The Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt is the highest rated of all the residential Schlage door locks. Schlage has been making locks since 1909 and to be around that long requires a good reputation and dependability.

Schlage Sense Deadbolt
Schlage Sense Deadbolt in Camelot Satin Nickel

This BHMA certified Grade 1 smart lock is a single cylinder deadbolt with a keypad and keyed cylinder on the exterior. The battery compartment and thumbturn are on the interior.

And readers of my earlier post, Explanation of Grades, will know that Grade 1 is the highest grade of deadbolts possible. You can get this lock with the confidence that it is made of the strongest material for locks and is tamper resistant.

You can get this lock in two styles, Camelot and Century. The Camelot model has more flair than the Century model. And these come in three different finishes – aged bronze, satin nickel and matte black. You can get this smart lock as a package with a Schlage handleset if you’re wanting to completely replace the existing handle and deadbolt.

What’s In The Box?

The box for the Schlage Sense Deadbolt contains:

  • Interior piece with support plate containing the alarm and battery compartment
  • Exterior piece that has the touchscreen keypad and keyed lock
  • strike plates and deadbolt
  • screws for the support plate, strike and reinforcement plate(optional) and alarm assembly
  • 4 AA batteries

Ease of Installation

This Schlage door lock, unlike the August Smart Lock, is a complete replacement of your existing deadbolt. However, installation is still pretty easy because this lock uses the same holes and door preparation as your standard deadbolt. So there are no additional holes you need to cut in the door or frame. And it should take about 15 minutes to install. The Schlage Sense app has a video that is very helpful with the installation and will also be needed to control the lock.

The Schlage Sense app

Schlage Sense DeadboltAfter installing the lock you need to setup an account with Schlage. The app has one primary user and secondary users. Primary user must give permissions to the secondary users through the app. You use the app to lock or unlock by pressing the lock image

You can update the software and new features through the Schlage Sense app so no need to buy a new lock to get the updated version. This is a very cool feature for smart locks because no one wants to buy a new deadbolt lock, only to have the manufacturer release a better version making yours obsolete.

The auto lock feature has a delay that can be set to 5 different time increments depending on your preference. You don’t have to try to remember if you locked the door, it will automatically lock after the time elapses.

You need to confirm the door is completely shut however. However, this lock does not come with a sensor for auto locking. To be sure the auto lock feature works properly you should make sure that the door and frame align before installing the lock. Also, be sure there is no swelling or warping of the door or frame when the weather changes, that will cause alignment issues as well.

Access Control

Schlage Sense Deadbolt
Schlage Sense WiFi Adapter

You can operate this lock with a key, like a conventional deadbolt, or with Bluetooth through the Schlage Sense app on either Android or iOS.

It comes ready to work with Apple HomeKit through AppleTV or iPad using Bluetooth or Siri. However, if you don’t have HomeKit and still want to be able to have remote access you need to get the Schlage Sense WiFi adapter. Among other things, the adapter will let you use Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant so you can lock and unlock with your voice.

If you decide you want to use Alexa with your lock you can operate the lock by voice command. You need to enable this feature through the app because it is not the default setting mainly due to security concerns. For additional security, Alexa will also require a PIN before using any voice controls.

Plug the adapter in the wall close enough for simultaneous Bluetooth and WiFi access. 40 feet is about the max range for Bluetooth. Getting a second Schlage Sense deadbolt for the back door or garage door doesn’t mean a second adapter. One adapter will work for two locks.

Remote Access

For you to be able to operate from anywhere with remote access you must either have the AppleTV or the WiFi adapter.

Remote access will allow you to lock and unlock from anywhere. And grant access codes to friends, family, service workers, etc. while you’re away using the keypad. Codes can be created specifically for who you want to have access and what time they need access. So for instance, the dogwalker gets one code that only works between 10 am and 2 pm, whereas your son has a different code that can be used all day.

The Schlage Sense Deadbolt can store up to 30 different pin codes. The codes can be 4 to 8 digits long. However, once the length of the code is set on the first code created every code thereafter will have to be the same length. The codes being used are tracked with time and date, this all can be accessed through the app.


It does have a built-in alarm that by default is on but can be toggled off. If the Schlage deadbolt is tampered with, the alarm will make a shrill noise. The volume of the alarm can be adjusted through the app.

If the batteries in the lock are dead you can use the backup key or you can “jumpstart” the lock with a 9-volt battery. You put the 9-volt on the contacts under the lock. And then replace the 4 AA batteries once you’re in.

