MiLocks Keyless Digital Door Knob Lock

Previously, I have discussed these types of locks. Unfortunately, there are websites that put these locks on a “best deadbolt” or “best front door locks” list. This is not correct. The MiLocks keyless digital door lock is not designed to be the only lock on your front door. But it is perfect for an interior door such as storage, office, humidor, wine cellar or some other room you want to keep secure.

This lock does not come in a lever model, only a knob. Because of that, this lock will probably not be good to use in locations that are subject to the Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines. That act requires lever door handles in most public or common areas or rooms and units designated as ADA.


Like most of these interior keyless door locks, the installation is pretty straightforward. The important part is the cable that runs from the front keypad to the battery compartment.

There is not a right handed or left handed model. It will work on either left or right handed doors. The difference is the direction you install the latch.

milocks keyless backset

The MiLocks Digital door lock can be installed on doors from 1 1/4″ up to 1 7/8″ thick.

This particular lock has an adjustable latch that can be set for both 2 3/8″ or a 2 3/4″ distance from the center of door lock cutout to center of door.

The front module or exterior housing has the spindle that goes through the hole in the latch. The back mounting plate gets screwed through the door cutout to the front module.

The cable goes through the hole in the mounting plate and connects to the interior battery compartment before it gets screwed on.

Then insert the (not included) 4AA batteries. And then installation is complete.

Operation and Controls

This is strictly an electronic keypad lock. No smart home automation or BlueTooth on this lock. No remote access possibility either. Because of that it’s a pretty simple lock to operate. But it will secure your office or storage room and keep people out of your wine cellar.

There are two options to using this lock: keypad or physical key.

The keypad is used for keyless entry. You can program up to 6 different codes that can be between 2 and 8 digits on this lock. Programming or deleting a code for the lock is pretty easy.

“C” and “S” programming buttons

To program or delete codes the back battery cover has to be removed. There are 2 small buttons on the back that are labeled either “C” or “S”.

Press the “S” key once then enter your code then the button with the unlocked symbol on the keypad, if it beeps twice then it is programmed in.

If you want to delete a code, press the “C” button once then enter the code you want to delete then the button with the unlock symbol, if it beeps twice then it is deleted.

There is also a lock button on the keypad. Press it once and the door is locked.

And with the MiLocks keyless lock you get 2 keys that you can use like a regular keyed lock. The key is also helpful if you find that the batteries are dead.


The keypad glows in the dark so no battery power is used to light the keys. Glow in the dark keys are especially helpful in dark hallways or at night when the lights are off. And doesn’t run down the batteries in the process.

Most keypads won’t light up until you press a key. Many times this results in a bad code being entered because you are blindly pressing a key that is not in the code just to get it to light up.

The autolock feature is turned on or off by a switch underneath the back battery cover. If this switched on it will automatically lock after 10 seconds.

Have autolock turned on only if you really need it. The batteries should last up to a year but using autolock will decrease battery life almost in half.

milocks keyless autolock
Autolock toggle switch

Overall Impression of the MiLocks Keyless Entry Door Knob Lock

Easy to install, comes in 3 finishes and batteries can last up to a year before needing to be changed. Warranty is 1 year on electronics, 25 years on mechanical and lifetime warranty on the finish.

This MiLocks Keyless lock is a good choice if you are looking for a basic keyless lock. Calling it basic is not meant as a negative. In this case it is meant to be positive.

Some people want a lock where they don’t need to hassle with a phone with BlueTooth an app they had to download or some other credential like a fingerprint or a keyfob. Or they have to send a code or email to guests. In this case, all that is needed is a code for you to lock and unlock this door knob.

MiLocks Digital Door Knob Lock












Customer Service



  • Easy installation
  • Glow in the dark keypad buttons
  • Automatically locking is an option
  • Adding and deleting codes is a simple process
  • Interior has a simple thumbturn for easy egress


  • No option for a lever instead of knob
  • Autolock feature cannot be adjusted from factory setting of 10 seconds
  • No ANSI or BHMA rating to determine the strength or durability
  • Warranty is not lifetime on mechanical
  • Only holds 6 codes

4 thoughts on “MiLocks Keyless Digital Door Knob Lock

  1. Hi! I like that we can easily install it. I was looking to give some security to my office, inside my house. And this look seems perfect. I also like it glows at night making it easier to access. I’m glad I read your review.

    Even thought I was not planning to place it as my front door lock. I appreciate the warning. 

  2. Seem like I have found the perfect option for protecting the man cave, it seems like a pretty minimum hassle lock with great protection…

    I love that it has glow in the dark feature this for sure is going to come in handy in the nights where we can’t see a single thing, thanks a lot for bringing this great product to the attention fo everyone!

    1. Having a lock with keys is always a bonus. There’s really no need to leave lights on because as soon as a button is pressed it lights up and you can see the keys.

  3. I must confess that I truly love the details attached to this door knob by milocks. Though it seems quite easy on the eyes but then, it is a great door knob that I know can really help reinstate security back to my home. Thanks so much for sharing here. One thing I like here is the firmness and performance of this door knob and that the installation too is quite easy to do. Great one from milocks

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