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Ever notice that when technology first hits the market it is expensive? Then, as time goes on, someone figures out how to do that same technology and offers it at a lower price. This is true of TVs, computers, smartwatches and now even video doorbells. The Remobell WiFi Video Doorbell is half the cost of a Ring doorbell camera without much dropoff in quality or features. It is an affordable, basic video doorbell camera that does what you expect it to do for the price.


The Remobell Doorbell kit comes with everything you need to install the doorbell. If you’re installing this on a masonry wall they even include a drill bit and masonry anchors but not the drill. You’ll have to provide that.

If you don’t own a drill, they’re pretty inexpensive if you want to buy one. Or you can rent one for a few hours from a Home Depot or Lowe’s. To rent a drill it’s about $20 for four hours.

Wedge Mounts

Remo video doorbell with wedge mounts attached

Most doorbell cameras don’t come with wedge mounts. You have to buy them separately. Wedge mounts for video doorbells improve the viewing angle of the doorbell or can angle the camera to avoid high traffic areas like a sidewalk or a street.

The thing I like about the Remo is the wedge mounts are included. Yes, mounts as in plural. This is important to me that they are included.

How do you know if your camera can get a good view of the front of the door until the camera is installed? Wouldn’t it be better to have the wedges included when you buy the camera? Instead of buying it then having to figure out a wedge mount is needed? Now, you’re waiting on the wedge mount and having to spend an extra $10 or more.

But I was in luck….

The Remobell WiFi video doorbell kit comes with a 15 degree mount that you can use to angle the camera towards the door for a better view of a visitor. It also has a 5 degree wedge mount that angles the camera up to hopefully avoid the motion sensor not get triggered by people or cars going by.

Power Kit

So if your existing doorbell has a chime that you would like to continue using you have to install the Power Kit. The power kit is the Remo doorbell receiver. When the button on the Remo is depressed your doorbell chime will still go off. There is no need to install this if you are not going to use the home’s existing doorbell chime.

But if you don’t use the power kit you will need to install the safety fuse that comes with the doorbell.


First thing to do is turn off the electricity to the existing doorbell, preferably at the breaker box. The Remo doorbell requires hard wiring to the electricity so that’s something you’re going to want to shut off.

The doorbell comes with a mounting plate that goes on first, then the doorbell is connected to the wires coming from the wall that were connected to the old doorbell. Then the doorbell fits into the mounting plate. And that’s pretty much it.

The electrical part is probably the most difficult thing in the installation process but as long as the power to the doorbell is shut off that shouldn’t be a problem.

Then it’s on to the app.


The video from the doorbell is in 1080p, HD quality. However, the video from recordings in the cloud look fish-eye so they are a little hard to make out detail. The video on the app is fine and square but those are only viewed if you open the app on your phone in real time. There is also infrared night vision to capture video in dark or low light conditions.

The camera also features 2-way audio so you can speak, see and hear your visitors and the built-in motion sensor will send you a notification even if the doorbell isn’t pressed. So you can see and talk to people who are lurking at your front door. And they don’t know you’ve been alerted.

remobell doorbell app

The motion sensor sensitivity can be adjusted on the app. Set it for less sensitivity if you get notifications when the leaves blow or cat walks across your yard.

The app will also let you adjust the zones the motion sensor detects. So if there is a lot of car traffic in front of the house or a lot of walkers on the sidewalk you can turn that zone off, it won’t record and you won’t get notifications on your phone.

The doorbell camera works in temperatures from -4F to 122F. While that might not be good for those in extreme cold, extreme hot places look to be fine.

The doorbell camera also will work with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT.

Overall Impression of the Remobell WiFi Video Doorbell

video doorbell kit

I liked the easy installation and the free video access from the cloud. Something else I also liked is the almost instantaneous notification and live video feed on my phone.

I did not like the minimal capabilities of the doorbell app or the fish eye view of the recorded video.

Remobell does have a “lifetime theft warranty”. If stolen, you need to provide a police report showing the Remobell listed and a copy of the invoice or receipt. However, even if they validate what you send them, they send a refurbished device and not a new one.

There is a 1 year limited warranty but only if it is purchased through If purchased through anywhere else, like Amazon or Home Depot, the return policy is up to the individual store.

