Schlage FE595 Keypad Entry Lock

Previously, I have discussed these types of locks. Unfortunately, there are websites that put these locks on a “best deadbolt” or “best front door locks” list. This is not correct. The Schlage model FE595 door lock is not made to be the only lock on your front door. But it is perfect for an interior door such as storage, office, humidor, wine cellar or some other room you want to keep secure.

Installing the Schlage FE595

This Schlage lock will fit in a standard door cutout. The latch is adjustable for either a 2 3/8″ or 2 3/4″ backset. The lock body goes on the same way regardless of the swing of the door.

Installing the lock shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes even for a beginner. The front lock body has a post that goes into the cutout and is hands free. The idea is that an extra pair of hands is not needed to hold the front on the door as you snap the back base plate on.

Most other electronic locks have a compartment that the batteries sit in, usually with 3 or 4 AA batteries. This lock uses a 9 volt battery and the wire for that plugs directly to the battery. While the other end connects to the wire coming from the front of the lock.

But as with any electronic lock, be careful not to pinch the wires running between the front and back housings when assembling.

The Schlage model FE595 has a curved handle that is reversible. The handle goes on with the curved end away from the door edge. If you find that it is put on wrong, do not worry, it can be easily removed and replaced. A special tool is included to release the handle from the handle post.


The “Schlage” button on the keypad is used to lock the door and will also illuminate the keypad in low light situations.

There is also a vacation mode, which if this is lock on your “no-go” room, is a really useful feature. If you don’t want anyone to be able to go into that room while you are away you put it into vacation mode. Enter your programming code, press the Schlage button, then press 4. When this mode is enabled no user codes will work on the lock.

This Schlage keyless door lock comes preset from the factory with an admin code and 2 user codes so it can be used as soon as you’ve got it installed. But the lock can be programmed with up to 19 user codes if you don’t like the user codes. It also comes with one key as a backup in case the batteries aren’t changed in time.

schlage model FE595

This entry lock has a keypad with a lever and a keyway. The Schlage model FE595 they are calling a “Flex-Lock”. The Flex-lock model has a thumbturn on the interior side of the door.

With the thumbturn in the vertical position it will remain unlocked. If it is turned to the horizontal position it will automatically relock after 5 seconds. However, even in its locked state it can still be opened from the outside with the code.

Schlage model FE575 with Autolock

schlage model FE575

They also have a Schlage model FE575 that is the Autolock model. This lock has no thumbturn on the interior. It automatically locks after 5 second. This setting is standard and cannot be adjusted on the FE575 model.

Changing the Batteries

The battery replacement process could have been designed better.

Changing the battery is more involved than other electronic locks. Most other locks just have cover that is easily removed for battery replacement. The whole back part of the lock including the panel must be removed to change out the battery.

Luckily, being just an electronic keypad lock battery usage will be minimal and Schlage claims the batteries will last for 3 years. But if it must be removed you have to remove the screws and remove the handle and housing from the lock spindle.

Backing screws out and screwing them in again plus removing the housing and reattaching it. In my experience, this will eventually lead to screws being stripped or, at the very least, it won’t go back exactly how it was when it was just working fine.

Overall Impression of the Schlage Model FE595 Door Lock

This is one of the best interior keypad door locks. This manufacturer has a good track record of honoring their warranties and their customer service is one of the best in the industry. And is a Certified Commercial Grade 2 lock.

Easy to install, comes in 8 different finishes and comes in either a lever or knob model. Batteries can last up to 3 years before needing to be changed. Warranty is 3 year on electronics, lifetime on mechanical and finish warranty.

If you want a keyless entry door lock for an interior door I highly recommend the Schlage model FE595.

Schlage FE595 Keypad Entry Lock












Customer Service



  • This is a Grade 2 lock
  • Wide selection of finishes
  • Keypad lights up at night
  • Can program up to 19 codes
  • Low battery audio and visual warning
  • Inside handle will always rotate to allow emergency egress


  • Have to remove the entire inside handle to replace the battery
  • Not designed for exposure to weather or extreme temperatures

2 thoughts on “Schlage FE595 Keypad Entry Lock

  1. This is great for when I just want to leave and dont have to worry “Did I lock the door?”. Basically I will never locked out of this door again. 

    And also I love the I dea of that I will never need a key. No more fumbling in my pocket. 

    But I have two questions:

    1- Does the keyboard side has light and does it comes on only when I’m using it or it is always on? 

    2- Do I get any notification or alram sign before the battery get to finish? 


    1. Yes, the keys light up as soon as a button is pressed. And the lock does gives beeping warning when the batteries run low.

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