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The Schlage Touch door lock is another electronic deadbolt in Schlage’s residential line. Their other electronic deadbolts can all be operated remotely either through an app or through BlueTooth.

No app or BlueTooth or remote operation for this lock. The Schlage Touch door lock can only be opened with a code on the touchscreen keypad. And it will accept up to 19 four digit codes.

This is a truly keyless deadbolt so it cannot be picked or bumped. It can only be opened with the code on the outside or with the thumbturn on the inside.

The lock is ANSI rated Grade 2. Being rated as Grade 1 would be better but this lock cannot accept a key so the additional rating for being pick and bump proof is not needed.

The lock is not bulky. It has a low profile which lets your screen or security door completely shut.


This lock is incredibly easy to install. You can use the same cutouts that remain when removing your old deadbolt. Schlage has a guarantee that this lock will fit in a standard door cutout. 

Security Vulnerability has been Corrected

There used to be a security issue with this lock. The lock housing could be drilled into at the bottom bypassing the locking mechanism. This allowed someone to retract the deadbolt without entering the code.

Schlage corrected this design flaw, adding an anti-drill plate to prevent this. All Schlage Touch deadbolts manufactured after 2016 are manufactured with the anti-drill plate.


This Schlage Touch door lock comes with a 3 year electronic warranty. This is the longest warranty for electronics coverage in smart locks.

It also has a lifetime warranty for mechanical and for the finish. That is a typical warranty length in the industry.

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It can also be an office lock

The Schlage Touch can also come with a lever. The deadbolt parts get replaced with a standard door latch. The lever gets added instead of the front thumb turn.

And then it can be a door lock that keeps people out of your office, man cave, she shed, wine cellar, storage room, humidor.

 So you can get all the good stuff of the deadbolt model – grade 2, keyless, battery backup, lifetime warranty – in a lever model for an interior room that you want to keep people out of.

In Conclusion…

It has a really good warranty and really easy installation.

It also has battery backup contacts on the front near the bottom in case the batteries die so you’re not locked out.

Being completely keyless, this lock can’t be picked or bumped. So if that’s something you’re concerned about this lock fits the description.

As far as keyless locks go, the Schlage Touch Deadbolt is the one I would recommend if you want a truly keyless lock.

Schlage Touch Deadbolt










Warranty/Customer Service



  • Keyless - no picking or bumping
  • Low battery indicator
  • Can get this lock with a lever - perfect for an interior office
  • Fingerprint smudge resistant touchscreen
  • Low battery and programming mode indicator


  • Only supports manual operation

3 thoughts on “Schlage Touch Door Lock

  1. Hello,

    I love Schlage Touch Door Lock. As you explained very well, he was able to correct by changing the material of the lock to prevent it from being perforated and thus open the bolt.

    I also see it very useful in interior doors and thus avoid future risks. It offers us a 3 year warranty which seems very good to me. I see all advantages has no cons for me. 

    I will consult with my wife before defining the purchase. 

    Thank you!

  2. Very interesting lock especially the fact that it unlocks just with the code. The flaw which is now fixed worried me a bit but since it is fixed, then fine. The guarantee is good for 3 years. Just one question pls. What happens if both the main batteries and the second one died. Say we are away for a long time. Are there alternatives in that case?

    1. Hi Panos, thank you for the question. So if you come home and find the batteries are dead there are contacts on the bottom of the lock where you touch a 9 volt battery to the contacts and it will have enough power to unlock with the code.

      I am thinking your question is what happens if the 9 volt battery you have dies? Unfortunately, in that case you would need to go buy a new 9 volt battery or find another way in. To prevent that situation, Schlage has an alarm on this lock so when the batteries are low it alerts you to put some new ones in.

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