Keyless Entry Door Locks

You or your kids lose your keys? No problem! Keyless entry door locks allow new options in access control. Some work through the Z-Wave or Zigbee automated home while others will work with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple’s Siri. Some of these smart door locks use Bluetooth on your smartphone and unlock your door as you approach with no need to fumble with keys like this guy.


All smart deadbolt locks are powered by battery and will operate in the event of a power outage. They all can be operated through the manufacturer’s respective app and allow temporary access for guests or caretakers when you’re away.

Some of these locks are easy to install by using your existing deadbolt. Other types of smart door locks replace the entire deadbolt and don’t require additional modifications to the door making them relatively easy to install for the weekend DIYer. After researching, selling and installing these types of locks, these are the ones that have the best reputation.

August Smart Lock Pro & Connect WiFi Bridge

This lock is made by one of the largest lock manufacturers in the world, Assa-Abloy, who also make Yale, Sargent and Medeco locks. The August Smart Lock Pro works with your existing single cylinder deadbolt, there is no need to replace the exterior part of the dead bolt, this only replaces the interior deadbolt thumbturn. It will only be as secure as the deadbolt it is attached to therefore upgrading to at least a Grade 2 deadbolt is also recommended.

The Lock Pro works with the Bluetooth on your phone and as you approach your door it unlocks the deadbolt automatically. There is no need to punch in a code on a keypad or push buttons on your phone. The lock also has a feature that locks the door automatically after shutting and the setting for this is adjustable from 30 seconds to 30 minutes. The app for this lock will also alert you if the door is ajar. It can be operated with voice commands using Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant.

The Smart Lock Pro can be paired with the August Doorbell Cam Pro for a fully integrated system allowing you to see who is at the door. The Doorbell Cam Pro will monitor in front of the door and begins recording when it detects motion. With the Connect WiFi Bridge you can lock and unlock your door remotely. This will let you allow access to sitters, dog walkers, service professionals, etc. that can be tracked and not require handing out keys that can be lost, stolen or copied.

This lock is powered by battery but because this lock doesn’t replace the exterior deadbolt the existing key would still work if the batteries run out. This lock also works with Z-Wave, wireless technology for security home automated products.

  • Designed to be retrofitted for the existing deadbolt
  • “Proximity” unlocking/locking
  • Works with Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant
  • Allows remote access with the included Control WiFi Bridge
  • Certified Z-Wave Plus product
  • Can use the existing key in the event that batteries are dead
  • Technical support available 24/7
  • 1 year limited warranty

Schlage Sense Deadbolt

Consumer Reports called this the best smart lock with a keypad. The Schlage Sense Deadbolt is one in a series of Schlage keyless entry locks and it replaces the entire deadbolt so there is no need to replace your existing handleset or lever. This deadbolt can be operated by keypad or by your paired smartphone with Bluetooth. There was a recent update to the deadbolt’s software that will now let you open the lock with voice commands. It accepts a conventional key if the 4 AA batteries run out but the alarm will warn you before that happens.

With the available Schlage Sense WiFi adapter this can be operated and programmed with the app from any smartphone running Android or iOS. The app will let you manage codes, set schedules and view usage history. Or it can also be paired with AppleTV or iPad for a HomeKit enabled smart home. The software on this lock can be updated remotely via the Smart Sense app when new firmware and features are issued. The built-in alarm technology senses potential door attacks and will alert you when this occurs. If you’re also thinking of replacing your existing handle or knob, this Grade 1 deadbolt can be purchased with a matching thumb lever handleset.

The Schalge Sense deadbolt is one of the few locks as of right now that is compatible with the Amazon Key App and Cloud Kit. This allows those with Prime memberships to monitor deliveries to let the driver securely and safely place your package inside the door and once the driver is done, the door can be locked again remotely.

  • Grade 1 deadbolt lock
  • Can unlock/lock using voice commands
  • Can be operated from anywhere with available Schlage Sense WiFi adapter
  • Or can be connected to AppleTV or iPad for HomeKit smart home
  • New software updates can be updated remotely with Smart Sense app
  • Can be purchased with a handleset or lever for a complete, new front door lockset
  • Compatible with Amazon Key App and Cloud, permits in-home package delivery
  • Limited lifetime warranty, 3 year electronic warranty

UltraLoq UL3 Fingerprint and Touchscreen Smart Lock

The UltraLoq UL3 BT Entry Lock is a keyless lock that can be opened with a fingerprint, smartphone, code or, if needed, a key. It is not a deadbolt lock and will work better on an interior door like an office or storage room. If used on a front door, I would recommend using a deadbolt as well. Many people like the convenience of using the fingerprint scanner instead of the code entry on the touchscreen. It can store 95 different fingerprints and 95 codes. It also features an “anti-peep password”, whereby if the user believes they are being watched they can punch in any random numbers and as long as the correct code is punched within those random numbers the lock will operate. While the required 3 AA batteries will last at least a year, if in the event that the batteries do run out, there is a hidden keyway so a key can be used to prevent lockouts. It has a lifetime mechanical warranty and 18 month electronic warranty. The UltraLoq app will allow you to view a log of who has accessed the lock. The app will also allow you to give guests access remotely with the available UltraLoq Bridge. The UltraLoq UL3 is built to Grade 1 standards, the highest grade of door locks.

