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Trying to find a wire-free security camera system?

Lorex security systems

The reasons to have completely wireless security cameras boils down to why not? Why deal with the hassle if you don’t need to? There are some decent security camera systems that are wireless but that only applies to the WiFi, they still need to be plugged directly to power. Well, because it is completely wireless, the Lorex Security Camera System makes it easy to install it yourself.

Lorex Wireless Security Camera System

Plugged for power presents limitations with placement, extra work and sometimes additional expense. A Lorex security camera system that is wire-free does not have these problems.

My preference is wireless when I have the option. It’s just a “no muss no fuss” affair with me. Why mess with it if you don’t have to. Christmas lights anyone?

I actually ran across these when I was looking at the Arlo Pro 2. Arlo Pro 2 are good cameras, it is a good system and expandable to 15 cameras if you want or need that many. But when objectively comparing them and taking price into consideration the Lorex security system was just a better option.

You can compare them for yourself but the price of the Lorex 6 camera system and the Arlo Pro 2 with 6 cameras is exactly the same if it is purchased directly from Lorex with their discount and the Lorex has better features and more flexibility with its system.

The 6 Camera Package

The 6 camera package is probasbly the best deal, you can use 4 outside and 2 inside or, if your house and yard is large enough, all would give you excellent camera coverage. You can choose to get a 2 camera or 4 camera system depending on your needs and budget.

What’s included in the 6 camera package:


Lorex cameras

The DVR stores 1 terabyte of recordings but can be upgraded to 6TB if needed. 6TB might be needed if you plan on using the continuous recording option. If it is set to record only when the motion sensor is activated 1 terabyte should be enough as that equates to about 1000 hours of video.

The DVR doesn’t need to be hooked up to the router or have internet access for you to be able to view videos or adjust the controls. It only needs to be hooked up to to a TV or monitor with the included HDMI cables.

However, if you want to access the videos from your phone on the Lorex app or remotely on another computer it does need to be plugged to your router with the included Ethernet cable for an internet connection.

Lorex wireless receiver

There is a wireless receiver that plays the part of a middle man in this system. Information from the cameras goes to the receiver then to the DVR. The wireless receiver is only wireless for the camera reception, it must still be hardwired to the DVR for the DVR to receive video.

The 600 foot range of the cameras is typical “line of sight” distance. If there are any obstacles between the camera and receiver the signal could be reduced. To remedy this problem, the receiver can be mounted outdoors. However, it must be connected to the DVR with a 25 foot weatherproof cable. Lorex, of course, has one available for purchase on their website if it is needed.

The DVR does have a HDMI port and comes with an HDMI cable. Which is needed if you want to monitor video feeds on a TV or video monitor.

Wireless Cameras

Lorex sescurity system reviews

To me, the cameras are what puts this security camera system above most of the others. There is a lot of technology packed into these bullet cameras. First is they take images in 1080p HD and have color night vision that has an effective distance of 150 feet. They are also equipped with 2-way audio allowing you to listen to any sounds and you can talk through the speaker letting you warn any one that is trespassing. The viewing angle is 140 degrees horizontally and vertically.

More than likely you have other WiFi, mobile or Bluetooth signals around your home. The cameras are equipped with adaptive DSSS, which is short for Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum. The DSSS system reduces the amount of interference the cameras receive from those other signals around your house.

These wireless cameras can go anywhere.

The effective range of the signal from the camera to the receiver is 600 feet. Most other wireless security cameras have to be located 100 feet or less from the base unit or router for a good constant clear connection.

For those with large properties or large houses that extra 500 feet will come in handy. Lorex also sells a signal extender antenna if you find 600 feet is not enough.

The cameras have a metal housing, most other types of security cameras use plastic, so it is very durable and they are IP66 weatherproof and can withstand temperatures from -4F to 133F.

Lorex security systems

The motion detection on these cameras are heat sensing so it doesn’t activate just because there is movement. It senses the heat of a person, animal or car before activating the recording. This prevents a movie of your bushes swaying in the breeze as with other motion detection cameras.

Changing the battery is very convenient

Charging and changing the batteries is easy to do. There is no need to remove the camera from the mount. It doesn’t matter in what position the cameras are installed, the battery compartment is easily accessible from the side of the base and not the back of the camera.

The accessibility of the battery is very convenient. It allows you to change batteries without moving the camera that you now have in the perfect position. And additional battery packs are available so you can eliminate downtime by charging a battery pack while the other is powering the camera.

These cameras also support continuous recording, it just needs to be plugged directly into a continuous power source.


Because this Lorex security camera system is wireless, the DIY installation is easy. The system comes with mounting plates and screws. The plate is screwed to the wall, ceiling, fence, post, tree or wherever you want to put it and the camera base snaps onto the mounting plate. It does come with screws for the camera to be attached to the mounting plate. Without those screws, the camera is only being held by 2 hooks on the mounting plate.

When picking a location keep in mind the direction that the battery needs to slide out so as not to put the battery side in a corner or next to wood trim and wind up not giving yourself enough clearance for the battery.

The cameras are weatherproof but I would still attempt to place them where they are somewhat protected from the elements such as an eave or ceiling of the front porch. No point in putting them in direct exposure to the weather if you don’t have to.

You also might want to consider the problem some cameras have with direct sunlight. Direct sunlight into the camera might give you only a silhouette or make it impossible to see what it is that the camera sees.

The Mobile App

The mobile app that you use with this system is the Lorex Cirrus app. It works on an iPhone or Android smartphones. Using the app is not neccessary to using this security camera system but I would recommend it. There are a few features on the app that you cannot do directly from the DVR.

You get a push notification of the motion detection alert to your phone. At this point you can choose to view live video.

