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candy house sesame smart door lock

The Candy House Sesame smart door lock is a retrofit deadbolt. If you are a renter or you just want the convenience and want it to be as little trouble to install as possible then this might be for you.

This particular retrofit deadbolt replaces the interior of your existing deadbolt. The exterior part of the deadbolt remains allowing the key to still be used. Which is useful if you forget to or don’t get a chance to change out the batteries.

Remember, this is an add-on to your existing deadbolt, so if there is something wrong with the existing deadbolt, like the latch is sticking or key is difficult to turn, this won’t fix that problem. If that is the case, you are better off getting a new deadbolt and checking the fit of the door.

Ideal for renters

Landlords don’t usually like tenants changing out the locks without getting permission from them in writing. They want to be able to enter the residence at any time even if you aren’t there. 

But because this lock does not change the existing deadbolt this might be a good choice for renters. The landlord can still get in with their key and also allow you to operate the lock with your smartphone. 


Most retrofit locks leave the front of the deadbolt alone allowing you to still use your key. But for them to work and to be installed you need to physically remove the interior thumbturn and face of the deadbolt. Then, when it is time for you to move out you have to remove the smart lock and put the interior part back on. IF you remember where you put it.

That is why the Sesame door lock is probably the best one to get if that is something you are concerned about.

Out of all the retrofit locks this is probably the best one for renters to get for ease of install and removal. No tools are needed, it installs over the deadbolt and sticks to the door with 3M Command tape. I’m thinking that might be good for hanging pictures but turning this lock by hand or app or even if the door is slammed will it hold?

And when you want to remove the lock it comes off just as easily with no residue left behind. Just one less thing to worry about when it comes to your security deposit.

Will my lock work with the Candy House Sesame Door Lock?

kwikset kevo convert smart lock

The Sesame Door Lock device is 4″ x 3.5″ and sits 1.5″ from the face of the door. It is not large like the Kwikset Convert. Because of its small size it is almost inconspicuous. Especially if your door is white and you get it in white. It is just big enough to fit around a single cylinder deadbolt like the Friday Smart Lock.

This smart lock will fit on just about any single cylinder deadbolt with a thumbturn. Which means this smart lock will work with the majority of the traditional deadbolts in the United States and Canada.

Operation and controls

This lock is operated locally with BlueTooth through the Sesame app on your smartphone. You can lock, unlock, check history logs and check the status of the lock all from the comfort of your bed on the app. 

You can give guest access to an unlimited number of your friends, family and even service people. And they can be set to work at specific times. The scheduled time feature only works on iOS for now. They don’t have this feature for Android phones yet.

You, as the owner, give access to guests and you can also make someone a manager who can allow other guests. But guests cannot give access to other guests.

This would have been perfect about ten years ago when the wife and I still had teens at home. I could give access to my wife as a manager and then we could both give out access to family and friends. This would allow our teens access but they wouldn’t be able to let their friends in.

Which is something a physical key cannot prevent. Physical keys can be copied and given to boyfriends and other people I just don’t want in my house. Teenagers aren’t very discerning when it comes to their friends.

candy house sesame smart door lock

Candy House WiFi Access Point

The Candy House Sesame door lock can be used remotely but only if you pay an additional $70 to buy the WiFi Access Point. This allows remote access to the lock, add or remove codes and check lock status or what code was used last.

Unlike most WiFi or hub adapters, this plugs into a USB port instead of an electrical outlet. You will need this adapter if you want to use the Sesame door lock with Google Home, Alexa, Siri, and IFTTT


This is a true smart lock so the features on this lock are very similar to smart locks that are complete replacements like the Schlage Encode.

Sesame door lock has an auto lock setting that locks the door after it has been unlocked for 30 seconds. It is a beneficial safety feature so that the door gets locked if you forget to. You are able to change this setting to “off” if auto-locking is not something you’re interested in. 

This lock has the Geo-Fence option. It can be set to automatically unlock as you get close to your door. It’s really helpful if your hands are full with groceries or boxes. If you have a lever handle with no lock it is even easier, you can just push the handle down with whatever you have in your hands without having to put anything down.

A unique feature on this lock is the “knock to unlock” capability. If you have an iOS phone you can knock on your phone to get the smart lock to unlock. They don’t have this feature for Android phones yet.

Overall Impression of the Sesame Door Lock

This smart lock is really unobtrusive, and most visitors probably won’t even know it is there. It is not big and bulky like the August Smart Lock Pro or Kwikset Kevo Convert. The Sesame Smart Lock is not much bigger than the deadbolt. But looks a little like a kitchen timer.

But the lock is easy to install and remove. And works locally with BlueTooth. If you want it to work remotely you need to buy the additional WiFi Access Point. Which is standard for all retrofit smart locks except for the Friday Smart Lock.

It comes in four finishes – matte black, gold, silver and white – a wider selection than other smart locks. This is a decent lock and is not a bad choice if you want a smart lock that is small and not bulky and easily removable. But still the best option for retrofitting smart locks is the August Smart Lock Pro.

Candy House Sesame Smart Lock










Warranty/Customer Service



  • Easy installation and clean removal
  • Small and inconspicuous lock
  • Geo-Fence and auto lock option
  • Comes in four colors
  • Battery lasts for up to 500 days


  • Cheap plastic look and feel
  • Does not replace a malfunctioning deadbolt
  • Need additional WiFi adapter for remote operation
  • Looks like a kitchen timer
  • Some features don't work on Android devices

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  1. Hi, your post is very unique and an eye opener, I have a uncle whose profession is making doors am looking at how I can market this device to him even at small profit on it will give me another means of income, I have save your link and I have check your website for price and I love your post because its giving me another opportunity to make extra income

  2. Oh wow, great product. The sesame lock looks like a product that I should definitely get. With its automatic unlock and even the lock that goes back after 30 seconds it’s just awesome. I also see that it’s small and it doesn’t need to replace my old lock. It  This is definitely a perfect lock. I’d definitely get this and recommend it to my friends. Thanks for the review

  3. If not because of anything, the battery lifespan of this lock has won my heart over.  500days! Are you kidding me? That’s simply awesome. This sesame door lock also has some befitting lock features that I really like especially the mall nature of the lock also coupled with the fact that it can be used with the local Bluetooth,that’s  very great to know. At least, the fear of being hacked is out of the picture now.thanks

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