Reagle Smart Deadbolt Lock Review

Reagle Home is a smart lock manufacturer whose parent company, PKinno, has been successful overseas in smart lock solutions for businesses. In the last few months they have begun to establish themselves in the American consumer market with the Reagle Smart Deadbolt.

Their smart lock is operated locally with BlueTooth on iOS and Android phones. It can also be used with Apple HomeKit which will allow remote operation.

For those without Apple HomeKit, if you want to operate this lock remotely you will have to get the Reagle Gateway. They plan to release that towards the end of this year.

First Impressions

The first thing I looked for when I got the Reagle lock was anything indicating an ANSI or BHMA grade. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything indicating what grade this lock was.

I did look at the Reagle page on and this question was asked and it was answered by a Reagle representative that this is a grade 3 lock.

That means it is made to grade 3 standards and has not been submitted to BHMA for grade 3 certification. I’d prefer it to be at least a grade 2 for increased durability and security.

However, the exterior part of the lock and the inner workings are all metal and feel heavy.

Only the part of the lock that is on the interior side of the door with the battery compartment is plastic.

The exterior lock and the internal working parts and the housing are what needs to be made of metal. But the interior part being plastic is not a problem. It won’t be subjected to tampering or abuse anyway.

For now, it only comes in two of the most popular finishes, dark bronze and satin nickel. The one I have is in dark bronze, some manufacturers might call it aged bronze or Venetian bronze.

This finish is difficult for some manufacturers to get right but I think Reagle did a good job with it.

I don’t particularly like the rubber number keypad. Most manufacturers have begun moving to a touchscreen or flat keys. Sometimes the text on rubber keys tends to rub off after a period of time. It remains to be seen if that will happen on this keypad.


deadbolt smart lock

I cannot stress enough how easy it was to install. It literally took me less than 10 minutes to install and I’m including removal of the existing deadbolt.

And it fit in the exact cutout of my existing deadbolt, no modifications to my door were needed.

It comes with a strike plate but my existing strike plate worked just fine and was already connected to the framing with 3″ screws so I didn’t want to remove it.

The Reagle Smart Deadbolt Door Lock comes with everything needed for a complete installation. That includes 4 AA Energizer batteries, not some of those cheap demo or testing batteries that only last a few weeks. I am assuming these will last at least 6 months under normal conditions.

And if not, the lock itself and the app will both tell me when it’s time to put new batteries in.

The Reagle App

To set up the app for using with your lock is pretty simple. The app is available free from the App Store or Google Play. Install it and create an account, you get sent a link and a password. You can use either one to confirm your account.

I used the password. But then it connects to the lock and you’re all set.

Whoever sets up the lock becomes the primary user and is the only one who can grant or remove access. I’m not a fan of that. Sometimes you aren’t always in a situation to add or remove users.

It would be nice if you can set someone else as a secondary admin like a spouse, trusted family member or friend so they can make changes if I’m not able.

As an alternative, I set up a permanent 4 digit user code that my wife can give out if she needs to. And it would only take a minute to delete it and create a new one if it becomes necessary.

Granting Access

There are two ways to grant access to family and guests.

You can either send an email to who you want to grant BlueTooth access to or set a code and give it to those who you want to have access.


If you send an email, the recipient will need to download the Reagle app and create an account. Once they create an account the lock recognizes their phone and will allow them to lock and unlock.

A minor inconvenience was that the app wouldn’t pull email addresses from my contacts. I had to switch between the Reagle app and my contact list to input the addresses manually.

Granting access could be improved upon by sending a link through text. It seems more reliable, sometimes the emails go to the spam folder and sharing phone numbers for texts is more commonplace.


You can also set up codes using the number key pad. They can be a user set code or have the Reagle Smart Lock generate one for you. You can have up to 40 user codes.

User Set Code

The user set code can be between 4 and 7 digits. This is good for a permanent code that can be given to trusted family in case they don’t have their phone.

To program the user set code you must be able to sync it with the lock which requires close proximity for BlueTooth access.


This lock generated code is a very convenient feature if you want to give someone access and you are away from home. It doesn’t require internet or BlueTooth access for the code to work.

