Brinks Home Security Systems Review

Is Brinks the best security system for your home?

Brinks Home Security Systems are installed in over 1 million homes and in 2018 Brinks won the J.D. Power award in Home Security Satisfaction Study. But is it right for you?

Brinks Home Security has gone through a bit of re-branding since it was founded in 1999. It was originally Brinks Home Security, then re-branded itself as Broadview Security. Then in 2009 ADT acquired them and Brink was operated under the ADT name.

In 2011 Monitronics International, also known as MONI Smart Security, bought the naming rights to Brinks. Subsequently, Moni reestablished itself as Brinks Home Security in 2018.

The Equipment Packages

  1. Nest Secure
  2. Home Complete
  3. Home Complete with Video

Nest Secure

If the idea of a 3 year monitoring contract doesn’t fit you, Brinks also has a Nest Secure package. The Nest Secure system costs $399 and you can get monitoring at $29 a month with no contract required. I should also mention that right now you get a $100 gift card if you sign up for the monitoring system within 10 days of buying the Nest Secure package. This effectively makes the cost of the Nest Secure only $299.

Nest Secure

For that $299 the Nest Secure package includes:

  1. Nest Guard – all-in-one, it has an alarm, keypad and motion sensor and has built-in Google Assistant
  2. Two Nest Detects – these go on windows and doors for monitoring activity
  3. Two Nest Tags – these are used to arm and disarm the alarm, just tap them on the Nest Guard
  4. Brinks yard sign and stickers

The Nest Guard and Nest Detect are both rechargeable with a lithium ion battery. You can adjust settings and view security status on the Nest app and receive notifications on your phone from the Nest Secure system. But that requires the Nest Guard hub to have access to WiFi or cellular backup access. The cellular backup is included with the Brinks monitoring. 

There are 2 good reasons to like the Nest Secure system option from Brinks:

  1. Professional monitoring for $29 a month without a contract
  2. You can add all the other Nest gadgets to the system – indoor and outdoor cams, thermostats, doorbell cam, Yale smart locks

Thing to remember about Nest Secure

Now, you can purchase the Nest secure system from Brinks and then cancel the monitoring but that will leave you without the cellular backup in case of power or internet outages. But you can still self-monitor the system through the app. 

Keep in mind, Nest has an agreement with Brinks for their monitoring service. So, if you purchase the Nest Secure system and then at some point cancel the Brinks monitoring, the Nest Secure products will not work with another monitoring service. 

The Home Complete System

Brinks Home Complete System

This is the Brinks basic home security system. It includes:

  1. Brinks Home Touch
  2. One wireless motion sensor
  3. Three wireless door sensors
  4. Yard sign and stickers
  5. Free Brinks app

This system will cost $299 and monitoring is $29 a month.

The Home Complete System with Video

Brinks Home Complete System with Video

It is an upgrade to the Brinks Home Complete System and includes what is in the Home Complete System but also adds:

  1. Skybell Slim Video Doorbell
  2. Indoor camera with night vision

This system will cost $399 and monitoring is $39 a month. And the videos are accessible through the app or the cloud.

Need additional equipment?

The Brinks in home security system and the Nest Secure system are both highly upgradeable. Because of this, you can add additional equipment if the standard packages doesn’t have enough sensors for your environment.

You can add many different types of sensors and detectors to this security system because they offer 50% off any of this add on equipment. Glass breakage sensors, smoke detectors, outdoor cameras, additional door and window sensors are just some of the things that can be added to the monitoring and the control panel.

Differences between Nest Secure and Brinks Home Complete

  1. The Nest Secure system does not include the Brinks Home Touch Control Panel. You control Nest Secure through the Nest app. And without the Brinks Control Panel you cannot integrate with other smart devices.
  2. No contract on Nest Secure. If you don’t like the Brinks monitoring you can cancel at any time but will have to self-monitor the system and any alarms or notifications.

What’s the cost to you

Home CompleteHome Complete with VideoNest Secure
System Cost$299 or $11.08 a month$399 or $13.86 a month$299
Monthly Monitoring Fee$29$39$29
Contract Length3 year3 yearNo Contract
Video AccessNoYesYes
Settings and ControlsBrink Home Touch Hub or Brinks app Brink Home Touch Hub or Brinks app Nest app only


The Brinks wireless home security systems and Nest Secure packages are do it yourself installations. If you don’t feel comfortable installing it yourself, you can have Brinks professionally come out and install it, but it will run you about $199. But all the components are wireless so it should be an easy installation even for a beginner DIYer.

Brinks ships packages to you ready to go so the control panel is already paired with the sensors. If needed, you can contact Brinks installation help over the phone and they can walk you through the process. Once set up they will test the system to see if it working correctly.

Only with Brinks Home Security Systems

Brinks’ patented ASAPer

ASAPer is a group contact list, much like a group chat. Alarm goes off, contact list gets alerted. If someone verifies false alarm then alarm gets reset. But if no one can be contacted or no one on the contact list confirms it was false alarm, Brinks home security system sends police to your house.

In the past, most security monitoring systems would need to get in touch with someone on the contact list. The contact list contained all those who could verify if an alarm was true or false. When the first person on the list cann’t be reached, the monitoring service would need to go to the next one and so on until they reached someone.

But now, in the age of smartphones and always connected there is no need for that contact list and the time spent trying to get a response. Brinks has ASAPer.

