Lockly Secure Plus: An Innovative Fingerprint Smart Lock

Lockly is not one of the better known manufacturers of smart locks but is quickly making a name for itself with an innovative keypad and modern, sleek look on its Secure Plus deadbolt lock. This Lockly Secure smart lock has a fingerprint reader, PIN code, BlueTooth access and a physical key. And it is at the top of our best biometric front door lock list.

The Keypad

The keypad sets it apart from other smart locks or locks with fingerprint technology.

If you’ve seen any spy movies you’ll know the trouble with most keypads is that the oils or dirt from your fingers give away where your fingers have been allowing an intruder to see which keys you pressed. Usually the Schlage’s and Kwikset’s codes are 4 digits long. And with only 4 digits in the code and any noticeable smudges it wouldn’t take long to figure out your code. Lockly has gone beyond that with their Secure Plus smart lock.

It is called PIN Genie and it changes the way keypads are presented to you on the touchscreen. Lockly has taken the standard 10 keys and reduced them to 4 groups of three numbers. Your combination is 6-8 digits and doesn’t change but the location of your number will. This spreads the fingerprints everywhere. And makes it impossible for someone to guess the numbers based on where you press.

The keypad sets it apart from other smart locks or locks with fingerprint technology. You might not need that level of secrecy. But it might be beneficial where there are areas of high traffic or exposed door locations like apartment, condo or office building.


Installing this lock is like most other smart lock installations. It fits most existing deadbolt holes. And like most other smart deadbolt locks you’ll need to take care and not pinch the wires when attaching the back panel.

The height of the lock front is a bit taller than most other smart locks and this causes some stability issues for the top of the lock. Lockly seems to have remedied this with an additional screw near the top of the lock. This should be the only modification to the door you’ll need to do if you already have deadbolt cutouts. The installation instructions say all you’ll need is a Phillips screwdriver but if you think you’ll use this stabilizer screw you’ll need a drill as well.

The manufacturer includes a lot of 3M tape to hold the top of the lock to the door during installation but it can also be used in place of the additional screw for stability.

The Lockly App

Lockly’s app works similar to most smart lock apps. It only works over BlueTooth. Or if remote operation is something you need you can buy the WiFi version of this lock. Through the app you can view who gained access and when it occurred but this can only be accessed on BlueTooth when you’re close to the lock. You’re also able to generate codes or BlueTooth access for family, friends and contractors.

The access codes are able to be individually set. This allows you to give your son continuous access but the dog walker or plumber gets a one time access code. The codes can also be set to only be used at certain times of the day. So the code you give the cleaning service will work Monday through Friday from 10am to 3pm but is disable on weekends or at night.


Operates on 4 AA batteries and the lock will warn you when they’re low. Lockly says they should last for 9 months to a year but if you never get around to changing the batteries there are contacts on the bottom of the lock for a 9 volt battery where you can give the lock enough power to get inside and change the batteries. You’ll never get locked out, it does come with 2 physical keys, so if you don’t have a 9 volt battery you can still gain access.

You can get the same lock with a handle. It will be a deadlatch instead of a deadbolt. But a deadlatch will work perfectly if you have an office or storage room you want to make more secure.

Good fingerprint bluetooth office lock

This isn’t a graded lock but does have a 1″ throw on the deadbolt which is typical of a Grade 1 lock. It might not be graded but at least has a longer deadbolt than a Grade 2 or 3 5/8″ deadbolt throw.

It has an auto lock feature that can be set from five to 300 seconds. You can shut the door and it will lock after you or you can press the button at the bottom of the keypad to lock manually.

The fingerprint reader takes a 3D image of your fingerprint using electrical currents. The manufacturer claims this is the most secure fingerprint reader because with this 3D techology it won’t recognize lifted fingerprints.

