SimpliSafe Wireless Security System Review

You’ve heard of SimpliSafe, right? I have. All. The. Time. I see commercials on TV about it. My favorite podcasts even plug them into their conversations. Well, unfortunately, some things happened in my family’s personal life and to protect my family I wanted to get a security system. I decided to try out the SimpliSafe wireless security system. I heard it was easy to install and easy to use.

The price was good and, honestly, it was in the same range as any other DIY security system and you can get professional monitoring too. SimpliSafe also had the better reviews.

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So it was really easy to install. Truthfully, at first I didn’t want to start putting it up. I figured it was going to be a few hour job, setting up to the home network then having to call tech support.

Well, none of that happened. It took less than 15 minutes to install. Seriously.

If you believe you are one of those people that cannot put anything together do not worry. Anyhow it is really simple.

Each sensor comes with some double sided sticky tape, it’s 3M command strips and they give you extra. But they are very effective. Most of the sensors stick up very easily, like the window and door opening sensors. Those come in 2 pieces and can be within 2″ of each other to work.

simplisafe wireless security system packages

The cheap magnetic type of window sensor alarms you can find at Wal-Mart have to be within 1/2″ to be effective and if you have thick door or window trim it can be difficult to get those to work. I tried those before and my door trim wouldn’t let it happen.

The heavier, bigger sensors such as the extra siren and smoke or carbon monoxide sensors should probably be attached to the wall with the included screws. I tried using the command strips to attach the siren to the wall but it was too heavy and fell to the floor. But it still works! And is also loud!

The packages

simplisafe wireless security system install

All packages come with a base station and a keypad. The keypad is used to control the system, adjust settings and set the system up to your home’s WiFi. If you can set up your phone or laptop to connect to your WiFi then you can do this. The base station communicates with all the sensors as the central hub.

Packages start with the base station and keypad and obviously will go up in price the more sensors and components you add. The package I got was 13 pieces for a 3 bedroom house. It included 6 window/door sensors, 2 motion sensors, smoke sensor, extra siren and a key fob.

I put the sensors on 2 doors and 4 windows, I have to get 3 more of those because they work great and easy to install. I put the motion sensors where they cover points of entry in the large areas, like living room and foyer.

And the base station is also a siren, so I put the extra siren on the other side of the house from the base station. Like I said before, it was too heavy for the wall stickers and it has a flat bottom so I put it on a window sill near the front door so the neighbors can hear if there is a break-in.

The keyfob is pretty cool. With it you can turn your system to away, home or off. I like to use the “home” setting for when I’m there because all window and door sensors will be activated but the motion sensors will be off. If it is set to “away” then even the motion sensors will be activated. The keyfob is also helpful as a pseudo panic button. The red thing on the end is a button and when depressed the siren will go off. But be prepared to turn it off quickly because it is loud.

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The other cool thing is the keypad hangs on the wall on a mount. You can take if off the mount and take into a different room or your bedroom at night. Mine is by the door so when I come in I can turn it off but I usually turn it off with the SimpliSafe app before I go inside.

But at night I do take the keypad to my room to have it next to me at night. Because it has a panic button on it as well. It’s that little red button on top, press it and the siren goes off.

Best Benefits of having SimpliSafe

The SimpliSafe wireless security system works in apartments as well as homes. No wires means nothing has to get permanently installed. The sensors come with adhesive backing and can be applied anywhere and then removed when you move out. It doesn’t have to stay where I first used it. I probably will need to buy some new 3M command strips in case the stickiness wears off though.

I didn’t get the camera or any panic buttons but those I plan on getting in the future. Which makes this a great security system to have. I can easily add components by connecting them through the keypad. So if I add on to my house, move into a bigger house or have additional people move in I can get extra sensors or cameras or a panic button.

It is the best plan with easy monthly installments and high efficiency. The best thing about SimpliSafe is that their 5 piece security system starts at only $195. It is a smart security system which is easy to install and helps to keep your house protected from any kind of outside threat or inside problem.

SimpliSafe is a seamless system that works well and is easy to adjust to your specific needs. It secures your home with high simplicity and flexibility, and lets you monitor everything that is happening at your home. If you want to know more about this plan continue reading.


