Residential Door Security Bars

Besides adding a better deadbolt and strike and hinge reinforcement plates, another item you can add for more security are residential door security bars.

This is a metal bar that is placed between the door handle and the floor. It’s the same concept as you’ve seen in a movie with a chair.

They have a notch at the top for the handle and an adjustable padded foot at the bottom for the floor. Most are adjustable to allow for differences in heights of the door handle or to be used on sliding doors.

The concept of these security bars is they absorb force that the deadbolt doesn’t because of the different direction. Whereas, deadbolts are perpendicular to the source of the force, residential security bars are positioned behind the door and take the force directly.

Don’t Rely Completely On The Security Bar

I wouldn’t recommend using these security bars as your only means of front door security. These should be used in conjunction with other security measures.

The door security bar is an active security measure because it needs to be placed at the door manually once you’re inside. If you forget to install it then it won’t work. Most of the options I have outlined to reinforce your front door, once installed, are passive and are always working.

These Work Best For Renter’s Security

Many times if you’re in an apartment or rent a house you cannot make any changes to door hardware or add reinforcement due to the signed lease agreement. These security bars are perfect if you find yourself in this situation because most of them don’t require any modifications to the door or floor to work.

Now that we’ve gone over some security bar information….

Let’s Take A Look At The Best Ones

BuddyBar Door Jammer

The best residential security bar.

BuddyBar Door Jammer is the strongest, sturdiest door security bar available but it is also the most expensive. Notch at top for doorknob is made of metal instead of plastic like other security bars. This adjustable door security bar goes from 36″ to 51″ with locking metal teeth that according to the manufacturer holds better as more pressure is applied. This translates into more force is needed to get it to fail.

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  • Withstands 2,560 pounds of force – beyond a human’s capability
  • Adjustable from 36in to 51in.
  • Made of 16 gauge steel, thicker and stronger than industry standard 20 gauge
  • Uses a metal teeth interlocking mechanism to lock at correct height
  • Has a rubber foot that works on all kinds of flooring
  • No plastic parts


  • Is not designed to be used on a sliding door
  • Weighs 8.2 lbs, heavier than most other security bars
  • Cost the most of the security bars at $109

Mace Brand Jammer Door Brace

Looking for a front door security bar?

The Mace Brand Jammer Door Brace has pins instead of the catches like the Master Lock, this makes it less likely to fail under pressure. The collapsible 3 piece design allows for compact storage. Some have reported problems with the rubber end cap allowing it to slide on some surfaces.

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  • Notch and foot can be removed to use in sliding doors
  • Adjustable from 24in to 46in. with 3 collapsible pieces
  • Made of 20 gauge steel
  • Security bracing pins hold pieces securely in place


  • Some users have said it appears to be flimsy and not long enough to reach their doorknob

Master Lock 265D Security Bar
I found this neat home door security bar.

You’ve most likely heard of MasterLock through their line of padlocks. They also make lock boxes, gun locks, safes and door hardware. The 265D is the only Master Lock door security bar and that’s probably a good thing since the quality is not that good.

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  • Notch can be removed to use in sliding doors
  • Foot is a ball joint to allow the foot to be flat to the floor
  • Adjustable from 27.5in to 44.5in.
  • Made of 20 gauge steel
  • Best for on a budget at only $20


  • Quality has been biggest complaint of users
    • while the tube is made of 20 gauge steel the top and bottom pieces are made of hard plastic that can be broken off if hit or put under stress
    • tube height is adjusted with a spring loaded catch and the spring sometimes fails
    • there is a pad that comes with it to attach to the foot, if the pad is missing and you apply this bar it will damage your floor

Brinks 675-83001 Door Security Bar

You need a patio door security bar.

Brinks has a well known name due to its armored trucks and safes. They have been in business since 1859, so they have a long history. However, Hampton Products actually has been manufacturing door hardware and security bars under the Brinks name since 2007.

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  • Can be used on doors and sliding doors
  • Pivoting padded foot
  • Adjustable from 25in to 43in.
  • Made of 20 gauge steel
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Lightweight at 2.4 pounds


  • It has a plastic, instead of rubber, foot that will slide on tile or hardwood floors
  • Some found the foot to be loose on arrival and couldn’t reattach
  • Top notch piece and bottom foot made of plastic so they are susceptible to breaking
  • Is adjustable with pin catches like the MasterLock


Buy the home door security bar.

The DoorJammer is advertised as a portable security device for doors when traveling but it can be used at home as well. It works by transferring the force applied from outside the door to a vertical force into the floor. The foot needs to be screwed down to adjust to the difference between the floor and the bottom of the doors. If the distance is much more than 3/4″ you might need to get an extender to make this work.

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  • Lightweight at only 8 ounces
  • Specially designed for travel
  • Made of lightweight aluminum
  • Work on any type of flooring
  • Easily remove in an emergency by pulling it upward


  • Doesn’t work for sliding patio doors
  • The lip snaps off at the corner where the door sits when force is applied
  • If using on carpet the foot needs to be screwed down a lot to sit on subfloor

My Recommendation

If you want to rely on a door security bar for safety I suggest you get the BuddyBar model. It may cost more but if this is a part of or your only home defense the $109 is worth it.

This is a comparison between the BuddyBar locking mechanism and MasterLock’s. When comparing the locking mechanism and the gauge of the steel construction, BuddyBar might cost more but the strength and quality is much better.

The best front door security bars

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20 thoughts on “Residential Door Security Bars

  1. I loved that you mentioned security bars are a great option to protect your property if you are renting. My brother moved to his new apartment, and we are looking for advice to improve its security. I will let him know about the benefits of security bars to protect his apartment.

