Blink Wireless Security Camera System

Do you want to install your own wireless security camera system? It can add an element of security to your surroundings. It is also a deterrence to most intruders. The Blink wireless security camera system is a best seller and highly rated.

Some are advertised as wireless but you need to read the fine print as this can be misleading. The “wireless” in some only means that the video signal is wireless for WiFi but it would still need to be hard-wired for power. Because it uses batteries for power and the video signal is WiFi the Blink camera system is completely wireless.

The cameras themselves aren’t directly connected to the WiFi. The cameras communicate with the included Sync module. The module allows the app to send commands and WiFi data to the cameras. It also serves as a hub for 1 or as many as 10 cameras.

Access to recorded video

If you are the victim of a break-in or worse you’re going to want access to that video to give to police. After all, what good is it to have the encounter recorded without access to it? Some security camera systems want you to sign up for a costly monthly service plan for you to have access to your own video.

Unlike some other outdoor wireless home security camera systems, Blink doesn’t charge a monthly fee or service contract to access the cloud storage. All it requires is for you to have the iOS 10 on iPhones or Android 5 Lollipop on Android phones. Video can be downloaded to your device via their app and once downloaded can be deleted from cloud if you choose.


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How long do the batteries last?

It’s not really one of the “sexy” features of a security camera but why buy one of the best exterior security cameras only to replace batteries every few months? Fact is batteries don’t last longer than a few months on any of the more expensive exterior security cameras. The only way around this is to use a wired camera system.

The information Blink puts out for the lithium batteries on this system is that the batteries should last 2 years under normal operation. However, some users have said the batteries lasted maybe 2 months before needing to be replaced.

This is most likely due to the motion detection constantly being triggered, video clips being too long or using inferior batteries – all of which can be corrected. There is a sensitivity setting and a clip length setting so if you find that the batteries are running out quickly you can adjust these settings for longer battery life.

You can also turn the motion detection off through the app if you or your animals will be in the vicinity. The manufacturer recommends using only lithium non-rechargeable batteries for best results.

Adjusting camera settings on the Blink app

Does size really matter?

wireless exterior home security cameras systems

With these cameras it doesn’t. These cameras have infrared and HD video but are only 2.75 inches by 2.75 inches. For those that don’t want everyone in the neighborhood to know they have security cameras the small size is a benefit. And because they are battery operated the small size helps if you want to move them to a better angle.


Ease of installation

The thing I like about the Blink wireless security camera system is that it is completely wireless allowing for placement in any location. The only thing that you need to concern yourself with is attaching them to the wall. This is accomplished with one screw and a bracket that snaps into the back cover of the Blink camera.

The home security camera is cheap.

It barely weighs 4 ounces so one screw is all you need. Once the bracket is attached to the camera you can position it where you want and attach it to the wall with the screw, that’s it. The motion detector on the Blink wireless security camera system works better if traffic is across the field of view rather than directly at the camera. Something for you to keep in mind during installation.

How much does this cost?

The price comes in on the low range when compared to some of the other high rated security cameras.

Another thing to consider when comparing price is the included cloud storage for video which is free to access with Blink. In higher priced security cameras you would have to pay an additional fee for a subscription to access the videos.

Blink Wireless Security Camera System


Ease of Use








Warranty/Customer Service



  • Motion detection with video and audio alerts sent to your phone
  • Times for operation can be pre-set
  • Add up to 10 cameras on this system
  • 110 degree viewing angle with 1080p HD video
  • Camera works up to 100 feet from the Sync module


  • Video cannot be viewed on your computer
  • Video is recorded to Blink cloud and not to local storage
  • Has microphone for you to listen but no speaker for two-way communication
  • Motion detection is not that great if installed where traffic is directly at the camera
  • If used for interior of the home will always record due to motion activation unless motion detection is completely disabled on the app

9 thoughts on “Blink Wireless Security Camera System

  1. I think it’s good that this security camera system allows its customers to have access to the recorded video without playing for the extra monthly fee. I’ve been looking into a couple of these for my family and it’s surprising the amount of money some of these companies are charging people just to have access to the video recorded by their camera. Kind of bugs me.

    Anyway, I’m done with my little rant. Great review, thanks a lot, Bill! 



  2. Thank you for the review of the blink wireless security camera system. This is a great review for anyone looking for a good wireless security system. I was wondering why being uploaded to the cloud and not to local storage was listed as a con. If you are able to access it for free sounds to me like that would be a good thing to not have to place it on your computer or laptop taking up a lot of room? 

    1. Good question Geoffrey. I suppose that it could be a personal preference. But I listed it as a con because the videos wouldn’t be recorded on your private DVR but on a server where there is a chance it could be hacked. 

  3. Since we bought a new house recently my parents were looking to buy a camera and I think I have found one which can be a real fit for my house. Blink Wireless Security Camera System has a lot of impressive and useful feature that can be needed for our house and also serve all our needs. The price really affordable from my point of view.

    I’m definitely going to suggest this to my parents. Thank you for this insightful review.

  4. Hi there, thanks for dropping this your review about blink wireless security camera system, I must u have done a great job in analyzing advantage of blink wireless camera over others, the amazing part is I got to know through your article that it’s completely wireless, this give it more advantage over other’s company camera that people are using before, thanks for this great review. I will do well to share for more people to read about this amazing camera

  5. Awesome Information What an interesting blog!I really love the way you outlined the reviews on the camera system. I have come across many security camera but this bIink wireless security camera is awesome. The WiFi feature that makes it even have access to recorded video via cloud is mouth watering. I would love to no more on how to get this product in quick time.

    Thanks for this information.

  6. Everyone is becoming more security conscious and, for the most part. with good reason.

    So an in-depth analysis of a DIY security camera system is particularly timely and relevant.

    The Blink Wireless Security Camera System that you recommend sounds great. I particularly like the fact that it’s truly, totally wireless for both its power supply and its wi-fi back to base connection. A security camera system that relies on main power is already compromised as disrupting the power supply is often the first thing an intruder is going to do.

    The battery life sounds reasonable but as you say there are settings that allow you to extend it.

    And to me having to spend a few dollars on a couple of spare battery sets is hardly a big deal anyway.

    I note that the manufacturer recommends non rechargeable batteries. I wonder why that is, given the reliability of modern, rechargeable Li-Ni batteries. I would have thought a good option would be 2 sets of rechargeables with 1 set in the camera and one being recharged. Further research, perhaps.

    Size is great, weight is great and the price at $130 for one and $500 for five cameras is certainly reasonable.

    Thanks for all this information, Bill.

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