Danalock V3 Smart Lock

danalock bluetooth smart lock

The Danalock V3 BlueTooth smart lock is a retrofit deadbolt. If you are a renter or you just want the convenience and want it to be as little trouble to install as possible then this might be for you.

This particular retrofit deadbolt replaces the interior thumbturn part of your existing deadbolt. The exterior part of the deadbolt remains allowing the key to still be used. Which is useful if you forget to or don’t get a chance to change out the batteries.

Remember, this is an add-on to your existing deadbolt, so if there is something wrong with the existing deadbolt, like the latch is sticking or key is difficult to turn, this won’t fix that problem. If that is the case, you are better off getting a new deadbolt and checking the fit of the door.

Ideal for renters

Landlords don’t usually like tenants changing out the locks without getting permission from them in writing. They want to be able to enter the residence at any time even if you aren’t there. 

But because this lock does not change the existing deadbolt this might be a good choice for renters. The landlord can still get in with their key and also allow you to operate the lock with your smartphone. 

Will my lock work with the Danalock V3?

kwikset kevo convert smart lock

The Danalock V3 is 2.5″ round and sits 2.5″ from the face of the door.

This lock comes with an adapter kit to allow installations with Kwikset, Baldwin, Weiser and Schlage brand deadbolts. Which means this smart lock will work with the majority of the traditional deadbolts in the United States and Canada.

It also will work on Euro cylinders, Scandi cylinders and Assa 2000 locks.

Operation and controls

This lock is operated locally with BlueTooth through the Danalock app on your smartphone. This lock also integrates well with smart home automation systems Zigbee and Z-Wave. And it is compatible with the Ring Alarm system allowing you to lock and unlock through the Ring app.

You can lock, unlock, check history logs and check the status of the lock all from the comfort of your bed with the Danalock app. 

If you like using Amazon’s Alexa you will need the Zigbee or Z-Wave version. The BlueTooth only version doesn’t work with Alexa.

If you use Samsung SmartThings for other smart home devices you can also connect the Danalock V3. This will allow you to control the lock though the SmartThings app.

With the SmartThings hub you can set other smart home devices, like the lights, to turn on when the Danalock smart lock automatically unlocks as you approach the door.

The Danalock will also work through the IFTTT service but needs the DanaBridge V3 for connection to the internet. Then, you will need to pair the Danalock through the internet to your IFTTT service.

Guest Access

You grant guests access through the Danalock app. Access can be given by you to the guest in three different ways – link by SMS, email or if they are already a Danalock user you can give them access with their Danalock user name.

The amount of guests that you can grant access to is unlimited. There are two categories when granting access – permanent or temporary.

Permanent access will allow guests to access the lock at all times but can’t invite anyone themselves.

Temporary access allows you to give guests access but only for a limited time that you set. Once that time limit is up the access is automatically revoked.

You are also able to adjust user settings when giving guests access. The access given to the guest can be set up to where their access to the lock is through the DanaBridge, allowing remote and not just BlueTooth access. And you can adjust it so that when a user accesses the lock you receive a notification.

Airbnb owners can use this lock as well and grant access to their guests just as you would regular guests but you should set them to have temporary guest access or with a code through the keypad. Either way, you would need to have the DanaBridge so you’re able to assign access codes from anywhere.

WiFi Bridge allows monitoring from anywhere

Danabridge V3 for the Danalock V3

You can do all the monitoring and granting access from anywhere with the Danabridge. It’s a device manufactured by the same people as the Danalock. It plugs into a standard power outlet and connects the Danalock V3 to your home’s WiFi.

Keypad for acccess without the phone

keypad for danalock V3 bluetooth smart lock

The Danapad allows guests to unlock the door without your smartphone. It works through BlueTooth to unlock the lock. You can set up to 20 codes that are 4-10 digits long for friends and family through the Danalock app on your phone.

Features specific to the Danalock V3 smart lock

This is a true smart lock so the features on this lock are very similar to smart locks that are complete replacements like the Schlage Encode.

The Danalock V3 has a feature that is not found on other retrofit smart locks, “twist assist”. Usually with these types of smart locks there is still a thumbturn or the lock itself turns which will lock or unlock the door. But the “twist assist” on this lock is the motor takes over for turning the lock once it senses it is turned a few degrees manually.

This lock also has an autolock and unlock setting. When you approach the door the Danalock detects your arrival and unlocks to allow you to enter with your hands full or when you just don’t feel like fumbling with your keys. It can also be set to automatically lock after a set time in case you forget.

Overall Impression of the Danalock V3

Danalock V3 comes in BlueTooth, Zigbee and Z-Wave versions that will let you control the lock locally from the app. You can operate the lock remotely but only if you get the optional Danabridge. Installation is easy and will fit just about any deadbolt.

If you want to add a smart lock to an existing deadbolt, the Danalock V3 smart lock is not a bad choice. It is more expensive than the other retrofit smart locks. But if a smaller lock and looks are important to you then Danalock V3 is one to consider.

Danalock V3 Smart Lock










Warranty/Customer Service



  • Easy installation
  • Danalock app responds quickly
  • Autolock and unlock
  • Twist Assist
  • Can use Z-Wave, Zigbee and SmartThings for home integration
  • Is IFTTT compatible


  • Only available in one color
  • Does not replace a malfunctioning deadbolt
  • BlueTooth only version does not work with Alexa
  • Remote operation requires the additional Danabridge

2 thoughts on “Danalock V3 Smart Lock

  1. I like that you have made a very detailed review of danalock v3. I have just moved to an isolated place and I was looking for a smart lock. I think this can be a good fit for me. To keep my house safe while I am away because we never know. 

    I like the design and I do not mind that it is only available in one color. Now for the danabridge, is it a one time buy or will I have to pay a monthly fee? because I would like to have a remote operation.


    1. No monthly fee with the DanaBridge. It just plugs into an outlet that is close to the lock and works off your home’s WiFi network. Only recurring cost is the electricity it takes to run it. 

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