Brinks alarm monitoring

The Brinks Home Security Systems Touch Hub

Both of the Home Complete packages come with the Brinks Home Touch. It is the hub of the system. Looks like an iPad and controls the system and settings. It can also act as a hub for up to 119 smart home devices including Z-Wave, Alexa and Google Assistant. This touchscreen is the control panel and if an intruder were trying to disarm the system by destroying or tampering with the control panel the alarm would still initiate.

Brinks Home Touch

In the event that an intruder breaks in, the system would be in an “aware” mode, expecting the disarm signal from you. Not getting that disarm signal because ether you weren’t there or the control panel was disabled the monitoring center will send police.

LiveVoice assist

When an alarm is triggered you can communicate with the monitoring center through the control panel with LiveVoice assist. You can let them know to cancel an alarm or if there is a real threat they can help you by sending police or fire assistance.

Additional Features of the system

The motion sensors have a low limit for pet owners. If Fido is under 40 pounds the motion sensor won’t be set off but this can be turned off for houses without pets.

Fortunately, I don’t think it will be used that much but the Brinks control panel has a secret alarm code. In the event that you’re forced to enter your home with an intruder, you can put in an alarm code that turns the alarm off but also alerts the monitoring center that help is needed. This sounds like it would be very useful in a domestic violence or stalking incident.

Some have been unhappy with Brinks

There are complaints directed at Brinks just not at the Brinks monitoring service. It falls mostly on the billing of customers and some customers trying to cancel their accounts without success. Most of the problems can be traced to when the MONI brand was replaced with the Brinks brand.

The Brinks service after the transfer of the trademark seems to be doing well and they’ve been making improvements to their customer service. They won the JD Power Award for Home Security Satisfaction Study in 2018 and an A+ rating with Better Business Bureau.

Good things about this security system

One of the features I really like about the Brinks system is its ability to integrate with up to 119 smart home devices. And it seems just about whatever smart home device you have this system will work with it. You can also control the Brinks home security through Google Home, with Alexa or through Apple TV.

If the total price of the equipment seems a bit too much initially, Brinks offers 0% financing and adds the payment to the monthly monitoring fee. With the equipment payment, Home Complete is about $40 a month and Home Complete is about $53 a month. But because the Nest Secure Alarm is no contract it isn’t financed and the full $299 must be paid at one time.

And for all of you horror movie buffs, if the power or internet lines get cut (or it’s just a storm), with the Brinks monitoring the system has cell 4G LTE backup. So in that event, the alarm system can still send a signal to the monitoring center and no monitoring downtime.

Is it Brinks home security systems best for your home and family?

The equipment and monitoring are affordable especially with the financing option. Their 24/7 monitoring and assistance center is one of the best in the business. The quality of the equipment is good for the price and you can add additional equipment to the system without an increase in monitoring cost. No additional fees or changes to their upfront costs on the packages. Best in the nation with a 30 second response time.

If you’re looking for an affordable, monitored security system it is one I would recommend.

Brinks Home Security


Ease of Use










Customer Service



  • Home Touch Hub can control 119 smart home devices
  • 30 day return policy
  • Monthly monitoring service rate is locked in for duration of contract
  • Remotely accessible
  • The Brink packages are affordable and can be financed in 0% interest payments
  • No Activation fee


  • 3 year commitment if using Brinks equipment
  • If contract is canceled remaining contract amount must be paid in full

8 thoughts on “Brinks Home Security Systems Review

  1. Hi Bill, great review.  The Brink and Nest systems look to be very capable and versatile home security systems for the price.  I read somewhere recently that over 2 million homes are burgled every year in the United States alone, so having a decent security system to protect your assets seems a no-brainer.  The fact that much of the system can be controlled and monitored using a smartphone will definitely give the homeowner peace of mind every time they leave their house.

    If the price of these systems is an issue, homeowners should bear in mind that many home insurance companies offer premium discounts or rebates to policyholders who install security systems in their homes. This should help offset the cost of buying the security system.  I would recommend anyone reading this review do two things immediately – first, call your insurance company and confirm what discounts it offers for installing a home security system (if it doesn’t offer any discount or rebate, your next call should be to an insurance company that does) and second, get on this website and purchase a Brink or Nest system.

    1. Hi, thanks for visiting. I appreciate the comments and seeing if your insurance company offers you a discount is a good suggestion.

  2. I like the way Brinks Home Security Systems patented ASAPer works. I feel it’s very convenient and this exactly what I need for my family. No one reports a false alarm, cops arrive home. I feel the price is a bit steep but when it comes to security, this is one of my priorities so I have already made up my mind.

  3. Hi Bill! I have been hearing about how good Brinks Home Security Systems is but I had my doubts. So I came online to research. I have gathered a lot of useful information from your post. In my book, the Control Panel is a must. I need to integrate a couple of smart devices. I also feel it’s affordable so it’s good for me. Thanks for the review.

  4. Hello;
    I am delighted to read your article, it is almost 2 years that I was a victim of a flight in HLM despite the presence of guards, today I moved to the province and I am always worried between teenage children who go out through the windows and pets incorrigible I think I found my source of tranquility, I will offer me a complete home pack as soon as possible.
    thank you.

  5. Home security is something very important to utilize and use in our modern age. Because along with the technology that is advancing exponentially as years have passed by the good and the bad both benefited from it. 

    Affluence and progress in our society will both harm and benefit us one way or another so it is a duty to make sure that we are protected by taking and using the appropriate tools that are available within reach in our digital age.

    Great review by the way it looks like a great security system that is very easy to use and looks very portable. It looks really light and I love that there different gadgets that are connected in it. 

    I will check out some of your reviews first, before deciding on purchasing but all in all according to what you talked about it looks fantastic.


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