The Reagle smart lock generated code, “ReagleCode”, is 8 digits long. And usually used for a short duration such as for babysitters, cable installers or Airbnb guests.

On the Reagle app you set the time duration, the code gets generated, you send the code to your guest and the lock will recognize it.

The Reagle Smart Deadbolt Lock must have had Airbnb owners in mind. Using the ReagleCode doesn’t require you to visit your property to program codes or give codes to guests. You can set the code for guests on their 6 day visit and once the 6 days are up the code goes inactive.


The History Log

reagle smart deadbolt history log

The Reagle Smart Lock keeps a log of when it was used and by whom.

I like this history log. Some other smart lock logs won’t keep track of manually locking and unlocking but the Reagle does.

What this means is if someone unlocks it with the thumbturn from inside or uses the key on the outside you will see it on the log.

I don’t have access to this log while I’m away but the log will sync to the Reagle app when I get back within BlueTooth range.


It has an “Auto-Relock” feature that will automatically lock the door within a specified time period. This can be set from 10 seconds to over 4 minutes.

reagle smart lock settings

The drawback for this is there is no way for the lock to know if the door is shut and will extend the bolt anyway.

This is typical in the smart lock industry. Many smart locks have the auto lock feature but don’t come with a sensor to know when the door is shut.


The lock will sense your proximity and will automatically unlock when you cross a preset boundary. This is technically referred to as Geo-Fencing and can be set from 200 meters (650 feet) all the way out to 500 meters (1640 feet).

However, the Geo-fencing or “Auto-Unlock” feature didn’t seem to work for me.


Mute will silence the lock. When the lock is operated there is a beep notification. This can be toggled off if you choose.

Lock Down

This setting is for locking all access from codes and any users you gave access to. Only the admin will be able to access the lock through app. However, it will not completely disable the lock, the physical key will still work even with Lock Down turned on.

Finishing Thoughts

The Reagle Smart Deadbolt Lock was very easy to install. The features and app options are what you would typically find on most smart locks. Setting the app up and connecting to the lock was also incredibly easy and only took a few minutes.

They do have a 1 year electronic warranty which is standard for the industry. The lock also comes with a 5 year mechanical warranty but that is less than other smart lock manufacturers, some of whom have a lifetime mechanical warranty.

All the reviews on Amazon have 4 and 5 stars with one of them having an interaction with Reagle customer service that turned out well to the customer’s satisfaction. That is a definite plus.

I do have reservations about recommending this smart lock:

I would like to see the price come down. The price is a little higher than other smart locks with the same features and longer mechanical warranties like the Schlage Sense.

The lock is not actually certified with a grade from BHMA but even if they were to get the lowest certified grade that would at least give you some idea of the durability.

The absence of certification and the short time frame of the mechanical warranty make me skeptical of the durability and longevity of the lock. Hopefully given time Reagle will make those improvements.

And if you’re having trouble deciding or knowing which smart lock to get because of all the options, check out the smart lock buying guide.

Update: Reagle Gateway

The Reagle Gateway came out about three weeks ago and I have been using it for about 2 weeks now.

It works really well. I always have a connection to my lock when I am out and about. This allows me to lock, unlock, check the status and also see the log of when it was used.

I have no complaints about the Gateway. The WiFi always works. The setup was easy and the instructions were easy to follow. It took about 5 minutes for the Reagle app to recoginize the Gateway and sync up with the lock. But after that have had no connectivity issues.

The manufacturer recommends the distance from Gateway to lock to be no more than 20 feet, which is about the distance I have it at.

It needs to be plugged in continuously to power to work. And it can be plugged into a USB outlet with the included cable or can be plugged into a standard outlet with the included adapter.

With the added Gateway you have access to your lock from anywhere which makes it a good choice for Airbnb type properties.

This is a good lock and I like the app. The added Gateway works really well.

I would like them to improve their warranty period and get it certified with a grade from BHMA. Having said that, this is a lock I can recommend for your home.