Final Analysis

If you already have a smart home with HomeKit or AppleTV, this smart lock will be perfect for you. You wouldn’t need any additional equipment to benefit from its full complement of features. If you don’t have HomeKit and still want to access remotely, there are other locks that might better fit your situation. This lock has a 3 year electronic and a lifetime mechanical warranty. Schlage’s customer service and willingness to resolve warranty issues is best in the industry.

Schlage Sense Deadbolt










Warranty/Customer Service



  • Auto lock feature
  • Certified Grade 1 lock
  • Easy installation
  • Firmware can be updated through the app
  • Works through HomeKit or BlueTooth


  • Remote access only with WiFi adapter unless have HomeKit


  1. What I really like about the Schlage Sense Deadbolt is that it would be perfect for our family because we could give everyone a unique code, including my cleaning lady and the babysitter, and it would add another layer of security to the house, and also allow us to keep better track of the comings and goings of the kids.  It’s absolutely genius.  I love it!

  2. Hi there,

    this seems like a really good gadget but I have a couple of questions. As it is online all the time is there the possibility somebody will try to hack it? Also, do you think this might be a good option for Airbnb flat? Thank you for the info.

    1. It would be an excellent choice for an Airbnb. The permissions can be granted for new renters remotely with the Schlage WiFi adapter

      This smart lock has 2 factor authentication – the password on the app and the bluetooth code from the app to the device, so while anything can be hacked the chance of it is happening is remote.

  3. Hi! Very interesting article! I must admit I’m huge supporter of rverything that is Smart home, locks as well! This one seems promising so when i’ll be buying those gadgets I Will definetly Look after this one!

  4. Hi Bill, I have read your review fully and I believe this is a great review about Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt front door locks. I would not even know about multiple advance level digital locks if I did not read this. I like The Schlage Sense app and also remote control lock. I need to check out different price comparison and the best lock. I think those lock will be useful for modern apartment. Thanks for sharing this information.

    1. I would suggest checking your lease or with the apartment office if you’re planning on changing your deadbolt to this. Many apartments won’t allow changing out the deadbolt.

  5. The auto locking feature on this door bolt is fantastic. Honestly I can’t tell you how many times we have driven down the street only to have my other half say “did you lock the door?”. So of course even if I say I had, we have to turn around and go check. This would alleviate much angst in our house.

    I seriously love the technology being introduced in this space now, with video doorbells and now app-controlled door locks security and safety has gone all high tech.

    Thanks for a great review, I can see a Camelot model coming home to our house soon.

    1. Thank you for the comment. I’m like the other half in your scenario. That happens to me all the time. I think when the act of locking your door becomes routine you can’t remember if it was done. 

  6. I glad I found your article. We were thinking to install such door lock, it’s much easier for the kids. I see from the article that the Schlange app should be install and configured. Do the kids need to use a smartphone to lock and unlock the door? As far as I can see, you can set up different codes for each member of the house, that’s great.

    Another aspect I’m interested in is the alarm. Do you know if the deadbolt can be connected with a general alarm install for the whole house?It seems a perfect solution, thank you for your informative article.

    1. Your kids can either use the keypad for entry or they could use the app on their smartphone. So as long as they have an access code they would not need the smartphone. 

      Generally, no, it will not connect directly to a traditional alarm system. The Schlage Sense Deadbolt can be tied into a HomeKit alarm system. If you have Z-Wave or Zigbee for home automation you can get the Schlage Connect Deadbolt and it will connect to your existing alarm system. The Schlage Connect has the same capabilities as the Sense but instead of HomeKit is connected with Z-Wave and Zigbee.

  7. Thank you so much for the post! 

    I have no idea what a Schlage Sense Deadbolt is before I read your article. Because I’m still using the traditional front door lock at my home. In Hong Kong, I think there are more people using electric front door lock than the past, but it’s still not very popular. 

    And I like the idea that the Schlage Sense Deadbolt can pair with our Wifi, it’s a very fresh idea for me. I feel inconvenient to bring a key with me every time I go out. And I always forget to bring it!!!

    Maybe in the future when I move to a new place to live, I will choose this kind of front door lock.

    Anyway, thank you for the organized and informational article. Keep it up!!

    Wish you all the best:)

    Mark Wong

    1. Thank you Mark. If you choose to get this lock and don’t have HomeKit you would need to get the WiFi Adapter to connect this lock. It doesn’t work with the WiFi without the adapter. 

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