hi Bill! I’m grateful these keyless doors fit in the standard door prep. They are indeed friendly and cost effective. And we forget about the problem of forgetting where we left our keys, lol.

    In my book, the best option for me is Honeywell 8712409. I like it uses 4 AA batteries and that the code can be up to 8 digits. Thank you very much for this review.

  7. My own problem is that out of the bunch of keys, one piece or two will just fall off. How I don’t know and the key rings are so strong. I think this keyless deadbolt locks us what I will consider. The funny part is that I am not even aware that I have lost one of the keys. 

    After I reached home, I will keep searching for my key in the bag and I have to wait until my housemate returns from class to enter. Definitely, I will buy one of these. I have bookmark your mage to order one from your site. Thanks for the review 

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