The Remobell doorbell at $99 is a good option if you want an inexpensive video doorbell. It has WiFi for remote viewing, free cloud video access, and motion sensor. It is easy to install and has a good picture. All these features can also be found on the big name video doorbells.

The unique thing about this Remobell video doorbell is it has a lot of the good things that the more well known video doorbells have but it doesn’t cost as much. If you want a video doorbell but don’t want to pay a lot, then you should consider this video doorbell.

Remo Video Doorbell Camera






Video picture






Customer Service



  • The price
  • Free cloud video access
  • 180 degree field of vision
  • 2-way audio
  • Share access with 5 users
  • Works with Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT


  • "Fish eye" video on video viewed from the cloud distorts video
  • Has to be hard wired
  • Motion sensor is too sensitive, even at lowest setting

12 thoughts on “Remobell WiFi Video Doorbell

  1. I did not see any mention of using the Remo with Samsung’s Smartthings. Can the Remo be sync’d with the Smartthings?

    1. I don’t have the Samsung Smartthings so I can’t speak to personal experience but the information that I found is that it doesn’t. It only connects to WiFi.

  2. I like the fact that it has night vision. I can easily view movement at night from my phone. Please does the Manufacturer offer installation services? I like the installation video but working with electrical equipment is somehow scary for some of us. It’s definitely a product I would love to get. It is really a great product and quite affordable in my opinion. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I understand not wanting to work with electricity. When I work with electricity I make sure the breaker is off and if there is one I triple check the light switch and put tape over it to prevent any unaware people from turning it on. But if you want  video doorbell and don’t want to mess with electricity you should look at a battery powered one like the Ring Video Doorbell 2. It’s battery operated, works with WiFi and you have remote access.

  3. I have liked features  of the remo bell WiFi video doorbell but I want to ask why they don’t provide the drill and what I have liked about the remo bell is the wedge mounts are included me too are important to me also, thanks for this information I have got know a new technology product 

    1. Hey, thanks for the comment Mugalu. I am guessing that since they didn’t include a drill and if you’re installing this yourself, they probably figure you already have one. And it also would increase the cost of the doorbell kit.

  4. Trust me, I’ve tried about two different types of wifi video doorbells and it’s really been a terrible experience for me as it resulted into a total waste of money, the cameras developed faults in no time and I had to return it for several repairs before I finally got fed up and neglected them. I really like the specs of Remobell wifi video doorbell and it’s not too expensive for the services it renders. I trust this will be a change and I’ll be able to enjoy my security gadget, it’s nice that Remobell comes with a tool kit as it’ll make it easy to get installed. I’ll get mine as soon as possible, thanks for posting this useful and informative article.

  5. looks like the Remobell Wi-Fi video doorbell cam is a good camera for security issues. I’m not pretty sure if they are easily identifiable or if they can be easily uninstalled by by thieves since I haven’t had a real encounter with one But with the given price of 99$ it is quite too good for the price and I will probably check it out to see how I can get one for myself. Thank you for the detailed explanation on all the basics I needed to know about this cam.

  6. Hi! At $99, I’m pleased with how much we get with this Remobell WiFi Video Doorbell at such an affordable price. This doorbell has so many nice features present in most expensive doorbells. Due to the location of my house I’ll have to deactivate motion activity from specific zones. I like that installation seems simple too.

  7. Nice anyone who’s into gadgets or home security or both.

    Nice that it has motion detection so that you can see anyone hanging at your door even if they haven’t wrung the bell.

    And great that the motion detection sensitivity can be adjusted so that you’re not alerted for every little movement.

    The 2-way audio is an awesome addition.

    The installation process sounds easy enough except for the electrical part.

    It’s less pricey that I thought it would be as well.

    Great info, thanks for sharing.

    1. The price is very good for the product. If you’re ready to jump all in to the idea of a video doorbell or just plain don’t want to pay a lot for one, I think it’s a good deal.

  8. Its very factual that that technology now has been made to be at our service at easy price by some companies and this Is a great help to our today’s society. Remobell wifi video doorbell is really amazing, it’s a very important thing to have the security tight in our various homes, this video doorbell is very essential. Thanks goodness I came across this, I’ll make my purchase and install it in my house. Another thing I like about it is that it comes with tool kit for installation. Remobell wifi video doorbell is a product I’ll recommend, it’s of great use. Thanks.

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