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I have previously reviewed a lock from Lockly, it was their Lockly Secure Plus. Their locks consistently have high marks for their biometric or fingerprint technology. When I heard they were developing a Lockly Vision deadbolt with camera I had to try this thing out and see how it performed.

Lockly is an innovator in the door lock industry. Their smart locks use PIN Genie technology on their keypad. The PIN Genie randomizes the numbers on a keypad. This makes it impossible for any “looky loos” to guess which numbers you press by watching you or when you leave dirty or oily smudges after eating buffalo wings.

Just after reviewing the specs and parts I realized this deadbolt with camera has everything that be found in what you normally would have to buy 2 products – a doorbell camera and smart lock. Except for motion detection and night vision.

This smart lock deadbolt with camera can be found on Amazon, Home Depot.com and at Lockly.com.

Innovative and Outdoes Other Smart Locks

I have not yet seen a smart lock that comes with all the features that the Lockly Vision has. It works with WiFi or even Bluetooth if you prefer that method. This lock is also a doorbell camera. It is a smart lock. It opens with a fingerprint. And it comes with a door sensor so it can tell you when your door is open or shut and won’t lock if it is open.

And the Lockly Vision deadbolt with camera comes with its own WiFi hub. Most other smart locks you have to buy the WiFi hub separately and those start at about $50.

Seriously, Lockly has set the benchmark standard for what can be done with a smart lock. No other smart lock has what Lockly has put into the Lockly Vision. Just think about it, this smart lock and deadbolt combo has:

  1. Opened with access codes – can either be set up permanently, scheduled or as one time access codes
  2. Opened with a very reliable fingerprint scanner
  3. Opened with WiFi on the app
  4. Opened with BlueTooth on the app
  5. Opened with physical key
  6. Comes with a WiFi hub – most smart locks don’t
  7. Door sensor that will tell you if door is closed and won’t autolock if opened
  8. Has a doorbell camera with two-way talk

Only thing missing

This lock does not have motion detection. Hopefully that will be something that is added to future models. My concern with no motion detection is someone could be standing at your front door looking in and you would never know unless you randomly did a live view or they rang the doorbell.

Lockly does have a motion sensing light that will integrate with the Lockly Vision coming out later this year. Hopefully they do. If so, that will add motion sensing notifications and eliminate the downside of not having night vision. Night vision is not needed if there is light illuminating the area in front of the lock.

Ways to Open the Lockly Vision Deadbolt with Camera

lockly vision deadbolt keypad
Lockly Keypad

There are 6 ways that the Lockly Vision can be unlocked:

  1. Through Lockly app on a smartphone
  2. Fingerprint
  3. Access code
  4. BlueTooth with app on a smartphone
  5. Physical Key
  6. It can also be opened with voice assistant on either Google Home or Amazon Alexa using the included WiFi hub

However, once you use the fingerprint option to unlock your door you will never want to go back to a code, pull out your phone to use the app or a physical key ever again! It is so easy to do, takes maybe 3 seconds and we have used it multiple times and not once has it failed to recognize our fingerprints. You can use the key if batteries run out but you’ll get a notification on your app that the batteries are low. Even if the batteries run out you can still use a 9 volt battery that will give the lock enough juice for you to open it.

Installation of the Lockly Vision Deadbolt with Camera

Installation was almost as easy as installing a traditional deadbolt. The only difference is there is a cord for power and video that you have to thread to the other side of the door.

The instructions that are included were easy to follow. But if you are more of a visual person Lockly has 3D that can be found on the BILT app. The instructions will also help you set up your lock to Google Home or Amazon Alexa for voice commands.

The lock comes with an adjustable backset latch, which means it adjusts for either a 2-3/8″ or 2-3/4″ backset. For my door I had to adjust it to the 2-3/8″ backset. All that you have to do to adjust it is turn the body of the bolt.

lockly vision deadbolt with camera
The Video and power cable through the mounting plate

The bolt also has “UP” and an arrow stamped into the side. It is important that you make sure when installing the bolt that UP is, well, “up” so that the deadbolt operates correctly.

