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Samsung products have been around for decades. They are a well known electronics manufacturer based in South Korea. You’re probably aware of their TVs, computers, phones and appliances. Samsung has been making big moves in the digital door lock market as well. Their locks look sleek and clean and might remind you of their smartphones.  The Samsung SHS-3321 digital door lock does not have a keyway, so this is a true keyless deadbolt.

This lock is opened with a code or a radio frequency identification(RFID) card. There is no hole for a key making this a pick and bump proof lock. It also reduces the ways someone might use to try to get in.

The RFID information can be programmed to be on a keyfob or a sticker for the back of your phone. The Samsung sticky seems like a more obvious choice. People are more likely to lose or misplace their key and not their phone. And it makes more sense for active people who don’t like to have a bunch of keys in their pocket on a walk or run.

(left to right) Samsung keyfob, Samsung RFID sticky, Samsung sticky on back of phone


The installation of this Samsung digital door lock is pretty straightforward. It fits in the existing cutout of your door and has an adjustable latch so whether your backset is 2 3/8″ or 2 3/4″ this lock will work for you. The wires on the lock are a little long so you need to take care and not pinch them when  screwing the back plates down. This lock also comes with a magnetic door sensor that is used for the auto locking feature.  It is in 2 parts, one part next to the lock and the other attaches to the door frame.


There are two ways to unlock Samsung’s digital door lock – access code or RFID keyfob. Or if you want the lock to be even more secure you can turn on the double factor authentication and the lock will require both. The code can be anywhere from 4 to 12 numbers and it will accept up to 71 access codes.

The lock also has a random code generator that requires you to touch two random numbers before your actual code. This is to prevent lookie-loos from seeing you input your code and prevent anyone guessing the code by looking for fingerprint smudges. If you’re using the RFID keyfob, it just has to be close to the lock body for the lock to read it.

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Even though there is not a keyway for a physical key you’ll never be locked out even if the 4 AA batteries run out. This is because there are contacts on the side of the lock for a 9 volt battery that will give enough power to allow you to enter your credentials for access. The batteries will last about 10 months under normal use. There is also an audible warning that lets you know when it’s time to change them out.

Samsug digital door lock is a grade 1 deadbolt.


The adjustable length latch allows this lock to be used in residential or commercial applications. And since the lock allows for 71 different user codes a small company could give a different code to every employee. Then if an employee does leave, the deletion of that employee’s code is easy and there would be no need to change the rest of the codes, reducing time and effort spent reissuing codes.

I actually used to work at a small company that gave a key to every employee. The problem with that was every time an employee moved on the lock had to be rekeyed. This lock would make much more sense in that situation.

Samsung SHS-3321 Digital Door Lock










Warranty/Customer Service



  • Grade 1 lock
  • Auto-locking feature
  • Cannot be picked or bumped
  • Stylish, modern look
  • Double factor authentication


  • No remote access
  • Touchscreen susceptible to cracks and scratches
  • Installation could be difficult for beginners
  • Poor customer service
  • There is no smartphone app

16 thoughts on “Samsung Digital Door Lock Review

  1. Unfortunately this lock only lasted a few months before the touchscreen started to perish, the touchscreen if of very poor quality and after only 12 months it is completely unusable. I’d certainly stay clear of it until they fix this issue. Samsung directed me to a support site some time ago but despite multiple follow ups from myself I still have not heard anything from them, extremely poor customer service to say the least. Am now trying my luck with the Australian Distributor but don’t hold much hope.

    1. Hi Robbie, I’m sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, Samsung locks look very nice and modern but once you have a problem with the lock their customer service it is hard to get any resolution from them. That is the big negative with using them, the customer service. Samsung’s TVs and smartphones do well but the quality of their locks and customer service need some work.

      I hope that distributor can help.

    2. Samsung says that only GP brand of alkaline batteries can be used. Any other brand of alkaline batteries will damage the motherboard.

  2. If I wanted to install multiple Samsung Locks, ( front door, rear door, garage side entry door) would they all work from same RFID? i.e. not require a different Code or RFID for each lock.

    1. Yes. Samsung locks that use a code and/or an RFID card or tag can be programmed by the user to accept a particular code or RFID credential.

