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signstek entry door lock

Previously, I have discussed these types of locks. Unfortunately, there are websites that put these locks on a “best deadbolt” or “best front door locks” list. This is not the correct use for these locks. This Signstek keypad door lock is not made to be the only lock on your front door. But it is perfect for an interior door such as storage, office, humidor, wine cellar or some other room you want to keep secure.

This is not a smart lock just a basic latch lock with a keypad. This electronic door lock doesn’t work with BlueTooth or WiFi. And there is no smartphone app to grant access or codes or entry log. It doesn’t work with any smart home automation either.

This means there aren’t too many features on it. Which is fine for me, I don’t like paying a lot for an electronic device that has a bunch of features that I don’t end up using or don’t want.


Signstek Keypad Door Lock

This lock will fit in most standard door cutouts. It has an adjustable latch so it will work in either a 2 3/8″ or 2 3/4″ backset. It fits on door thicknesses from 1 3/8″ to 2″.

The great thing about these types of locks is that your doors should already have the cutouts and so there is no need for you having to pay for a professional. These locks can be installed by anyone, even if you’ve never done this type of DIY stuff before.

  1. Install the latch
  2. The handle assembly fits into the assembly and the tailpiece in the vertical position goes into the slot in the latch
  3. The wire goes OVER the latch
  4. Attach the interior mounting plate with the 2 screws with the wire coming through the top hole in the mounting plate
  5. On the inside lock assembly remove the battery cover, plug the wire into the back and screw the inside lock assembly to the mounting plate.
  6. Then install the 4 AA batteries (not included) and replace cover.
signstek keypad lever

It doesn’t matter which way the door opens, left or right, the lock is installed the same way. The handle is reversible and it is an easy process. Just use the pin that is included to remove and replace the handle.

Don’t worry, this lock does come with instructions, I just put the basics of the installation here so you know how simple it really is to install one of these locks.


When you’re talking about features of a lock like this, there just aren’t too many. But it’s not supposed to have a lot of features. It’s an electronic keypad lock for an office, storage or bedroom.

It has two ways to open the lock, keypad or key.

The keyway for the key is on the handle and uses the key. The keypad has ten digits, 1 through 9, and a “Signstek” button.


The “Signstek” button is the programming button and is also the button that be used to lock the door.

When using the keypad the codes can be anywhere from 4 to 10 digits. But the lock only accepts 6 different user codes. I don’t know but to me a 10 digit code when it only accepts a total of 6 codes seems a little much. I just use a five digit code but of course its up to you.

signstek electronic keypad


Autolock function can be set for between 10 and 99 seconds. This function is not activated when you first get the lock. But when the autolock feature is turned on for the first time it is preset at 30 seconds.


The keypad beeping can be turned on and off. After awhile the beeping can get annoying so having the ability to turn it off can be a blessing. This also has the added benefit of keeping your key presses silent, preventing anyone nearby to guess how many numbers are in your code. The keypad will still light up even with it muted.

The Disposable Code

The Signstek keypad door lock has a disposable code function. This code will be unusable after being used once. This is a perfect feature for those people that have one time visitors like a dog walker, cleaning service or just to allow a guest one time access. The lock allows people to leave the room without a code so when the visitors leaves they only need to pull the door shut and the autolock feature locks the door behind them.


It does have a shutdown feature. You can temporarily disable all user code access with the key the only way to unlock the door. None of the user codes can unlock the door when this function is on. However, this will also turn off the autolocking feature. Once you turn off the shutdown feature, codes and autolock will be able to be used again.

It operates on 4 AA batteries. Once the batteries run low the button with “1” on it will flash red and pressing the “Signstek” button will produce 10 beep sounds. Of course, as a backup entry method the key will still work even if the batteries have died.

Overall Impression of the Signstek Keypad Entry Door Lock

Some people want a lock where they don’t need to hassle with a phone with BlueTooth and an app they had to download or some other credential like a fingerprint or a keyfob. Or they have to send a code or email to guests. In this case, all that is needed is a code for you to lock and unlock this door lock.

This is an interior door lock and it is at a mid-level price. Not as much as Schlage and not as little as MiLocks. The disposable code feature on this Signstek lock is pretty unique for these types of locks. Not too many of these keyless interior door locks have that feature. But it only allows 6 user codes, that is the least amount of codes you will find on these types of locks.