Luckily, most deadbolts sold in North America are standardized so there were no adjustments I needed to make to my door. The Lockly Vision Doorbell Camera Smart Lock does come with a strike and dust box. But the deadbolt retracted and extended with no issues so I left the existing strike plate.

The hardest and most difficult part of the installation (which really wasn’t that difficult at all) was attaching the interior piece to the mounting bracket. There is not very much room in the cavity of the back piece to tuck a stiff cable into.

Lockly Vision Door Sensor

lockly vision camera with a door sensor
Door Sensor Cord is the little white cord going through the notch

Meanwhile, you also have to pay attention to not pinch the door sensor cord as you are tightening down the interior part of the lock with the screws. When I tried to make sure the cable was within the back piece the door sensor cord would pop out.

Then the reverse happened with the door sensor cable. I got that tucked in then the power/ electric cable would slide out the side. Eventually, I got both tucked in there. There is also a notch on both the left and right side of the interior piece for the door sensor cable to run through so it doesn’t get pinched.

I didn’t have enough room between the interior lock body and the edge of door so luckily the cord for the door sensor was just long enough that I was able to attach it below the lock.

Using the Lockly App

All of the settings, features and permissions are set up through the Lockly app.

Using the Lockly App and setting it up was pretty straight forward. You have to create a Lockly account to use it and connect with the lock. I had no issues creating an account and was able to use the QR code that came with the lock to activate the Lockly Vision.

The app is where you grant access, save fingerprints, get one time access codes and can give trusted family members the ability to grant codes to others. However, there can be only one administrator. I wanted to give my wife access so that she would also get notifications and be able to see the doorbell camera image but there can be only one administrator at a time.

The app will let you view on-demand real time video whenever you want. And within the video app you are able to begin video recording, lock or unlock the door, mute and unmute yourself (if you want to talk to them) and make a call to police.

I do like that the app will send you push notifications anytime the door is unlocked, the method used and when tell you when it is locked. Some smart locks will only send notifications if a code is used. However, the Lockly Vision deadbolt with camera app will send you a notification anytime the lock is operated. This can be turned off in settings if it becomes too much.

Lockly Vision use history

In the app you can also see a log of when it was used. Anytime the lock is opened or locked it will record date and time and method that was used. If a fingerprint, access code or the mobile app was used to open the door it will let you know who opened the door.

One thing I should mention about the log, it will not log when the doorbell is pressed. You will get a notification on your phone that you have a visitor but it won’t be recorded on the log unless you open the video app and begin recording.

lockly vision deadbolt and camera in one
Lockly Vision doorbell image during the day

Lockly Vision Camera

The camera is a 720p and has a good picture. It is enough to get the job done and see who is at the door. You can toggle between a normal picture and HD but the normal picture worked just fine for me.

It will record anytime someone uses the key or inputs a code. These settings can be toggled on or off.

The camera works great for its intended use which is to capture whoever is at your front door. But there are a few downsides to the camera.

If someone rings the doorbell the camera won’t record unless you open the video app and click the “record” button. This is the blue button on the left that looks like a movie camera. Maybe this was done to save space on the sd card that comes with the WiFi. Even if I don’t activate recording I would like to have a recording of the event without having to manually start it.

The camera angle is not adjustable. The factory angle works and is centered on the front of the door, where someone would be standing. But if they were to ring the bell and stand on either side of your door or crouch below what the camera captures, you wouldn’t be able to see them.

Camera is lacking in some areas

Unlike most other doorbell cameras, there is no motion detection. The only way you can know if someone is at your front door is if they ring the doorbell on the Lockly Vision or you happen to be looking at the on demand real live video at the time.

