Best Push Button Mechanical Door Locks

What is a push button mechanical door lock? It is a lock that uses a code to unlock but has no electronic parts. This eliminates the need to change batteries and it will still work if the power goes out. And because these locks are not electrical they are usually better rated for use in exterior places like a gate or storage shed.

These locks might need a code but they are not smart locks. They don’t use BlueTooth or WiFi and there is no smartphone app and of course there is no way to use these remotely. Because these locks don’t use batteries they will work perfectly for doors or gates that are not used for long periods of time so you don’t have to worry about whether they work or not.

These locks are weatherproof – made of stainless steel or they come with a weatherproof rubber gasket. The downside to a push button mechanical door lock is that to set the code you have to remove the cover and toggle switches to set the code. The Kaba Simplex is the only one on this list that does not need the cover to be removed to program a code.

The other thing I like looking for on all of these locks is a ANSI/BHMA grade because that indicates to me the quality and durability I can expect out of a lock. Most of the more well-known brands get their locks tested by BHMA and they give the lock a grade. Out of all the locks on this list, only the Kaba has been graded, it has a grade 2. This is probably due to the fact that the Kaba lock is made by DormaKaba and they manufacture a lot of locks for commercial use.

Kaba Simplex Cylindrical Push Button Lock

best push button mechanical lock

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  • This is the best push button mechanical lock available
  • Commercial use lock and more expensive than the others
  • Be careful when ordering. This is the left handed model but it also comes in a left or right handed model
  • Lever handle is on exterior and interior – complies with ADA
  • Code can be programmed without removing lock from door
  • 3 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Completely weatherproof for outside use
  • 2 different models available – keyed or keyless

Lockey 2835 Lever Lock

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  • Can get it in 9 colors including white and jet black
  • Comes in single or double combination – double combination requires a code in both directions
  • Lever handle is on exterior and interior – complies with ADA
  • Can be used on doors up to 5″ thick with the extension kit
  • Comes in a marine grade finish for use in coastal locations
  • Code does not have to be entered in order
  • Resetting the code requires removing the panel
  • It can be set to be a passage lock or autolocks when shut
  • Comes with a lifetime mechanical warranty
  • Bump and pick proof – only works using a code

Anaconda Mechanical Keyless Door Knob

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  • Weather proof
  • Interior handle is a lever, exterior is a knob
  • Code can be entered in any order – your code is 6-7-8-9, it can be entered as 9-7-6-8 and it will still unlock
  • Works on both left and right-handed doors
  • It is very difficult to get someone from customer service on the phone
  • Might take a while to install. It will fit in your standard deadbolt but the instructions and programming the code are complex and technical

Elemake Mechanical Deadbolt Door Knob

deadbolt push button mechanical door lock

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  • It is a true deadbolt suitable for any type of door
  • Made of 304 Stainless Steel
  • Opens with code or a key
  • Code can be from 4 to 8 digits and entered in any order will work
  • Does not automatically lock when shut – turning the handle will lock it
  • Is weather resistant for exterior and interior use
  • Keypad does not light up – could be a problem at night or dark locations

Code-A-Key Mechanical Door Lock

best mechanical push button locks

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  • Bump and pick proof – only works with a code
  • 100% weatherproof
  • Might be a little difficult for DIY beginners
  • Keypad on both sides of the lock for security – works perfectly for gates or glass doors
  • To change or program the code the lock face has to be removed
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Code can be entered in any order

Lockey M210SN

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  • Comes in single or double combination modals – single if the interior thumbturn can’t be reached from outside and double has combination on both sides for when it can be reached from outside
  • It is a true deadbolt suitable for any type of door
  • Has a thumbturn on inside and outside – no lever or knob
  • Lifetime mechanical warranty
  • Is weather resistant for exterior and interior use
  • Can fit on doors up to 5″ thick with an available extension kit
  • Only one code can be programmed for this lock
  • Comes in 10 finishes – including Marine Grade for wet or coastal environments

My opinion on push button mechanical locks

When I used to live in an apartment they used the Kaba Simplex on their entrance gates. The locks were exposed to the elements 24/7 and they never failed and always worked. They are simply the leader when it comes to push button mechanical locks, especially when you want to use it for a gate or other type of exposed location.

Of course the Kaba Simplex cost more than most people want to spend on this type of lock, me included. So instead, I have bought and used the Lockey 2835 on my own gate. It has a lifetime warranty and is made for exterior use. Installation is pretty easy and straight forward too.

Most of the push button mechanical door lock look more industrial or commercial. Because of that, most people will choose a smart lock that is more aesthetically pleasing. These locks can be used as a front door lock and many times these mechanical locks that use a code do cost less than an electronic lock with a keypad. And you might like that it doesn’t use batteries so it will always work without worrying about the battery level.

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5 thoughts on “Best Push Button Mechanical Door Locks

  1. I wanted to get one of these locks for my gate that is at the end of my driveway but I wasn’t sure about their use because of the weather. But it looks like they all will work outside since there is no batteries. Is one of these locks that work better than the others?

    1. Actually, the Kaba Simplex is the best push button mechanical lock there is. It is made by one of the top 3 door lock manufacturers in the world. And one of the models of this lock comes with a key in case someone forgets the key.

      1. The Kaba Simplex also comes in residential grades that won’t make you cringe. They all use the same mechanical combination chamber and operate in the same manner. The difference is that they are only grade 2 locksets while the Simplex 1000 series are grade 1!

        I have installed and serviced the lesser grade Simplex locks and have found that for occasional use they work just fine. Both the deadbolt functions and the door knob functions might fit the bill for most people.

        A word about smart locks and other “electrified” push button locksets: If they are electronic then DO NOT expose them to the weather! They may last for a while, but the buttons fade and the electronics corrode, even WITH rubber seals and caulking around the edges. Maybe okay for entry doors under an overhang, but NOT for gates.

  2. You might be aware that I am becoming a regular visitor to your site, that’s because of the value you give via your content. When it comes to door security for me you are the go-to person.

    Thanks for the informative article with a wide range of options. As you mentioned, although Kaba LL1011-26D-41 Cylindrical Push Button sounds great and amazing the price is a turn off for me since I am on a budget.

    So the best option to go with is 2835SC Mechanical, Keyless Lever Lock. The pricing is nearly half compared to the Kaba LL1011. Thanks for sharing from your experience and it’s a greater help.

    I choose 2835SC Mechanical, Keyless Lever Lock because of the pricing, your recommendation, and a lifetime warranty.

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