      Each RFID card has a unique identifier so each lock you have would need to be programmed to accept that particular RFID card.

      Hope that helps!

  3. Very nice review. For a few months now I was thinking about getting an electronic lock for the main door of our apartments building but didn’t know what to look for. This Samsung lock seems like a very good one and your article definitely put me into thinking about getting one once more. I like that you can use a keycard or password as this way you have different options to choose from. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

  4. Dear Bill,

    Thanks a lot for the informative and interesting review post. Nowadays, it is a must to focus on safety and security first. Your review post gave me helpful insights. 

    I was doing some research online to find out the best Digital Door Lock and your review post saved me a lot of time. You have provided in-depth and detailed information on Samsung Digital Door Lock which answered all my doubts and queries 

    I loved how easy the review makes it for readers and no additional research needed. You left no stone up-turned in explaining how it all works. Samsung Ezon Digital Door Lock is on my list and the pricing is also under my budget.

    Much Success,


  5. This is a very good lock and actually among the “top of the line” in door security technology. We ordered one just to test it, and when it arrived, we know we got a very good deal. The only problem that we got is, if you don’t have a technician working with you, you will find it a bit challenging replacing your old regular door knob or deadbolt set up. But all in all, I can say you’re having a good deal with this one. Good product I can say.

  6. This is an amazingly accurate review. I used to run a door to door security sales and service firm, and we had tons of requests for these door locks. The problem was it wasn’t functional with our Smart Home Integration System, so we weren’t able to offer it to people. We ended up carrying stock and selling it separately because it was so popular. This is definitely a high quality product and I do recommend it for most anyone.
    One of the issues I have with power door locks however is that if your door doesn’t fit perfectly to the frame, for example if you have to pull the door closed while you’re locking your deadbolt, it can cut the lifespan of your AA batteries in half. It is very frustrating but having a tone warn you of a low battery is an awesome feature to combat this.

    1. Almost all of the electronic locks have the low battery alarm feature now. The problem with the frame that you mentioned is one I routinely recommend people to check to be sure that the door shuts properly not just because of the battery issue but it also presents a problem on the smart locks that have a “door shut” sensor.

  7. Hi Bill, Thanks for the review of this product. I found it really helpful and informative. It would be good to know how it compares to other products like it. Also, is there any understanding about the fail rate of this product? Maybe I am a bit old school but the idea of not having a key at all (not even as a back up) worries me a bit but I do note your comment about the power.

    1. There are no statistics for a fail rate. But if you’re concerned that the lock won’t work leaving you stuck outside you can always get this same lock but it has a keyway for you to use a physical key if you have to. It”s the SHS-3320.

  8. To be quite honest, I have never heard of this product or anything like it. What a great idea. I used to work in retail and we had midnight shifts. The leadman had the store key. You’re absolutely correct. Every time one of our lead men moved on, we had to have a new lock put in. You simply couldn’t have keys floating around with access to a retail business. It didn’t matter if the key was returned when they left or not. Someone could easily have a copy made.

    As this is a relatively new concept, I think personally that I would wait a while for the bugs to be worked out. There are an awful lot of cons on the con side. Also, it’s very frustrating when companies sell something and then can’t be bothered with customer service.

    This is an excellent post because it shows both sides of the story.

  9. I love that you don’t need an actual key to unlock this, and it’s even better that you can stick something on the back of your phone to open the door quickly. I’m a single woman who comes home alone after dark a lot, and fumbling for the right key while standing in front of a dark door is always unsettling, even at my home. I have also locked my keys in my house more than once, so this could save me a lot of headaches while improving safety. I have never locked my phone in the house, so this makes sense. I didn’t know this technology existed, so thanks for the enlightenment!

    1. My kids always know where their phone is but ask where their key is and we need a search party. Using their phone as the key was an easy decision for me.

  10. So I can watch Game of Thrones and ensure my own safety all at the same time? Excellent! Samsung is an outstanding brand, especially when we’re talking televisions, so I really do trust the quality here, and your review makes it all the more viable. We are truly privileged in certain cases to live in today’s world, especially when it comes to technology and apps. This really does look like a solid lock and I will definitely be checking it out through your site. Thank you so much!

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