Reagle Smart Deadbolt Lock













  • Easy installation
  • Easy Smartphone Setup
  • App is easy to use and straightforward
  • Remote operation with the new Gateway
  • Remote access not required for the ReagleCode


  • No grade certification
  • Not enough data to judge customer service
  • Price is a little higher than other similar smart locks

13 thoughts on “Reagle Smart Deadbolt Lock Review

    1. If you have Apple HomeKit you can. If not you would need the Reagle Gateway that should be coming out in the next few months. It will let you operate through WiFi. In the meantime, you are able to remotely give access by sending email authorizations, the guest can accept, then you can remove or restrict their access when you see fit.

  1. Your web site is very informative.  I’m convinced that it’s a good investment and I plan to try it.  I don’t know if I should try to install it myself or if I have the courage to. You make it sound easy.  I must say, I haven’t heard of this company before but I like the idea that the primary user is the only one who can grant or remove access. The code is a good suggestion so you and your spouse can share.  I wanted something with cameras so do you know if they plan to introduce something like this later?  I plan to go to Amazon to check it out further.  I really love the design and it looks heavy and secure

    1. As of right now all they have is the smart lock. They are primarily a smart lock and access control company but, who knows, they might add a doorbell or security camera later. 

  2. This review is good and detailed. According to this review Reagle Smart Dead Bolt Lock is the best Smart Lock ever heard. I am very impressed with its design. The fact that it’s easy to install has made me love it more. I’ve known many Smart Locks but this one is better than others. Thank you very much and all the best.


    1. Hi Baraka, thanks for the visit and comment. 

      I don’t know if it’s the best smart lock you’ve ever heard of but it is a good one. And the installation was really easy, even easier than some traditional deadbolts I’ve installed. It is just unfortunate it isn’t graded and the list price is higher than other similar locks.

  3. Reagle lock has a lot of feature when it comes password, codes and accessibility of users. Those features are what exactly like most about it. In a few months, we will be moving to our new house. It’s only sensible to be prepared with things, especially when it comes to security. I think this type of lock is suitable in our humble abode. Do you think this lock can withstand crowbar used by thieves? Our village is safe but the nearby area is prone from burglary that’s why we always need to he careful.  

    1. No it cannot withstand a crowbar attack. Some of the more high security deadbolts like the Medeco Maxum might be able to defend against that because they have a 1″ long bolt so it goes further into the door frame. But that will also depend on what your door and frame are made of and if the jamb is reinforced.

  4. Wow this is not bad at all.  The reagle smart lock looks like a very well made product I can use for my home. I have heard of all this smart lock products. Some actually use wi-fi, it’s the first Bluetooth version I’m seeing out there. It is easy to install and also to set up it’s application. I like that I can also easily check the history of my lock and unlock. One last thing I love is that I can actually set up an auto lock for this deadbolt lock. TI’ll definitely go for it. Thanks.

  5. This is a very helpful review for this lock.  We bought a similar lock for our front door when our daughter started walking home from school (we didnt want to worry about her losing track of a key).  We are considering adding another to the garage entry.  Thanks for the info!

  6. Thanks for this review about Reagle Smart Deadbolt Lock. This is far more from my expectation due to its tons of features and capabilities. The most incredible part of this smart lock that has impressed me,is setting up through a Smart phone apps and granting/removing access to whom you want. Like you said, the downside of this ُsuperb smart lock would probably be the end period of the warranty and its price as well.Hence I really liked this product and I will definitely take it into consider to purchase it as soon as possible.

    Best wishes

  7. Glad to see a review on this awesone smart lock. Reagle Smart Deadbolt Lock was actually my first smart lock. And I’ve being pleased with so far, after using it for almost a month now. Installation was in no way difficult…I used about  20 minutes to install it. Actually I was somehow worried about installation before I got it, but it turned out fine. The app is very straightforward, and both my iPhone and my little brother’s Samsung could connect without any problem. It is a very convenient feature that it locks automatically by just pressing a single button, and that saves a lot of time when leaving.


    1. Thank you for the comment Jordan. I’m glad to see the installation was easy for you. I was concerned that those with less deadbolt install experience would have problems but you found it easy as well. 

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