Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt

Schlage released their direct to WiFi operated lock in early 2019. With that, every homeowner can now use a Schlage smart lock depending on how you want to connect to it. There’s the Schlage Sense deadbolt, that is operated with Bluetooth or through WiFi with the added Schlage Sense WiFi adapter. The Schlage Encode, the smart lock that connects direct to WiFi. And then there’s the Schlage Connect, that connects to your home’s automation system. There are 2 different models of the Connect. The BE469 that will connect to your Z-Wave certified home automation system. And the BE468 that works with a Zigbee certified home automation system.

They’re Alike

If you’re currently using the SmartThings hub, there’s good news – you can choose either one of these smart locks because they both work with the SmartThings hub. In addition to that, they both work with Amazon Alexa, smartphone app, physical key and code on the touchscreen. And access can be given remotely through your home automation system.

Both locks are grade 1 locks, the highest rated locks for residential and commercial use for durability and security. These locks are made for exterior use and can withstand temperatures from -31F to 150F. Both take up to 30 codes that are 6 digits long. Works on 4 AA batteries and when they run low, the low battery warning will alert you in plenty of time to get replacements. And you could still use a physical key if the batteries do run out.

Both are available in 2 styles, the Camelot trim and the Century trim. The Camelot trim has a classic look while the Century trim has a more modern and clean look.

Schlage smart lock with Camelot and Century trim styles.
Camelot trim on the left and Century trim on the right.


..And They’re Different

One difference is that the Connect deadbolt that connects with Z-Wave, the BE469, has an audible alarm that is set off if the lock is tampered with, the BE468 Zigbee connected lock does not.

The obvious difference is the connection options available. The Z-Wave connected deadbolt also works with Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, Nexia, Ring Alarm, Wink and Google Assistant. The Zigbee connected deadbolt also works with Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, Amazon Key and Echo Plus. If you use any of these as your home connect system you’ll be able to use one of these Schlage Connect deadbolts.


View The Z-Wave Model On Amazon 

Works With:

Amazon Alexa

Samsung SmartThings


Ring Alarm


Google Assistant

View The Zigbee Model On Amazon

Works With:

Amazon Alexa

Samsung SmartThings

Amazon Key

Echo Plus


Schlage Connect Deadbolt










Warranty/Customer Service



  • Grade 1 lock
  • Up To 30 access codes
  • Operate remotely
  • Easy install
  • Works with most home automation systems


  • No BlueTooth or WiFi option
  • Most features need home automation system to work
  • Does not work with Apple HomeKit

7 thoughts on “Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt

  1. Schlage is a good company — I have known that for a while.  They are certainly giving us some good options now for keeping our homes secure. I am confused by one thing.  In the beginning of the article, you discuss Schlages that work through bluetooth and WiFi, but at the end in the “cons” you say they do not work with bluetooth or WiFi.  Do you mean the last two locks that you described?

    1. Yes, the last 2 I described. sorry if that was a little confusing. I was talking about the full line of Schlage smart locks. They have some that are BlueTooth and WiFi operated but this particular one, Connect, only works remotely through a home automation system and not with BlueTooth or Wifi.

  2. Wow! This is simply amazing content post you have up here concerning schlage connect smart deadbolt review. I honestly did not know such lock exists as the one that uses Wi-Fi and being automated with the house. Being the fact that I read it works like Amazon’s Alexa is a major reason I want to get it. And I will surely get it. This is a game changer in locks and I must surely get this. Thanks

  3. I live in a townhouse in an urban area. Our main entrance door is old, doesn’t close well so the wind and snow squeeze in during the winter. We are looking to replace the door and on the same occasion to replace the old and insecure locks.

    I see that Schlage locks are at the front of modern technology, allowing to connect to various apps and other smart gadgets.

    What products should I buy as a bundle for a new door? I’d like to be able to let someone in when I’m not at home, using a remote control app.

    1. Thank you for the visit and the question. If you’re replacing the door I would recommend a fiberglass door. They’re easier to maintain than a steel or wood door. It looks just as nice as a wood door. And it is just as strong or stronger as a metal or solid wood door. 

      I would also suggest getting a jamb reinforcement kit like the one Armor Concepts carries. This reinforces the strike side and hinge side of the door frame making it much tougher to kick in. 

      As for the lock. If you want a lock that you can control with an app you really can’t go wrong with Schlage. I don’t like sounding as though I’m a Schlage salesman but they have locks for all types of remote operation, they are usually certified Grade 1, and not terribly expensive. I suggest theSchlage Encode. It’s a Grade 1 lock that connects directly with your WiFi so there’s no additional adapter to buy. It allows for remote operation through the Schlage app.

  4. it’s definitely a good idea to invest in a smartlock like these in today’s world. I currently live in an apartment complex, so for individual apartments, would there be any way to install one of these on apartment doors? As I said, in today’s society these would be a must, but I feel there would be even more high risk within apartment complexes. 

    1. These can be installed on apartment doors. The locks are made to fit in existing holes cut in the door. But before you decide to buy one you need to check with the apartment owner or landlord. Most apartment leases won’t allow you to make changes without prior approval.

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