Best Motion Sensor Outdoor Lights

Would you try getting in this house?

You can buy a high security deadbolt and reinforce your door but do you really want it to get to that point? No. What do cockroaches do when the lights come on? They run away to get away from the lights right? The best deterrent for intruders is keeping the area around your house well lighted with motion sensor outdoor lights.

Living in a subdivision your house is pretty close to your neighbor’s house so you don’t want lights to light up your whole property all night. Not only would your electric bill be high but it would probably annoy neighbors.

My house has motion activated lights that light up every corner of my yard and house. My neighbor does not have any lights on at night making the area around the front of his house completely dark. Plus he has a porch the entire length of the front of his house and high bushes in front of that porch which does provide some privacy if they’re on the porch or inside the house. But it also provides cover for those inconvenient intruders.

If anyone was to try to break in through one of the front windows or a door and don’t have lights illuminating the house the intruders cannot be seen from the street. If there were motion activated lights this is a scenario that is less likely to happen.

Police Departments believe in outdoor motion lighting

This is not a security measure I came up with on my own. Many police departments talk about the benefits of motion and outdoor lighting.

The Los Angeles Police Department says “at night, properly placed lighting will deter burglars”. The Washington DC police burglary tips includes “Burglars hate bright lights. Install outside lights and keep them on at night. Motion-detector lights can be particularly effective.” Seattle’s police department website says “Motion sensor lighting, specifically directed and focused on entry points and vulnerable areas”. You get the idea – having outdoor lighting is effective to deter intruders and burglaries.

So, with this in mind, we have put together a list of the most affordable and easiest to install motion sensor outdoor lights.


Maximus Smart Motion Activated Outdoor Floodlight

motion sensor outdoor lights

The Maximus floodlight is a hard wired motion activated floodlight. But what sets it apart is the smart features. It works directly through your home’s Wi-Fi to your mobile phone with the Kuna app. Kuna is a company that specializes in home security products like video doorbells and security lights.

This floodlight works almost like a doorbell camera but with the added feature of lighting up an area of your property. It connects to Wi-Fi, can view the camera feed on your mobile phone, 2-way talk and get notifications when motion is detected. This motion sensor outdoor light also has the capability, through the Kuna app, to sound an alarm or call 911 if you don’t like what you’re seeing on your phone.

It has a 1080p HD camera for clear images with a 155 degree field of view. The motion detection range is adjustable but can be as far as 70 feet in a 270 degree arc. The 270 degree arc for the motion detection makes this perfect for the corner of a house. It can sense motion down both sides if placed on a corner.

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Ring Motion Activated Floodlight Camera

ring motion sensor outdoor lights

This Ring Floodlight Camera is a hardwired model. The field of view for the camera is 140 degrees in the horizontal direction and 78 vertically. But horizontal is what is the most beneficial. That is the direction people will walk up to your house. And, like the Ring Doorbell, this camera allows for two way talk through the Ring app.

This motion sensor outdoor light has advanced motion detection. Advanced in this case means you can select zones in the motion detection area for the camera to ignore. In my opinion and with security in mind, this is probably not something I would do. Why, if you’re using this camera to keep your property secure or to scare off intruders, would you want an area to not alert you to movement. Thankfully, this is a feature that can be turned off.

The light bulbs are LED so they will last quite awhile, replacing them is nearly impossible due to the floodlights are completely sealed. Luckily LED bulbs last for thousands of hours.

Like most Ring products when the motion is triggered you get a notification alert to view the cam on your phone. And you can scare off the trespassers with the 2 way talk with your voice or activate the siren remotely.

It does work with Alexa so that on demand video can be viewed on an Echo Show device just by your voice.

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Swann Wi-Fi Floodlight Security Camera

If you’ve never heard of Swann Security I don’t blame you. Sometimes people think a company must have good products because of the publicity and marketing you’re doing. Other times you have been around for a long time because your products are good.

Swann Security has been providing security products for over 30 years. And you don’t last that long without being a pioneer in security products for the DIYer. They make products like security cameras, security systems and motion sensor outdoor lights.

This particular outdoor floodlight has color night vision for up to 100 feet in addition to the 1080p camera all with a 125 degree viewing angle. The intensity of the floodlights can be dimmable in the app that controls the security camera. The motion sensor gets triggered within 32 feet and within a 270 degree area.

The power for this camera is hard-wired but it will be easier to do the hard wiring yourself if you remove an old light and use the existing wiring.

The nice thing about this camera floodlight is it saves 7 days of local video storage and free 7 days of storage in Swann’s cloud but that is upgradeable to 30 days for a fee. you can access this stored videos and the camera feed from anywhere through your home’s wi-fi connection. And also allows 2 way talk and ability to activate a siren if you choose.

Works with Googe Assistant and Chromecast to be able to view the camera feed on a TV. And works with Alexa so you can view it on Echo Show devices.

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HALO BlueTooth Motion Activated Floodlight

bluetooth motion sensor outdoor lights

Unlike most other floodlights, this one from HALO is operated with BlueTooth. Most others require a Wi-Fi hub or at least an internet creation. This one only requires the included battery operated BlueTooth dimmable switch.

It is a hard-wired floodlight that is connected directly to your home’s electric wiring.

The motion detection range is 50 feet and the lights illuminate an area in a 180 degree arc.

It is possible to use Alexa or Google Assistant for voice control but it requires a the HALO bridge.

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Ring Battery Powered Floodlight

This works as a stand alone floodlight but can also be integrated into the Ring Alarm system with the Ring Bridge. It is battery powered and does not need to be wired so it can be wired anywhere lighting is needed. There is no camera on this model but if motion is detected it turns on and sends you a notification.

Batteries last a year with the high efficiency LED lights and uses 4 D size batteries. The range of motion detection is 45 feet and has a 180 degree field of view. Compatible with Alexa and you can use Alexa to turn the lights on and off and adjust brightness of the Ring Floodlight.

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Shining a light on motion sensor outdoor lights…

These are by no means all of the outdoor lights with motion sensing capabilities but these are some of the best ones with good ratings or good reputations. I also wanted to include soem that were not just the standard floodlights.

For the ultimate in security, the floodlight should be able to send you a notification no matter where you’re located. This will allow you to use the 2-way talk to scare off an intruder Or if that is not effective, you can call the police before things get too serious.


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