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The best type of front door to have for security, minus the type of construction, is windowless. A windowless door does not give an intruder the possibility to break the window in the door to gain access. But what if you want to see who is knocking at your door? You get a peephole camera like the Brinno Peephole Security Camera.

The peephole camera also would be good for people whose doorbell camera has been stolen or for those worried about getting a doorbell camera because it could get stolen. The Brinno SHC1000 goes on the inside of the door, where it is not accessible to someone who would want to steal it.



The biggest benefit of a peephole door camera is you don’t have to be right up against the door to see who is there. The screen on this camera is 2.7″ wide, big enough for you to stand back a few feet from the door and still make out who is there.

When you’re looking through a traditional peephole you create a shadow that can be seen from outside. An intruder would find this a perfect time to bust in the door, dazing or hurting you in the process, or shooting through the door intending you harm. Unfortunately that does happen.


This peephole security camera is wireless so the installation is pretty easy. It’s a standard size so there shouldn’t be any issues installing it. If there is not an existing peephole all that is needed is a hole drilled with a bit that is a fraction bigger than the diameter of the peephole barrel. That is all the DIY you need to do.


The video is very clear and sharp which is surprising. The cheap feel of the plastic housing might lead you to believe the video image would be poor. Back lit images are difficult to see clearly but that is a problem with most doorbell and peephole cameras. You can view the screen in real time and see who is at your door from a safe distance.

The images and video cannot be viewed on your phone or computer. Video records to an SD card (up to 32GB) and when you’re ready you can cycle through the images that are stamped with date and time.

You will not get an alert from the Brinno camera when the sensors are tripped and the camera begins recording. This will require you to manually review any footage on the SD card to see if you were visited. But that is a minor inconvenience as it shouldn’t take long to review if there was only one or no visitors.

The camera will let you create a still image from video. And, like all SD cards, you can remove it from the camera and access the video on your computer.


The Brinno SHC1000 comes with a door knocker that can be used with the included peephole but the door knocker is not necessary to be able to install the peephole.


This unit does come with a motion sensor that can either be installed inside the door knocker or, for those that don’t want to use the door knocker, the motion sensor can be placed near the peephole camera. The manufacturer says it works within 32 feet but I would recommend placing it as close as possible allowing the sensor to properly trigger.

You can also buy additional motion sensors that will pair with this camera. The product is the MAS200 and the camera will allow up to 6 motion sensors to be paired. This is especially helpful for those with large area where this peephole camera will be used.


There is also a vibration sensor within the camera that will trigger the camera to record when someone knocks. This sensor will sometimes fail if the vibration is not strong enough. The camera does have a sensitivity setting for this sensor but if you set it to be too light it might activate too much leaving you with a lot of video and low battery. You will need to adjust the sensitivity to get it right for your use.

Brinno Peephole Security Camera










Warranty/Customer Service



  • Don't need to have your eye at the peephole to see who is there
  • Vibration and motion activation
  • Easy installation - works in the same size hole as existing peephole
  • Batteries last for 6 months
  • Camera and recordings completely inside the door


  • No WiFi connectivity
  • Motion detection can be slow to activate recording
  • Video is recorded to an SD card requiring you to remove it to save or share images
  • Video cannot be viewed on a smartphone app.
  • No alert to your phone if the sensors are activated

15 thoughts on “Brinno Peephole Security Camera

  1. This Brinno Peephole Security Camera is a perfect security device for your house, it comes with the latest technology system. Anyone who’s willing to buy this product will definitely be happy with the future results as in today’s world this type of security is a must and one shouldn’t miss the opportunity.

  2. What a wonderfully informative and exhaustive review of the Brinno Peephole Security Camera! I have heard of doorbell cameras before but never something like this nifty gadget! I have a peep hole on my main door but I agree that having to approach the door is a bit uncomfortable and poses both a safety and privacy risk (hearing the floor creek as you step up to it! lol). I agree having advanced technology easily accessible is not ideal. For someone intending to commit a crime probably wouldn’t think twice to either stealing or breaking the expensive equipment! This is something my security officer boyfriend might like! One question – do you know the distance and height required for this to be activated by someone or somethings presence? For example – the subject has to be at least 3 feet below the placement of the device and 3 feet from the door for the device to activate. Thanks!

    1. If you use the included door knocker the motion sensor fits right inside the knocker so it will activate the camera even if it is right next to it. If you’re not using the door knocker, the motion sensor has a range of 32 feet meaning it can be placed 20 feet in front of your door on the walkway and it will activate the camera and record subject walking up to your door instead of when they get right up close to your door.

  3. I’ve always liked the idea of a having a doorbell cam, but I’ve never seen one that attaches to the peephole. This is nice because it is located in the home. I can’t say that I am a big fan of it not having Wi-Fi or alerts to let you know when it’s recording, but this is a minor inconvenience when it’s all said and done. Is there a SD card included with the camera unit? It would be nice to have one included particularly because of the price. 

    Overall it seems like a great product! 

  4. Wow great post! Home security is always important no matter where you are, and you’ve provided an honest reference to a nice product here. I admit I have never heard of this product, so this post was very helpful and informative. I really like the photos you provided along with the product rating as well, very nice. I will be moving soon and I will definitely keep this post bookmarked to refer back to. Great job!

  5. Hi, I have read your article very carefully . I am very excited to read your article because I have learn many important tips about Brinno Peephole Door Security Camera.Thanks for sharing this wonderful review on Brinno Peephole Door Security Camera.  I like this product very much. The peephole camera  would be good for people whose doorbell camera has been stolen . For our door security we can use it very easily.  I think that it will be affordable for me. I am going to check it’s price and warranty period also. Thank you very much for writing this excellent product review.

  6. This seems to be a super cool security camera as it just appears to be a lock for a door and some burglars may not expect that it is a security camera so they may get caught off guard by an alarm. Is this the best security that you have used and do you think that it has the most features of the peepholes security cameras?

    1. There are other peephole cameras that have more features such as alert your phone and send images to your email when the motion sensor is tripped.

  7. I’ve been looking to possibly purchase a doorbell camera, but I almost think that this peephole security camera would be a better option, because I’ve heard people actually do steal the doorbell’s…

    While it might be a partial hassle that the SD card would need to be removed to view the video… the hope is that you would never need to do that right!

    Does it work pretty well for possible mail stealers as well? That’s the main reasons I was looking at a video doorbell… and this seems like a better alternative.

    1. You’re right, the hope is you wouldn’t have to use the video for any reason. And even if you do it wouldn’t be needed that often.

      It should definitely work for mail thieves, as long as there is an unobstructed view of the mail drop off.

  8. That’s really interesting, I’m surprised I had never thought of a camera in place of the peephole before. Does the camera have a sensor so it starts recording when someone walks in front of the door? Or is it just always recording? You wrote that the camera uses an SD card up to 32 GB, but does it come with an SD card? If so, how much space is on the card that it comes with? And how much video recording time does that translate to?

    1. It comes with a motion sensor that you can either place inside the door knocker or if you don’t want to use the door knocker you can mount the motion sensor near the door, up to 32 feet.

      The micro SD card is not included but the batteries are. A 32gb SD card should hold at least 400 minutes of video time. Unless you’re using this at a business that should a long time. You will also get a warning if the SD card is full.

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