    1. Thank you for the comment Ellie. Yes, unfortunately, renters of apartments or houses can’t do a whole lot as far as installed security like a door armor kit or a wired security system. They would need the permission of the landlord. So the next best thing is these security bars that might prevent a kick in and a wireless DIY security system.

  2. These residential door security bars are really good. You have chosen some of the best ones to review. They are especially very good for travellers. Especially for those who visit places that are notoriously unsafe as some hotels do not even put in enough measures to ensure that guests are safe while in the comfort of a room that they have paid for. 

  3. Nice article. Sure gave us a lot detailed options here.. I guess safety is of high priority and these devices come in handy especially now that robbers are very good at breaking locks. I personally agree with you final recommendation. The buddy bar door er seems to be the most reinforced among all the rest you listed out and that is why its got the highest price. and I feel that possibly the door jammer gives the breaker the opportunity to see through once it becomes the last lock In my opinion though. I’ll definitely try one out. Thanks again

    1. The door jammer does look like the top half of the door can be pushed back some before the door jammer prevents it. But the reason it is good is because of the small size and price. It is specifically designed for travel, the bars are not.

  4. Hi Bill, Thanks for the helpful advice regarding the safety bars for doors. I had not thought of this and after reading this review am sure you are giving the best advice. I have tiled floors and would not want the bar to slip so would think that the more sturdy one would be best.

    It would be pointless getting a flimsy one as one needs to feel secure when indoors.

  5. Dear Bill,

    Wow, as always you covered all the details thoroughly and every single time I read an article of yours I learn so much new stuff!

    To be honest, when I visit some of the very old houses say 80-100 years old I have noticed they have these type of arrangement with a wooden stick, after locking the door they will place two wooden stick in a horizontal setup where there will be stands on the wall. They built those houses in that setup and my grand parents said its really hard to open the door without removing the wooden sticks.

    Nowadays I strongly believe Residential Door Security Bars is a must and you have provided in-depth and detailed walk-through on many options. The pros and cons you shared are very helpful to make the purchase decision. However I will go with your recommendation BuddyBar model.

    Thanks a lot for the helpful and informative post.

    Much Success!


    1. Hi Paul, thanks for the comments. Those wooden door bars with the cradle worked but they’re wood and will eventually crack and splinter and not work very well. The ones I listed are metal and, in the case of the Buddybar, a strong metal composition without the unsightly hooks. 

  6. I’d definitely feel safer in my house with a couple of these security bars on my doors. To be honest I had no idea that these things even existed. Yeah I’ve seen movies where people used chairs to secure doors but I never understood how the whole mechanics of it really works. I’m a little bit skeptical on how well these bars work, from just looking at the pictures I’m still unsure if they’ll hold if someone really big were to kick the door.

    1. They are designed to withstand those kinds of forces. For instance, the Buddybar has been tested to withstand 2,500 pounds of force which would take a few really big people. 

  7. Hello,

    it was really nice and relevant, all the features attached to the security door was quite state of Art technology. I hope to own one of these in the nearest future. Thanks for the honest review and write-up. The purchase link you provided was also beneficial. I’ll prefer the BuddyBar Door Jammer

    have a nice day.

  8. It’s a great product indeed. With the increased instances of thefts being reported its a must have product in today’s times. 

    One question though. If the top and bottom pieces are broken is there a way to replace them or will it be covered in the lifetime warranty or will I have to buy a completely new one ?

    1. It depends on manufacturer’s warranty and your comfort level of attaching the pieces on your own and using a repaired one for your security. Most of these are about $20-$30 and if it was me I would rather buy a new one that wasn’t already damaged. And if you have the Buddybar, because of it’s all metal construction the door or knob might break before the door jammer will. 

  9. Nice article on door residential security bars. I find this article useful for my security in my house

    Looking at different types of residential security bars you posted buddybar door jammer seems to be the one I like most out of all of them.and it the end of your article it is the one you recommend as the best residential security bar to have at home.

    price don’t matter to me most times as long as am getting good quality for my money

  10. I appreciate your sincere review on security bar. No doubt it is essential to have a good security bar for safety of life and property. The rate at which homes are busted is alarming. I will surely get one of these security bar for my home and I will recommend this post for my friend. 

  11. Thanks for the review, it was very helpful. My aunt has been asking about a door security bar and I couldn’t have come across your article at a more opportune time. I will be taking your recommendation and telling about the buddybar model. Door security bars are an exceptional way to strengthen security and will help to reduce burglaries.

  12. With the rate at which home are being burglarized every year, The best door security bar can help to keep ones home safer from criminals, this home security bar is easy to use and can withstand any amount of pressure mounted on it. Another feature that makes me love this bar lock is the fact that it is adjustable and can carried when traveling.

  13. these door security bars can be useful for me recently we had some incidents where 2 of our neighbors were robbed many of their belongings, luckily they were not in their homes so they did not suffer any damage I will share this information with many of our neighbors and hopefully they find this article helpful.

    Thank you for sharing this great information.

  14. Thanks for your honest review about the security bars. I got a particular security bar (name withheld), it was an awful experience. So I stopped the idea of getting a door security bar. But with time I see more reasons why I should get it. BuddyBar Door Jammer looks cool, and the cons isn’t really a big  deal to me.

  15. Hi Bill,

    yes, Security is first! I am living in a house for rent. So, I really feel the need of the bar for me. Here in my place. the house-owners build the door lock carelessly and those are not secured. They just care about the cash, not the security.

    I did not know about those bars before reading the review. I badly need atleast two of those for my doors.

    Thanks for the review 🙂

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