Best Sliding Glass Patio Door Locks

Sliding glass patio doors are a nice addition to your house. The large glass window allows you to view your backyard, children playing, lake, ocean, hills or whatever your view is. It also makes it seem like the room is larger and allows more light in. But as far as exterior doors go they are the least secure of all the doors. This is because they are just a large piece of glass and they are easy to remove. I made an earlier post listing ways to make these doors more secure that can be found here. To increase the security of these types of door we take a look at the best sliding glass patio door locks.

Sliding Glass Patio Doors are Easy to Remove

I mention easy to remove because the way these sliding glass doors are installed is after the track goes in the sliding door is then installed. What does this mean?

This means that there needs to be a little bit of a gap to allow the installer to pick up the door and place it in the track. The top of the sliding patio door goes into the track. The door is then angled, the bottom can then be pushed over the track and it is set down.

That gap, allowance or “play” makes it easier for an intruder to remove it and gain entry to your house.

The other security issue with these doors is the lock that comes with the door is not as secure as a deadbolt lock that you are using on your front door. Most sliding glass patio door locks basically have a lever that drops a latch into the frame. Again, this lock is easy to bypass if the door can be lifted.

For these reasons I will be showing you different types of sliding patio door locks that will do the job.

To Prevent Lifting out of the Tracks:

Armor Concepts Sliding Glass Door Deadbolt

sliding patio door locks

This sliding glass door lock not only prevents the door from sliding open it also prevents someone from lifting it off the track. It is easy to install and operate. Pretty inexpensive at only $35. It can be installed anywhere along the edge of the door so it also works as a child safety lock. You can see in the video below that the latch is attached to the frame and the lock is attached to the door. Once closed, the bolts slide into the latch. This makes it nearly impossible to open or lift it out of the track.

Smart Locks for Sliding Glass Patio Doors

Yale Assure Lock for Patio Doors

sliding glass patio door locks

This is a smart lock for sliding patio doors, however it only works on Andersen Patio Doors. It is made by Yale which is a really good residential and commercial door hardware manufacturer. The lock comes in Wifi & BlueTooth model and a touchscreen only model.

With the Wifi model of this smart lock you can connect to the lock with your phone to lock, unlock and share digital keys with others. With it being a smart lock it will also work on houses that use smart technology. It works with Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant and Samsung SmartThings.

It is key free meaning there is no keyway that can be bumped or picked.

The only negative to this lock is if you are not comfortable with DIY projects you should get it professionally installed.

It comes with a one year warranty on electronics and and lifetime warranty on mechanical.

The Yale Assure lock for patio doors can be found at and at

Keyed Locks for Sliding Glass Patio Doors

Sliding Door Patio Set with Mortise Lock

sliding patio door locks

There aren’t too many sliding glass door key locks for sliding patio doors. And most of the ones you will find are all very similar.

This one has three parts – inner handle, outer handle and mortise lock. The thing I particularly like about this lock is the latch hooks from underneath. With the latch engaged it prevents the door from being lifted. The door can’t lift past the post that locks it into the frame.

The handle set comes with 3 different length screws for installation. Which ones you use depends on your door thickness. The handle is non-handed so it can be installed on doors that open to the right or left.

The cylinder for the key is in a Schlage keyway. This is very convenient if the other locks around your house are Schlage. You could get a locksmith to come out and key the sliding glass patio door locks to your existing Schlage and wouldn’t need an additional key to lock or unlock the sliding door.

I have heard of some issues with installing this handle set on sliding glass patio doors. It is important to not throw away any parts of your old handle set until the installation of the new one is complete. There could possibly be parts on the old one that will need to be used on the new one.

This type of lock can be found on either or

Other Types of Sliding Glass Patio Door Security Locks

As far as actual locks go, the above are about as much as you will find for sliding patio doors. The majority of sliding glass patio door locks act as a secondary lock to the types of locks above.

Sliding Door Loop Lock

sliding patio door loop lock

This lock is very popular for use with sliding glass doors. It is inexpensive, easy to install and also works as a child safety lock. It can be installed anywhere along the height of the door, out of reach of children. So even if a small child were to unlock the primary door latch at the handle they will not be able to reach this one.

One plate is screwed into the door edge and the other into the adjacent wall. This particular one has a 1-1/8″ reach but they come in larger reaches to accommodate different wall sizes.

Sliding Door Security Bar

These types of security bars work on sliding glass doors by wedging between the far wall and the sliding door. This prevents any movement of the door even if the door becomes unlocked. Therefore, it is important that when using this it is wedged tight as possible and does not wiggle after installed.

This particular model by SecurityMan has a quick release button that will allow the door to be opened quickly in case of fire or some other emergency.

It does not have to be, but the mounting plate can be screwed into the wall and when the security bar is not in use it can be flipped up against the wall. This will keep it out of the way when not in use and still remain close at hand rather than on the floor or leaned up against the wall.

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