The warranty period is 2 years from the date of purchase. As far as warranties go, this falls somewhere in the middle. This is not as good of a warranty as a Schlage but is better than some of the others. And some people have a hard time getting a response from customer service.

Though, a little more expensive than this Signstek lock, I would recommend the Schlage FE595. Schlage’s lock is made with all metal components, easier to operate and it has a 3 year electronic and a lifetime mechanical warranty.

Signstek Keypad Entry Lever Door Lock












Customer Service



  • Easy installation
  • Operates in temperatures ranging from -4F to 158F
  • Has a disposable code feature
  • Low battery alarm
  • Autolock function
  • Backlit keypad


  • If you have a problem, customer service is difficult to get a hold of
  • Only accepts 6 user codes
  • Lock does not have an BHMA grade

17 thoughts on “Signstek Keypad Door Lock

    1. I have not heard of this issue before. I would suggest replacing the battery or resetting it pushing the reset button in the battery pack. Other than that you might need to contact Signstek at It does have a 1 year warranty so hopefully it is still covered.

  1. I took the batteries out of this SignTek lock and when I put new ones in, nothing happens. I tried several sets of batteries and still nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?

    1. Hi Jessica, without actually looking at it is hard to know. If you purchased it within the last 2 years it is still under warranty. Have you tried contacting customer service at or on their Facebook page at ? Unfortunately, that seems to be the only ways to contact them directly at the moment. I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful.

    1. Hi Sunni, it is really easy to do. Follow these steps:

      1. Enter the programming code – if you didn’t change it yet from factory settings it is 0000
      2. Press the Signstek button
      3. Press number 7
      4. Press the Signstek button again.

      That should mute the lock. Repeat the process if you want the sound back on. If that doesn’t fix the problem let me know.

  2. I have been using signstek keypad door look for a very long time and i must tell you they are one of the best around ..although i have had some issues with the more new models but i want to know do they have the keypad door locks that uses direct power supply? as sometime those batteries get weak and if the keys are not with you,you in some trouble.

    1. No, the new models do not have a direct power supply. The lock does give you a low battery alarm so you should have plenty of warning to be able to change them. 

  3. If you hadn’t mentioned it I would have been planning on installing it right on the front door so visitors can see this good looking key pad.  Not so many people have that kind of keypad around this site its just tight security of burglar bars and the like. 

    Still good for the inside heyy, and the price is quite reasonable too I think I like this signtek keypad and will check it out. 

  4. Hey! Signstek keypad door lock is all what I am looking for, when it comes to keeping my wine cellar safe and secure. I’ve been looking for one for some time and this seems to be all I need. 

    I have come across Schlage before and they are very good and the price seemed a bit over for my budget and I am not willing to pay that much for something that shouldn’t be very complicated. Great recommendation!

    How usable is Signstek?


    1. Signstek is very usable. They are easy to install and fits in your the current hole of your door. They are also priced affordably. 

  5. I agree with you that a lock doesn’t really need a bluetooth or wifi feature. It depends on how your going to use the lock. Sometimes less technology is better especially if you are concerned about security. A simple code that can be used by all the family members, is easy to use, and secures your home may be sufficient. The Signstek Keypad Doorlock looks easy to install and use. 

  6. I like the way this lock looks but can it work on a room that I can go into? I’ve got an office that I don’t want anyone to go into and I don’t want anyone to be able to just walk in when I’m in there. Do I need a code to get out?

    1. No, there is no need for a code to leave the room if you’re inside the room. The handle turns freely on the inside so you can get out easily but is always locked from the outside.

  7. This is a great article with an amazing amount of information! I’m so happy to have come across your site. I have been thinking a lot lately about the security of my front door. 

    I will be putting this article on my social media as I no doubt have friends that could use this info as well. 

  8. I’m with you – I’d rather pay only for what I need and the Signstek lock would work perfectly. I love how you can code it with up to ten digits as well – which tells me it’d be challenging enough for anyone trying to outsmart it. And six codes is a perfect number – I was surprised when I saw that as a con. Would this be acceptable to use on doors to an apartment? Not everyone locks the security door so it’d be great to have another barrier against a potential break-in. 

    1. I only listed it as a negative because other locks can have 10 or more codes and six is on the low end. But if you don’t need that many it’s not a negative. 

      You could use it on an apartment door, but I would also recommend a deadbolt.

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