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You’ve bought your security cameras but now where is the best place to put them? It might seem obvious but most burglaries occur by criminals entering through the front door, back door or any first floor windows. The right place for home security camera locations is very important.

There is no sense in having security cameras if they are not positioned correctly to get the best view. Most security cameras let you see a live, on-demand view through their app. You can check on any thing happening around your house at any time even if there was not a triggering event.

If you do have any intruders you want to be able to get a good look at their faces, their point of entry and which areas and rooms they went to. This will help the police with identification and let you and your insurance company know which areas the intruders went and what they took.

The best locations for home security camera placement is critical if you want to find and catch the culprits and increase the possibility of getting your possessions back.

Many people think installing a camera at the entrance is enough. Thieves aren’t that smart but they know what home security cameras look like. That is why home security camera locations at the right place is of great importance.

How Many Cameras Do You Need?

home security camera system

It really depends on the layout of your house. You can buy a complete system like a Swann security system that has 16 cameras for a larger home or an Arlo 4 camera system that will seem just right for an apartment or condo.

The quality of camera will also determine how many cameras are needed and the home security camera locations. You must consider the field of view of the cameras and the maximum range of a clear view during the night and also how good of an image you can get at night.

If the field of view is large enough you probably won’t need that many cameras. Most security cameras have a field of view that is at least 120 degrees, which about 15 feet out will let you see an area of 50 feet.

Choosing the Right Location

Luckily, most security cameras are small and can be easily installed anywhere. Some cameras are even completely wireless – battery operated or solar powered and Wi-Fi capable – making home security camera placement even easier and more convenient.

Outside Locations

When placing cameras outside you need to make sure they have good coverage of possible entry locations. And preferably position them so they will get a good front view of the intruder’s face. The home security cameras will not be very efficient if they are positioned in a top view or side view.

First You Need Light

You should also be mindful of placing home security cameras where there is sufficient light. Putting cameras where there is little to no light will not allow the camera to pick up a very good image. You should invest in some solar powered outside motion sensor lights to help the camera do its best.

Front Door

34% of burglaries and forcible entries occur using the front door. When thinking of home security camera locations the front door should be the first place that comes to mind.

Back Door

Do you know that 22% of the invaders enter your home from the back of your house? After the front door, the back door is the second most used entry point. Back doors are usually hidden from view from the street and not visible to neighbors. That is why it is important to protect the back areas of your home.

The back of your house is usually behind a fence or trees and vegetation which keeps your backyard private, which is good for you but bad when someone is trying to break in.

backyard home security camera locations

Some houses have a sliding glass door or French doors in the back of the house. These are particularly vulnerable to break-ins, therefore extra steps need to be taken to keep them secure.


Most burglaries and forced entries occur though either the front or back door but windows are another entry point where you might want to locate a security camera. Most thugs that aren’t scared off by a security camera will go through the front or back door anyway. But those that aren’t will choose an entry without cameras, so don’t neglect cameras at the windows.


home security camera location

Now, if you have taken my advice security cameras should be able to cover every wall and corner of the outside of your house. But what if you have a detached garage or a garage that is not near windows or doors? 9% of burglaries enter through the garage.

Thieves gain access either by breaking the lock or guessing or hacking the remote code. They can then steal your property that is in the garage or if you have an attached garage will have access to your house.

Should Home Security Camera Locations be hidden?

Not necessarily. While it is possible that you have no choice and they have to be located within easy reach for an intruder, most security cameras have a centralized DVR or cloud storage system. This means that even if the cameras are destroyed or stolen, the video of the intruders will still be accessible to you or the authorities.

However, let’s say you do have cameras inside your home and want to see which areas of your home they went into. In this case hiding security cameras would be a good idea. A visible camera can be covered or destroyed and while they would be recorded until that occurs a hidden camera would still capture their activities and areas they went to.

It is a personal choice but my suggestion would be to have both types – visible and hidden security cameras. In this way they know they are being recorded and if they cover or destroy the visible ones, the hidden ones will still be recording and they will think they are no longer being recorded.

Special Possessions

protect with home security cameras

Every person has some personal, precious or sentimental items in their home. For example a locked jewelry case, wine cellar or a study or den that houses these items.

In such cases, you need to ensure that your precious products are safe and secure. Thus, install your security camera in a position to cover the special areas of the home.

Many times people are proud of their collections of art or like to show off how many guns they have. If they show these possessions to their friends and word gets out someone might get the idea to take those possessions. This would be a good place to put a camera for a good image of their face and what was taken.

Cameras with remote access

Camera installment is important but keeping an eye over activities is of more significance. Installing a security camera does not mean your home is safe. You need to keep an eye overall activities to ensure that everything is alright. For this purpose, you need to take out some time out of your hard routine and must check if everything is fine. In case you detect any suspicious activity, take immediate action.

Also, it is very important to connect your cameras to their respective supporting applications. The Apps enable the users to keep an eye over everything at home, no matter if you are at home or not. Thus, don’t forget this important point and adjust or configure your camera with the supporting application. Install that application on your smartphone and enjoy protecting your home with advanced technology.

Where Should You Not Put Home Security Cameras?

Be mindful of your neighbors

It is illegal to record or surveil a neighbor’s property so make sure your camera’s aren’t pointing where your neighbors should have an expectation of privacy. Generally you can record the public side of their home. Google does just that with their street view on Google Maps. However, your neighbors do have some expectation of privacy in their non-public areas – backyard or any bedroom or bathroom windows.

Not in bedrooms and bathrooms

People in your house have some expectation of privacy as well. And having a camera in a bathroom is just creepy anyway. Having cameras in bedrooms might seem like a good idea to keep an eye on your kids when they’re young. But as they get older having security cameras in their room will definitely cause a rift because they will feel like they are being spied on.

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