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Getting a security system for your home should not be expensive or a hassle. Unfortunately, some people are uncertain of getting a security system because they think the cost will be too high and they don’t want to pay for the 24/7 monitoring. But you’ll find out that Ring Home Alarm Systems are inexpensive, can be self-monitored and can be customized based upon your needs.

Highlights of Ring Home Alarm Systems

  • System is completely customizable and upgradeable
  • System works with many 3rd party products like smart locks and Z-Wave devices and they can be controlled through the Ring app
  • Can work with Alexa and Alexa-enabled devices through the Ring app
  • No long term contracts
  • Available 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  • Systems start at $199

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Ring Home Alarm Systems Components

Amazon offers a new Ring Alarm system, which works smarter than traditional security systems. This Alarm gadget performs all tasks wirelessly and is very user-friendly in its operations. The best thing about this system is that it is not very complicated for users. You can install it at any corner of your home. It is a completely wireless system and you can easily hide it if you want to.

This system is available with a complete kit, consisting of a wide range of security equipment. The kit includes sensors, detectors, keypad, Home Wi-Fi connecting base station and speakers. You can install this system on your entrance doors, windows, and even special rooms you don’t want anyone going into.

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System Installation 

The Ring Alarm Security System is very easy to install. It is a ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) wireless solution. The installation process does not require any extension or wiring. Select the most appropriate place, usually a door or window. All the sensors get mounted with adhesive backing.

The sensors come with sticky foam backing so you can place the alarm system anywhere without affecting anything. Just use the foam fixers that come with your alarm system and press it at the desired point. Your alarm system is ready to work. Now, when you switch on the alarm, it will detect even slight motion.

The Ring sensors are magnetic and if the magnetic field is disrupted because the door or window is opened, the alarm will activate the siren. The speakers with the alarm are to ring the loud sound and alert the homeowners. Thus, when an intruder tries to enter into the home, the alarm will detect the motion and will ring the loud alarm sound.

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If you are gone for a large part of the day there is no need to worry because the Ring Home Alarm system has the best solution for you. It connects to your mobile system and in case of a burglar presence at home, it rings the sound on your mobile too. For this, you need a ring account.

Just get a ring account, register yourself with little confidential details, such as phone number and address.  Now set the app on your mobile phone and connect it with your ring alarm system. To connect it with your mobile phone, you also need to plug your base station into power via either Ethernet or Wi-Fi. 

Using The Alarm System

Ring Home Alarm Systems have a home and away feature. On the home setting it monitors the door and window sensors so that you can be protected even while you are home. Just remember to deactivate the alarm when you open a window or door.

The away setting activates the door and window sensors as well as the motion sensors. This setting is useful when you are not in the house because if you are walking inside the house the motion sensors will trigger.

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This security system can be easily switched on and off just like a traditional alarm system with the Ring app. Before leaving the home, or before sleeping, push the button to begin monitoring. If leaving the house, it starts count-down for 60 seconds, within which you can use the door to exit the home.

After this, if a window or door opens the system will trigger the siren. Also, it sends you a notification at your mobile to alert you regarding something is wrong at your house. At your return, you can use the door and must punch the pin within the delay time or turn it off with the Ring app. You can adjust the delay time between 30 seconds to 90 seconds. After this delay time, the alarm rings the siren to alert you. 

The Keypad

Once you punch the pin and hit the ‘disarm’ button, you can easily enter your home without any siren. The ring alarm system also consists of a ‘home’ feature. I use the home feature when I am home. This mode is very useful. If everyone is inside you can turn the system to home mode and if a door or window opens while you are home the alarm will be triggered.

You can also check the alarm’s functioning with its light. The blue light means the Ring Home Alarm System is disarmed, and a red light means the alarm is active. To punch the pin code and hit the arm or disarm button, you use the keypad of the alarm system. This keypad gets charged via MicroUSB. Once charged is portable to any part of the house that can reach the base station. The best thing about the keypad is it’s portability and the rechargeable lithoum battery. 

Protect Plus Feature

When you purchase the Ring Alarm, it works simply as a detector. That is, if a sensor is activated you will get a notification on your phone or an audible sound from the base station that will alert you. You can then check on what set off the alarm.

Ring Professional Monitoring

However, to get the most benefit of Ring Home Alarm Systems, you should get the professional monitoring. The Ring Alarm System comes with extra packages, for which you need a subscription. This package is popular as Ring Protect Plus subscription. You can purchase it per month, or save a little bit of money and get it per year. It costs $10 a month or $100 a year. With this subscription, you can get two extra features; 3G backup and assisted monitoring.

