Best High Security Deadbolt Locks

The Best High Security Deadbolt.

We are listing the best high security deadbolt locks for residential use. But it is also important to point out that a good deadbolt alone will not deter attacks. Intruders that can’t get past one of these deadbolts will look for some other way to get in. All deadbolt locks that describe themselves as high … Read moreBest High Security Deadbolt Locks

Schlage Smart WiFi Lock Works With Alexa and Ring

Schlage door locks

Are you looking for a smart lock that connects directly to WiFi without the need for an additional adapter?  Up until now the only lock that connected directly to WiFi is the Array by Hampton. Other than that, connecting remotely to your smart lock was either through a hub or adapter that could cost anywhere … Read moreSchlage Smart WiFi Lock Works With Alexa and Ring

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