The app will also let you listen and communicate through the speakers so you can yell at the dog or scare the guy trying to climb the fence.

Something that is very helpful about the app is when you’re reviewing footage you can pick which camera you want to review. This prevents you from wasting time reviewing all footage.

You can search for a certain time when the motion sensor recording was activated because the alerts you receive and the footage is timestamped.

Camera settings and the app

Lorex mobile app sensitivity

You’re also able to adjust camera settings through the app but the Lorex Cirrus app is different. Through the app you can adjust the sensitivity of each camera separately. Maybe you want the ones at the front to be less senstive and the ones in the backyard to be highly sensitive to motion.

And remember, the cameras are only recording if the motion sensor and heat sensor are both triggered. So that even if the wind is blowing leaves around the camera won’t activate. This saves battery power, false notifications and time spent watching video where nothing happens.

Adjustable motion detection areas

The app lets you adjust the monitoring of motion zones. The camera’s motion detection area can be adjusted to be sensitive to a certain area of the viewing angle so that it will trigger only in that area.

This is good to use on cameras that face a street or sidewalk. You can adjust it so the kid on a skateboard on the sidewalk or a passing car is not in the detection area. It reduces false notifications and wasteful recording and battery usage.

What I found out about this system

When looking into the Lorex security camera system there were a few things that really stood out. The cameras are better than most other security camera systems with a 600 foot range to the receiver and 150 foot color night vision. Motion detection that does not activate unless heat is detected saving battery life. DVR stores the videos, no uploading to the Lorex cloud which keeps your videos from being accessed by outside sources.

There were some things I did not like. Customer service seems to need more employees. They’re difficult to get a hold of when you’re having technical issues. And when you do, they tend to tell you that you need additional equipment or there’s interference from something else in your house or surroundings that is affecting the equipment. However, they do have a 60 day return period and a 2 year warranty.

Positive and negative reviews

There are reviews on some forums from people who have purchased this Lorex security camera system that have complained. Mostly there were issues with the cameras connecting to the DVR, the mobile app not being able to access videos or some boxes arriving smashed and Lorex not allowing them to be returned. However, on Google reviews they have earned 4.2 out of 5 stars from over 1,800 reviewers that have raved about their products, the easy installation, fast shipping and the quality of product.

And I always have to remember when reading these complaints that people are faster to complain when it is not working like it should than they are to leave positive reviews when it is working correctly.

When you buy this system you need to sign up for My Lorex. It seems you get a faster response time if you have a problem. This is not to say they won’t help you if you don’t sign up. But if you do have a problem it might help. And when purchasing a multi-camera system you should file a warranty for each camera.

In conclusion

There are issues sometimes with interference and connectivity. However, there are boosters and additional equipment that will help increase the signal and boost the range of the cameras. But, overall this is a very good system. It is wireless with adaptive camera reception to enable the best signal the cameras can get even when there is interference. The cameras are some of the best you’ll find for the price. The DVR records videos that stay local, you can access them with the mobile app and there is no cloud you need to access or subscription you need to buy to watch them.

When you’re looking for a security camera system that is wireless, provides good video, no subscriptions and can access the system from anywhere on their app, this is one you should consider.

Lorex 1080p HD Wire Free 6 Camera System


Ease of Use










Customer Service



  • Completely Wireless
  • No subscription fee for access to your own recordings
  • Durable cameras with heat sensing motion detection
  • Easily change batteries without moving camera
  • 150 foot range of night vision
  • 60 day return period and 2 year warranty


  • Customer support needs to get better
  • Lorex needs to fix technical issues with connections
  • Might have to buy additional equipment to boost signal
  • 11

5 thoughts on “Lorex Security Camera System

  1. Excellent post on wireless security system. I never knew this kind of technology has advanced so quickly. Especially been able to check out from your mobile via app your property etc… I also like had you broke down the 6 camera package in very good easy to understand for a layman like myself.

  2. I  am very new in this security camera world. I am looking for a one to use at home. And after reading your post I think Lorex has all the essentials that I need. But I have one question, is the company able to see the data from my camera?  

    1. No the company cannot access the videos. All the videos are stored locally on the DVR. But you are able to save and share videos with the mobile app. That is one thing that I do like about this system there are no subscriptions to pay for each month and no need to access the Lorex cloud.

  3. I love that it’s wireless and contains night vision with a long range. Six cameras with the system with a high-value rating show me that it’s a cost-effective product, and at 829 for a camera range of 600 feet, you’re really getting a good deal here. It seems this product would be ranking even better if they improve their customer service. To me it seems they’re somewhat understaffed, which needs to be fixed if they plan on staying in business, as customer service is king. Other than the lower rating there, this is a can’t miss product. 

  4. This looks like a pretty good set-up to me and something that I have been looking into for a little while now.  I like that there is an app where you can control the system but I was wondering if it can also be integrated with my Google home hub?  The range of the colour night vision facility is really impressive to me for the price and something that would really attract me to the system.  In your experience, how do you think it compares with other systems on the market at a similar price point?  I noticed you said their customer service needs some improvement.  Hopefully they will read your review and realise that this is a really important aspect when attracting customers like me who are not naturally very technical and probably require a bit of hand-holding to get the system optimised for my needs.

    1. You can use the Lorex security system with Google Home. It sets up through the Google Home app and not the Google Assistant app. And it is a simple setup process. Through the Google Home app find the Lorex home icon, sign into your Lorex account and then you can access your system.

      The price for this system is about the same as other systems. One of the more popular camera security systems is the Arlo Pro 2 and with 6 cameras $789 while the 6 camera Lorex system is $670 right now until 7/18/19. The Lorex system has some additional features the Arlo system doesn’t have. 

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