  • Uses fingerprint technology
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Built to Grade 1 standards
  • Operate remotely through app with available UltraLoq Bridge
  • “Hidden” keyway in the event of battery outtage
  • If using iOS and have app installed, lock can be opened by knocking on your phone 4 times
  • If using Android and have app installed, lock can be opened by shaking your phone
  • Lifetime mechanical warranty, 18 month electric warranty

Yale Assure SL Connected by August

This touchscreen lock is a true keyless deadbolt. This does not have a keyway and therefore cannot be picked. It can operated by code, It is a Grade 2 lock and works with Alexa, Google and Siri. The Yale Assure SL can be upgraded with the Yale Network Module to work with most home automation systems allowing control from anywhere.

Because this lock is made by the same company that makes the August lock it comes with the connected by August kit which will let you lock and unlock, share access and monitor from anywhere using the August app. This lock takes 4 AA batteries but can be “jumped” with an accessible 9-volt port to allow temporary access. The Yale Security Assure Connected by August has the same features but comes with a keyway if you’re just not ready to give up the key access just yet.

  • Grade 2 deadbolt
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • No keyway – cannot be picked or “bumped”
  • Remote access or monitoring with the August app
  • Has a model with same features but adds the keyway
  • Works with Alexa, Google and Siri
  • Can be upgraded to work with home automation with available Yale Network Module
  • Technical support available 24/7
  • Limited lifetime finish and mechanical warranty, one year electrical warranty

Some Final Information

There are many smart locks available but these are the better, more popular models. They have the best reputation and history behind them, such as the Schlage and Yale models. Or the simplest, hassle-free ways to unlock your door, such as the August lock with the proximity sensor or the UltraLoq using the fingerprint access. Except for the Yale Assure SL all of these can be unlocked and locked with a key, if it becomes necessary. Smart locks have an advantage over the traditional deadbolt lock in that you can monitor coming and goings, integrate it with your doorbell camera or home automation system and allow access to the cable company when you can’t get there for the appointment.


15 thoughts on “Keyless Entry Door Locks

  1. I am tired of fumbling with my keys when I get home. It’s interesting that keyless doors work with Bluetooth on your smartphone and unlock your door as you approach. Thank you for the information. I’ll contact a professional so I can get a keyless system installed in my house.

    1. It is pretty nice not having to mess with using a key. Of course most also allow the use of a physical key as backup. I installed one in my mother-in-law’s house and because she doesn’t use a smartphone she was concerned she wasn’t going to be able to get in until I showed her that she can still use the key.

  2. Great article. In this day and age where everything is transforming into being ´Smart´ it is only convenient for the locks that we put in our homes to be the same. Before reading this article i had no idea what a schlage sense deadbolt was but thank you for enlightening me about this topic, will definitely be checking it out further because i too am guilty for always leaving my keys. Great job man. 

  3. Thanks for sharing this informative and educative post on keyless doors. I and my wife do lost our home key and when this happens sometimes it do resort into quarrel and I’ve been looking for solution to this problem we do face but I haven’t gotten not until I read this post  the Schlange sense deadbolt will really suit us

  4. I’ve been wanting to invest in one fo these ever since I lost my house keys. The convenience of being able to go in and out with smart technology is a great one. I really like the sleek look of the August model. Keypads are fine, but they always seem like they could be tampered with and “beaten”. Great article on the different types! Looking forward to getting mine!

  5. Hi Bill…wow!! What a vast amount of information you have provided us.

    I found your well-done and wll-organized post quite interesting. I did not even know such things existed/

    We live in a very safe neighborhood, but I might be interested if only for convenience. Do you no what stores carry them and do you know the approximate price?

  6. Wow, I have to say I am always amazed at technology, but you’d think by now I’d be used to it.  I am thinking back to when my kids were teenagers and I didn’t want them carrying around keys and such, I put a realtor lockbox on our door with the key in it for the front door, and they knew the combination.  They would have to put in the combination, grab the key, open the door, and then put the key back.  Ugh.  It was truly a pain, but it was the most secure way I had to allow them access without having to worry about them losing the keys.  Kids are always losing things.  Now I’m going to be dealing with this with my grandkids and I am super excited to see the new technology available – they can use their phones!!!  This is amazing.  Thanks for supplying me with such great info on these wonderful products!

    1. Well you were using combinations before the rest of us. That is smart, no keys under the mat or anything like that. Now they can use the combination without all those extra steps. 

  7. Everything around us is getting smart as the days go by,  from smartphones to smart cars and smart appliances; now we have smart doors, I guess smart is the future.

    The August Smart Lock Pro  has lots of  really amazing features that qualifies it as a smart door, like the bluetooth, camera, wifi and the automatic lock. There is definitely an increased security assurance with all of this features

    Are there any maintenance procedures for the use of these doors? I would like you to share if any.Thanks

    1. There really isn’t a lot of maintenance. If any maintenance is necessary it consists of replacing batteries when they’re low and updating the firmware when it becomes available. 

  8. Hello and thank you for your informative and thorough article Bill. I really appreciate the information here. My wife and I often loose our keys and it is started to annoy us really hard. That is why we are searching a solution for our home. From reading your propositions, I think the best fit for us would be UltraLoq UL3.

    Me and my girlfriend are both tech freaks and we enjoy latest gadgets. 

    Only thing that worries me is hipothetically, what kind of malfunction could happen to door lock like this? Is there a possiblity for this door lock to completely fails and there is no other way of fixing it but breaking it?

    Thank you.


    1. Thank you for the question Strahinja. If the UltraLoq malfunctions or the battery runs out it does have a hidden keyway as backup so your key can still be used. 

  9. I do like the idea of these type of keyless locks, having teenagers means too many sets of keys get lost and that’s very worrying. Thanks for this very detailed review on the different types etc I’m just starting to look into this so I will be reading it over again before I make a decision. 

    1. That is one of the benefits. My kid lost 3 keys in the span of a year so I broke down and got the August one. Doesn’t seem to lose his phone though.

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