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Defiant locks and handlesets can be found at Home Depot. Home Depot is not the actual manufacturer. So who makes defiant locks? Home Depot has partnered with a company based in Taiwan that manufactures locksets under the Defiant name. Think of it as Wal-Mart’s Great Value brand or Target’s Good & Gather brand. Defiant is Home Depot’s store branded door lock to compete with the other locks on their shelves that are more expensive, Schlage and Kwikset.

Defiant has many different types of locks to contend with the Schlage and Kwikset that Home Depot also stocks on their shelves. Like Schlage and Kwikset, Defiant has deadbolts, keyed knobs, keyed levers, passage and privacy knobs, passage and privacy levers. They also have started a line of electronic keypad deadbolts. You can buy them in a packaged together. A deadbolt and keyed lever or passage lever both on the same key and same finish. This is most commonly used on a front entry door.

The benefits to using a Defiant lock are that they are very economical and affordable by most everyone. These are gaining in popularity due to that and Home Depot has smartly placed them next to other more expensive brands. They are easy to install as they have an adjustable latch, although most residential doors are 2-3/8″ backset. And Defiant locksets fit the same size hole as any other brand so there would be no need to make adjustments to your door.

defiant door locks
Defiant Electronic Deadbolt

Defiant Electronic Deadbolt Locks

These are your basic, no frills electronic deadbolt. They are a grade 3 deadbolt with a keypad. The Neo Touch Deadbolt has a keypad and key for the 2 ways to unlock. It will accept up to 10 user codes and 5 one time use codes. It will also auto lock after a user defined time of between 10 and 99 seconds. These are as easy to install as the other Defiant door locks.

The Defiant Electronic Locks don’t have Wi-Fi or Bluetooth so they can’t be used remotely or locally with a smart phone. But once you leave and shut the door you can push the little “lock” image button and it will lock without you having to do anything else. They have a 1 year warranty on the electronics but do come with a lifetime mechanical warranty.

Where else can you find Defiant products?

Like I said, Defiant is Home Depot’s brand but these are able to be purchased else where. Usually it is by people or companies that purchase these products in bulk from Home Depot at a discount then sell them for a little more than the price from Home Depot. Maybe you don’t like buying from Home Depot or going into their big box store. In that case if you want to get these Defiant Locks they can also be found on or on

Defiant Door Locks has many different Finishes and Lever Styles

If you were to buy a Defiant Lock at Home Depot you would only have a few colors and lever and knob styles to choose from. However, Home Depot’s website has many other colors and styles that are not carried in the store. This is because there is limited shelf space. A lot of their matte black or stainless steel products have to be shipped to you or to the store for pickup.

Defiant levers and knobs would be a good choice for interior doors – like closets, bedrooms, bathrooms. They have a lot of finishes available so they can accent any kind of interior decor. You can get them in stainless steel, aged bronze, matte black, satin nickel, polished brass, antique brass.

defiant door locks rose

The Defiant Rose

Interestingly, they are the only door hardware manufacturer that I know that comes with an oversized rose. The rose is the round part that actually touches the door. The purpose of it being oversized is because it hides the worn and bare part of the door behind the rose of the lever that was removed. Schlage and Kwikset offer oversized roses too, you just have to buy them aftermarket as a separate part.

Defiant Locksets Quality

As far as quality of construction is concerned, Defiant Locks are not terrible. On a scale of 1 to 3, with 1 being best, Defiant locksets are ANSI grade 3 so it has been tested to be able to withstand 200,000 cycles or uses, and 2 blows from 75 pounds. Not the best but it is better than a lock that is not graded.

Defiant locksets have a lifetime warranty. If they are bought from Home Depot, and there is a mechanical issue they will replace or repair the defective lock. This is a pretty standard warranty period throughout the industry. Considering how much these locks cost you would think they are poorly made but they have a lifetime warranty. This benefits you so that even the cost is low you don’t have to worry about them being replaced.

Locking it up on Defiant Locks

Defiant would not be my first choice for an exterior lock. The bolt on their deadbolt is shorter than the bolt on a Grade 1 or 2 deadbolt. What this means for security is there is not enough of the bolt in the door jamb. So if security is your first choice and budget is not an issue I would recommend a high security deadbolt. But high security comes at a higher cost. The high security deadbolts, like Medeco, Mul-T lock and Abloy, can withstand a lot more abuse and tampering than the Defiant locks but cost $100 or more.

However, Defiant door locks are an economical choice for interior and exterior doors. And, as I have said before most burglaries and home invasions are forced entries. Even though Defiant door locks are easier to pick or bump, intruders aren’t going to take the time to pick your lock. While a better, higher security deadbolt will help with a forcible entry, you would probably be better served installing door armor and security light. These will keep bad people out and, more importantly, keep them away.

2 thoughts on “Defiant Door Locks

  1. Are the defiant locks as good quality as the more expensive brands like Schlage? I like that the Defiant rose is oversized because I have one door that is a bit damaged and the oversized rose will cover it without me having to repair it! Thank you for warning me off using the Defiant for exterior locks. I think I’ll go with a high security deadbolt option that you linked to.

    1. Defiant locks are not as good as Schlage. Schlage locks have a better keying structure meaning Schlage is harder to pick or bump than a Defiant lock. But for interior knobs and levers they will work just as good as Schlage because there is no keying involved with those. 

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