There is no night vision whatsoever. So for those of you without a light at your front door you will need to install one. Without a light at your front door you will not be able to see anything at night using this smart lock. As you can see in the below images with out a porch light the camera is useless at night. You should have a porch light anyway for security reasons.

Thankfully, that might change. Lockly will be coming out with a motion detection light that will integrate with the Lockly Vision. It works on a rechargeable solar powered battery that will be coming out later this year.

Locking it up…with the Lockly Vision Deadbolt with Camera

I am pretty impressed with all the capabilities of this lock. It is a really good lock. It has all the bells and whistles you would need for a secure front door area. I would recommend this lock to anyone.

I have reviewed many smart locks and it works as well as any I have reviewed. There has been no instances of bad fingerprint scans. In fact, I only use the fingerprint method of entry, it is faster, no keys to fumble with and no access code to remember. And for the biometrics to be as reliable as what it is on the Lockly Vision, on a lock that is available to residential customers is remarkable.

It would be nice if it had motion detection and night vision. If it had those capabilities this front door lock would have no equal. Hopefully, the second generation of this will have night vision and motion detection. If that happens there will not be a need for any other smart lock or doorbell camera but this one.

The lock is available from both Amazon and Home Depot. On Amazon it can be found here: Lockly Vision on Amazon. On Home Depot it can be found here: Lockly Vision at Home Depot.

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  • Doorbell Camera and Smart Lock in one product
  • Easy installation
  • Switch on back of lock will disable keypad use
  • Comes with WiFi hub
  • Best fingerprint scanner in smart lock industry
  • Video is stored locally so no privacy issues with the cloud


  • No motion detection feature
  • No night vision for the camera
  • Requires 8 AA batteries
  • Does not auto record when doorbell is pressed
  • Only one administrator possible
  • Does not work with HomeKit
  • 37
  • 11
  • 45

7 thoughts on “Lockly Vision – Fingerprint Deadbolt with Doorbell Camera

  1. Thank you for very interesting article. I was always using traditional locks but looking on your review Lockly product is really revolutionary. I love the idea of operating lock by wifi, and camera increase safety of the house. Its very convenient product which makes your home more smart and price is also reasonable. Looking forward to test it in practice.

  2. We’ve been looking at increasing the security on our property and was looking at a variety of options, so it is great to find the Lockly Vision. It looks as if it has all the features that we were talking about having. 

    The only aspect that concerns me, is that you say there can only be one administrator. So does that mean the lock will only recognize one set of fingerprints, or can there be several people in the household that can add their fingerprints? Ideally we will need at least 3 sets of fingerprints to be added to the lock, would that be possible?

    1. Good question. As a security feature Lockly set it up to only have one administrator. The administrator is the only one that can see real time video, use on demand recording and two way talk. But you can set up trusted users that can grant one time access codes to users like a baby sitter, cleaning service, etc. As for fingerprints, Lockly Vision can store up to 99 fingerprints, which should be plenty for families or small businesses and even things like Airbnb.  

  3. This is marvelous! I didn’t know that a smart lock can have a built-in camera. It’s really useful and increases my security. A while ago, there was a major theft incident in our neighborhood. I think Lockly can be helpful to at least prevent or helping the security to check who may attempt to break into my house. Thanks

    1. You’re right. Some attempts at break-ins start with the intruder pressing the doorbell to see if anyone is home and with this smart lock you can talk to them even if you aren’t there. That alone could be enough to scare them off. 

  4. I was looking for a smart lock for my house and I was considering the one by Schlage but then I would have to buy a doorbell camera too. Excellent stuff and a very detailed guide for the installation. I have always found the installation to be a nightmare for such products. But this seems easy enough and the instructions on the Bilt app are very illustrative.

    1. Thank you for visiting, glad I could help. The installation isn’t that difficult really just have to get that cord tucked in there.  But it is very convenient having the smart lock and camera together and not concerning yourself with 2 different manufacturers working together. 

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