WiFi Version

This lock recently was released with WiFi capabilities and it comes with a WiFi hub. You can use it with Alexa and Google Assistant and it comes with a door sensor to let you know if your door is shut. And you can grant or remove access remotely and receive push notifications when the lock is opened.

My Conclusion

This is a very stylish lock and does have the rotating keypad but the lock is pricier than competitor’s smart locks that are certified graded. I’m a big proponent of certified graded locks, especially Grade 1 locks – they feel sturdier and are more durable and this lock does not have a grade. The app is very nicely laid out and easy to navigate. And the lock is very easy to install. The added security features – 3D fingerprint reader and the rotating number keypad – are not found on other smart locks.

If the price were lower this would be a “lock”, there is a less expensive version with everything but the fingerprint reader. If you feel the need for additional security features and don’t mind the price then this might be the lock for you, otherwise there are lower priced smart locks that you should look at.

Lockly Secure Plus










Warranty/Customer Service





  • Random placement of code buttons
  • 6-8 digit code instead of typical 4 digits
  • Easy installation
  • 3D fingerprint reader technology
  • 1" throw bolt


  • Not ANSI/BHMA graded
  • Price is a little higher than comparable smart locks
  • No WiFi connectivity unless purchase Lockly's WiFi hub
  • Screen might be unreadable in direct sunlight
  • Not smart device compatible

6 thoughts on “Lockly Secure Plus: An Innovative Fingerprint Smart Lock

  1. Wow! Innovative product. I think I need to upgrade my door with this product, because sometimes I feel ordinary keys very difficult. Moreover, I am among those who often think “Is the door to the house locked?” but at that time I was very far at home. And that is very disturbing.

    Speaking of price, I think this very useful product is not too expensive. I better buy this product than I have to replace my cellphone, really!

    One more thing, if I buy this product, about – I can get a warranty for how long?

    1. Lockly does have a one of the best warranty programs among smart locks. It’s lifetime warranty on mechanical and 2 year warranty on electronic. Most manufacturers that have an electronics warranty only offer it for one year.

  2. What a cool lock system! And the fact that it’s impossible to guess the right combination is just wonderful. When I need new locks on my doors I will definitely look into this option. It’s also a cool and handy feature with app.

  3. I wish I had read your article before I bought my last deadbolt.  I had no idea that they were graded.  The link you included was very helpful in understanding how the grading system works.  

    I live in a rural area and have a pretty basic lock on the front door.  I don’t think I need the level of security the Lockly offers.  However, I love the idea of using a key pad for entry.  What a great convenience that would be over having to stop and dig for my house key!  I also like the clean, modern design of the model with the handle.  

    I’m glad that you included the installation video.  It seems to be a fairly simple job.  I probably would have decided against this lock if I hadn’t been able to see that it’s something I can likely install myself.  Now, I’m on my way to Amazon!

  4. This is interesting to me since my husband and I manage apartment buildings. We just had a new lock installed but I am uncertain how secure it is since it does not lock automatically. You enter the number code, then manually turn the deadbolt. That is fine except it will only lock if you manually turn the deadbolt to lock it behind you. If any of the tenants forget to lock it when they leave or when they come in, then it won’t be locked. 

    I would prefer a lock that is automatically locked so if someone forgets it isn’t a problem. We will probably move this lock to the laundry room and put a different one on the front door. 

    Do you know how many different fingerprints this lock recognizes? We have a 6 plex so I assume it could handle enough for us, the tenants? Do contractors get a code that does not require fingerprints? There must be a non-fingerprint option or the remote access codes would not be practical.

    Thanks for this information on a different type of lock that I was not aware of. I didn’t even think about the smudging factor! The new lock we installed has white keys…definitely something to keep in mind now. I guess we will have to change the code periodically. 

    1. Sounds like something like this would work for you. This lock can store 99 different fingerprints, more than enough for a 6 plex. 

      You can set a code for contractors to use on the number pad. They can have their own code different from the tenants so you can monitor when they arrive. 

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