Sometimes you can face issues with your internet – power goes out, internet maintenance or wifi signal is lost. However, the Ring Alarm Home System comes with the capability to connect to a cellular signal if this does happen This enables the Ring monitoring center to still be in contact with your system and call out emergency services if they are needed. Unfortunately, unlike Simplisafe, this is a benefit only if you get the Ring Protect Plus monitoring plan.

The assisted monitoring works when the alarm goes off. You can enter your numbers on the list of people of the alarm. Thus, if the alarm goes off due to any reason, it will start calling the list of people, until it gets a response. On attending its call, the alarm will inform you that the system has turned off and the security of home is at risk. In this way, you will be able to take advance preventive measures to protect your place.

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Ring Contacts Police for You

The ring alarm system is a perfect choice to protect your place. The ring alarm system is directly linked to the security forces of the region. You can easily connect this alarm system to your Ring App. With this app, you can get alerts and can directly notify the security forces in case of an emergency. If you subscribe to its protect-plus package, you can get captures and footage of what is going on. In this way, you can check why the alarm is ringing and can immediately ask for security forces’ help without any delay. Another amazing thing is that you don’t need any specific gadget for that. You can connect this system to your any simple or advanced smart device, such as Smartphone. 

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Personal Experience

I personally purchased a Ring Home Alarm System for my home. The keypad is mounted at the front door so when we get home we can disable it. Or sometimes I use the app and disable it when I pull up. But not everyone has or wants to use the app. Its just easier than typing in a PIN if I can just open the app and turn it to “off”. So for those that like the keypad method of disabling I have it set at 15 seconds after sensor is tripped the alarm will sound.

It’s been two months and the alarm system is working fantastic. Whenever I go out, I switch it to the ‘away’ mode and it starts working efficiently. Also, before going to bed I switch it to home. The “Away” setting would also work when going to bed as long as the motion sensors are near an entryway and you can be assured no one will walk through the house and set off the motion sensor.

This alarm system is very efficient and it works perfectly when it should function properly. Some people are of the view that it starts ringing with a little movement due to wind or light. I never experienced this but that is not to say it doesn’t happen. The motion sensor detects the proper movement of the someone from 15 feet away. The best thing is that all things are under my control. I can also operate the ring alarm with the Ring app. I always preferred to disarm the ring alarm before entering my home.

Price of Ring Alarm

Ring Home Alarm Systems start at $200 for the 5 piece system and then goes up from there as you add equipment in the kit. If you order additional sensors of detectors, it costs $20. You can also order separate motion sensors or keypads, which costs around $40-60. When comparing this alarm system to a traditional alarm system, it costs less and provides amazing features.

A traditional alarm system costs $180-250 with very limited features. On the contrary, the ring alarm costs $200 with advanced features. The basic kit of the alarm system consists of all equipment, sensors, sirens, and keypads. However, you can add extra equipment as per your requirements.

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Advantages of Using Ring Home Alarm Systems

There are several advantages of using the Ring Alarm Home Security System.

Connectivity to Suite of Ring Products

The greatest advantage is its connectivity with all your Ring smart devices via Ring App. If you already have Ring devices like the doorbell, or floodlights you can connect those to this alarm system as well as use the same Ring app for all Ring devices.

Battery Backup

In case of a power cut, the alarm does not turn off. The protect-plus 3G back up keeps the alarm system connected to the cell towers. Also, its battery backup system does not let the alarm system shut down. In case the alarm switches off due to any reason, it calls the list of people to let them know. In this way, the owner remains in touch with notifications regarding home security.

Professional Monitoring

With professional monitoring your local police will be notified. In case you get notification of anything happening at home, you can immediately call the police. This enables you to take timely action and protect your precious products.

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Completely Wireless System

This alarm system does not require any wiring network. It is a friendly wireless system, which is very easy to install. You can simply use the sticky backers to fix the alarm at specific places. The alarm systems are designed in a sophisticated way and are rental friendly for the users. All the sensors are removable and reusable so if you are renting it can removed and reinstalled at your new place.

Self Monitoring

The Ring Home Alarm System can also work as a self monitored alarm system. If you don’t want to pay for professional monitoring you can still use the system. When something is triggered it will send notifications to your phone. You will also still get real time video and two-way talk will work. You can use the pin to connect your alarm system to your digital devices, and can also get access to camera footage online.

Disadvantages of Ring Home Alarm Systems

There really aren’t any disadvantages to using this alarm system. Unless you find the price to be expensive.

Ring Alarm Security Systems






Customer Service







  • Customizable and upgradeable
  • Integrates with all Ring products
  • Professional Monitoring available
  • Easy installation
  • Monitoring is cheaper completed to other options


  • Have to use 2 factor authorization to prevent hacking

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