Friday Door Lock

friday smart door lock

The Friday door lock is a retrofit deadbolt. If you are a renter or you just want the convenience and want it to be as little trouble to install as possible then this rental smart lock might be for you.

This retrofit deadbolt replaces the interior of your existing deadbolt. The exterior part of the deadbolt remains allowing the key to still be used. Which is useful if you forget to or don’t get a chance to change out the batteries.

Remember, this is an add-on to your existing deadbolt, so if there is something wrong with the existing deadbolt, like the latch is sticking or key is difficult to turn, this won’t fix that problem. If that is the case, you are better off getting a new deadbolt and checking the fit of the door.

Unique Design

The small concept design comes from Scandanavia. The lock almost looks like a larger version of the traditional thumbturn on the deadbolt interior.

The exterior shell is interchangeable. So if the silver is not to your liking you can easily pop it off and replace it with the oil rubbed bronze or copper or any of the other 4 shells.

Rechargeable battery

This smart lock looks a little different than others. It is not big and bulky like others you might have seen. The big and bulky appearance of those is due to needing 4 AA batteries.

This one has a rechargeable battery which allows the reduction in size of the device. The battery lasts about 3 months under normal usage and is rechargeable, this is a good thing. Bad thing about that is it needs to be removed to be charged which will prevent its operation as a smart lock while that is happening.

Ideal for renters

Landlords don’t usually like tenants changing out the locks without getting permission from them in writing. They want to be able to enter the residence at any time even if you aren’t there. 

But because this lock does not change the existing deadbolt this might be a good choice for renters. The landlord can still get in with their key and at the same time allow you to operate the lock with your smartphone. 

Will my lock work with the Friday door lock?

kwikset kevo convert smart lock
If your deadbolt looks like this the Friday Lock will work.

The Friday door lock is 4″ in diameter. That makes it the smallest retrofit smart lock. This will not work on rim locks, mortise, interconnected or euro cylinder locks.

This lock will work with the majority of the traditional single cylinder deadbolts in the United States and Canada.

Operation and controls

friday door lock smart lock for renters

Unlike most other retro fit smart locks this one comes with built-in WiFi, so you don’t need to buy an external $100 hub.

You can lock, unlock, check history logs and check the status of the lock all from anywhere with the Friday app. 

History logs will show you the last 30 days of use. And can add and remove access at anytime.

It will send push notifications to you when someone enters using their guest access. For you to provide guest or family codes to unlock the Friday door lock they need to download the Friday app and sign up as a user to be able to use it.

A feature on the app that seems aimed at Airbnb owners is that you can access multiple Friday door locks with the same app. So you can choose which lock to add or revoke access and to whom access is given.


Just because this is a retrofit lock doesn’t mean it is short on smart lock features.

This is a true smart lock so the features on this lock are very similar to smart locks that are complete replacements like the Schlage Encode.

Friday door lock has geofencing. The lock will automatically unlock when you approach the door, recognizing that your smartphone is within range. No fumbling with keys and making getting inside your home easier if your hands are full.

Using Apple HomeKit for smart home automation? Friday door lock comes with out of the box integration for it. If you’re already using your iPad or AppleTV for all your smart home devices you can easily add this lock to the suite.

Overall Impression of the Friday door lock

This smart lock is really unobtrusive and the smallest one available on the market as of this writing. It is not big and bulky like the August Smart Lock Pro or Kwikset Kevo Convert. In fact, the Friday Smart Lock is not much bigger than the deadbolt.

If you want to add a smart lock to an existing deadbolt, the Friday Smart Lock is not a bad choice. It’s more expensive than some of the other retro fit smart locks. But if you want to have remote accessibility a WiFi connection is needed and this lock comes with it rather than as an additional product.

Friday Labs Smart Lock










Warranty/Customer Service



  • Easy installation
  • Comes with built-in WiFi access
  • Comes in 7 finishes to match just about any decor
  • Comes with rechargeable battery
  • Unlocks automatically when approaching the door
  • Integrates with Apple HomeKit


  • Rechargeable battery needs to be removed to charge leaving lock useless while charging
  • Does not replace a malfunctioning deadbolt

3 thoughts on “Friday Door Lock

  1. It always amazes me the rate at which technological advancements has really transformed our lives that virtually everything we do now is about being smart. I personally like the idea of having a smart lock as it provides a more solid option against theft. This Friday door lock is simply awesome considering the size it occupies but the only thing I’m baffled about is the fact that you said, the Friday app can actually unlock multiple door locks. So, would that not pose a threat of this lock being hacked by an external force?

    1. No, the app and lock are encrypted can coded so they only communicate with each other. The app opens multiple locks that you own. For instance if you have a Friday lock on your residence and another Friday lock on your rental or Airbnb house, you can control both of those locks on the same app. 

  2. Thank you for reviewing this awesome product. I have my friends talk about snart locks and how it makes it easy for them to go in and out of the house without having to fumble with the keys or anything. I feel jealous because obviously, everything is becoming smart this days. I think I’ll get this Friday door lock, looks really classy with different designs. That

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