Kwikset Halo WiFi Deadbolt

Quick Overview of the Kwikset Halo WiFi Deadbolt

Connection: both WiFi and BlueTooth

Rating: 8.9 out of 10

Price: currently $229 at Amazon

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After announcing at CES in January of 2019 that they were going to come out with a smart lock that connects direct to wifi, Kwikset finally released the Halo Smart Lock for purchase in November of 2019. I have been able to try it out for a couple of months and want to relay my experience with the Kwikset wifi deadbolt.

So far it is working good. The app sometimes can’t connect to the wifi even though the rest of my apps are connected. It locks and unlocks just fine but it has jammed a couple of times. I’ve found out it is due to the door is not being completely shut.

This is a true deadbolt that can either replace your existing deadbolt or go on a new door. And can be opened in 3 different ways, but more on that later. And will work with WiFi and BlueTooth. It does not work with home automation systems like Z-Wave or Zigbee.

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What’s in the Box?

kwikset wifi deadbolt parts

When you open the box you’ll see the brand new lock. The box comes with everything needed to install the lock. And you get 4 AA batteries in the box so you can use it right after you get it.

This Kwikset wifi deadbolt has the standard deadbolt parts – exterior lock with keypad, interior mounting plate to attach the interior battery compartment, the deadbolt, 2 backup mechanical keys, smartkey tool and has all the screws.

It does come with a strike plate. But I have found that usually your existing strike plate works just fine for your new deadbolt and doesn’t need to be replaced unless this is a first time install. This would be a good time and – I would highly recommend it – to use 3″ screws to attach the strike plate to the house studs that are framing the door opening and NOT just the door frame.


I have installed many deadbolts and this one is as easy to install as a typical, standard dumb deadbolt. It installs like most deadbolts – the latch, then the front part with the keypad, then the interior part with the battery compartment.

With an electronic deadbolt the important thing is to make sure the wire isn’t pinched when tightening the back part on. The good thing is the back mounting plate has a hole for the wire. So you shouldn’t have to worry about pinching the wire.

The Operation

The Kwikset Halo Smart Deadbolt lock can be opened in 3 different ways.

  1. Code on keypad
  2. smartphone app
  3. mechanical key


The Kwikset Halo accepts up to 250 user codes. These codes can have different permissions and schedules.

  • Can be set to be a one time only code that expires after 24 hours
  • Codes can be set that never expire, perfect for friends and family that are used frequently
  • Codes can be set up for an Airbnb, that work within a date range
  • And codes can be set that only work during certain times of the day on specified days, good for cleaning service or dog walkers

This keypad comes with Kwikset’s SecureScreen. What this means to you is when you go to enter a code you are presented with 2 random numbers at first that must be pressed before you are able to enter the correct code. This is to prevent onlookers from figuring out the code. And also puts any fingerprint smudges on numbers that are wrong so the code isn’t given away just by looking for the dirty keys.

Smartphone App

the kwikset wifi deadbolt app

The lock will operate with the app through either WiFi or it can used with BlueTooth.

The smartphone app works on iOS and Android phones, and is easy enough to setup. But Kwikset takes your security very seriously with a confirmation code and security questions. They make setting up the app a little more involved than the process on other smart locks like the Reagle.

With the app you can check the status of your lock, unlock it and lock it and check the log of when and who opened the lock.

Through the app you can give anytime access to visitors or put them on a timed schedule so if you have a delivery or cable installation or pest control coming you can give access for a few hours on a particular day and after that the code won’t work again.

If you do create codes for others to use you will have to send them manually. The app won’t send codes through the app. They can be created but it will be up to you to make sure they get the code.

Mechanical Key

The lock does come with a mechanical key that can be used to open the door. It really is only needed if the batteries are completely dead or the codes and app aren’t working.

It also has Kwikset’s patented SmartKey. If you give a copy of the key to someone and it doesn’t get returned or when a tenant moves out you can use the included SmartKey tool and rekey the lock yourself with a different Kwikset key.

Setting it up with Alexa

Although I had a little difficulty at first I was able to connect it to Alexa and can open it with voice commands. However, in addition to saying “Alexa, unlock the door” you also have to set up a passcode. Alexa will ask for it when you tell it to unlock the door. That’s a security feature so some random person can’t tell Alexa to unlock the door without the passcode.

Would I recommend the Kwikset Halo WiFi Deadbolt?

Yes, I do.

It’s a Kwikset smart lock deadbolt, and Kwikset is one of the biggest residential lock manufacturers in North America. Hopefully it is not needed, but their customer service has shown to be very responsive to concerns.

This Halo smart lock is a BHMA graded AAA lock. This is the highest grade a residential lock can get. This means the lock is rated highest for security against attacks, durability for lifetime uses and finish to maintain look and resist scratches over time.

Kwikset Halo WiFi Deadbolt












Customer Service



  • Works through WiFI with no need for an additional hub
  • App is really easy to use
  • You can use your current key with this lock because of the SmartKey feature


  • Does not have geo-fencing
  • WiFi uses batteries faster than a BlueTooth lock

3 thoughts on “Kwikset Halo WiFi Deadbolt

  1. There are several simple features that yet have impressed me. The first one it being able to rekey the lock. That’s a big thing for me because I rent the houses where I want to use a smart deadbolt. And tenants have lost keys before.

    I also like that it can be set up with Alexa.

  2. I love this for a couple of reasons. First, There’s a lock history which means you will know through your phone’s app if it’s used when you’re out. Second, there’s a mechanical key so just in case the digital one malfunctions, you have another option for access. 

    With me using multiple wi-fi in our home, I’d like to know if we can customize the name of the wi-fi broadcast so we can quickly access the security without getting confused with other wi-fi broadcasting around?

    All-in-all, this set is a winner and highly recommended (by me).

    1. This lock connects direct to your home’s wifi so through the Kwikset app you can program the lock to use your home’s wifi. Only the wifi you allow through the app will connect to the lock.

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