The best thing about SimpliSafe is that it is really easy to install. It is a completely configurable system. You can get this system with several affordable packages. Below are the details of the SimpliSafe Security System packages

  • The most cost efficient and also the high-end package from SimpliSafe is the Haven Package. This package comes with 14 hardware components. These hardware components include:
    • a kitchen remote
    • a wireless keypad
    • base station
    • two motion sensors
    • a panic button
    • four window entry sensors
    • decibel siren
    • smoke and carbon monoxide detector
    • water and freeze sensors
    • SimpliSafe yard sign. 
  • If you are searching for the least expensive package it is the Foundation Package. This package is designed for small houses and is focused to provide basic security to the units. The package components include entry sensor, motion sensor, wireless keypad, base station, and keyfob. You can also add SimpliSafe cameras to this security package.
  • Another amazing package of SimpliSafe is the 10 piece package that comes with the Video Doorbell Pro. This package is very amazing with an integrated 1080p smart doorbell. And includes a free month of security monitoring. However, you need to add a camera to this package, as SimpliSafe does not offer a camera with this package. You can also purchase many other additional components to create your package suitable as per your requirements. For example, if you have more windows at your home you might want to purchase more window entry sensors. 
  • SimpliSafe also offers you options to add additional parts as needed. You can easily select your package and then can add additional components. This will allow you to expand it and make it the most suitable choice for your home security. This makes SimpliSafe the best choice for its customers.
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SimpliSafe Camera

SimpliSafe Professional Monitoring

They also offer a Professional Monitoring Plan for their customers. With the professional monitoring, you can select the Standard or Interactive plans as per your requirements.

The basic plan of this monitoring system starts from $14.99 and includes 24/7/365 coverage. The upgraded Interactive plan costs about $25 a month and that also includes unlimited camera recording and smart home integrations. I got the interactive monitoring plan, I fell better knowing that if I’m not there or otherwise incapacitated that services will be alerted.

Simplisafe indoor wireless camera

In this way, you will be able to become aware of what is happening at your home. For example, if you are a parent and are worried about your children while you are at work. This system, with the addition of the SimpliCam, will allow you to monitor the goings on at home.

The message or the email contains the notification about the emergency situation at your home. The sensors wait for the response for a few seconds, and in case you do not provide a safe word it calls the police immediately.

Both plans feature environmental monitoring like water or flood alerts, smoke and carbon monoxide detection and freeze alerts.

The best part about SimpliSafe’s professional monitoring is that there are no contracts and no commitments. However, there is a lengthy “terms of service” that goes along with your agreement. But you can cancel at any time, with no termination fees. The equipment is still yours and you can self-monitor your wireless security system.

You can simply install SimpliSafe wireless security system package and activate a monitoring plan to check what is happening at your home. It helps you to ensure that your home is safe and nothing bad is happening in your absence.

simplisafe security keyfob
SimpliSafe Keychain

Environmental Monitoring

Everyone is familiar with security monitoring and what that does. If any sensor is tripped the system alerts the monitoring service and you or the police or fire are notified.

But what is environmental monitoring? This monitoring solution use smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and water, flood and freeze sensors.

You can get the smoke detector and connect them to your monitoring plan. These monitoring detectors and sensors will let you get notifications via text message or email. For example, if the smoke detector senses smoke in your house it will send a notification to your phone.

If you live in an area that freezes,and you want to prevent any damage to your water pipes, use SimpliSafe freeze sensors. If the temperature falls, the sensor will notify you. This will give you time to take preventive measures in order to protect your water pipes.

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SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro

Smarter but Simple

SimpliSafe is an amazing security plan for the customers, which offers almost every product to protect the living places. It offers complete packages, as well as customized packages for the customers. You can select your desired devices, as per your home protection requirements and can sleep safely.

The best thing about SimpliSafe wireless security system is that you don’t need the support from any other application. You can easily install additional components to your security plans and can enjoy getting notifications on your phone.

SimpliSafe does have a smartphone app but if you opt for no monitoring or the basic monitoring plan all you can do with the app is get notifications. Only if you get the interactive plan will you be able to monitor, control and make changes to the system remotely.

simplisafe wireless security base station

The Alexa skill is needed to enable the SimpliSafe Home Control and to communicate with it. You can simply say “Alexa, tell SimpliSafe (any command you wish to do, such as good night)”. This will turn on the home mode status of the system and turn on all sensors to let you sleep in a protected zone.

If you are an Apple user, you can also install the SimpliSafe application on your Apple watch. This will help you to control your security system via your watch, while doing any task, anywhere.

If you do decide to forgo SimpliSafe Professional Monitoring

If you don’t like to lock yourself into complicated installment plans, you can simply go for one-time purchase with SimpliSafe. You can use it as a local alarm and monitored by you, and you can install at your home easily.

It will alarm and activate a siren in case of an emergency. This allows you to take immediate action for the protection of your home. However, this plan will not notify you remotely, such as calling you or sending you a message or email.

This will just ring a siren to alert you, and then it is up to you to contact fire or police, depending on the issue. This local alarm plan also does not contain any contract or commitment, but you can add a monitoring plan at any time.

It does not restrict you with any terms, and you are free to adjust your home security plan as per your requirements. The flexibility of the SimpliSafe Wireless Security System makes it the most preferred alarm choice among its competitors. 

Couple of Unique Features

“Secret Alerts” – with the SimpliSafe Interactive monitoring plan you can set secret alerts. This is where you can put a sensor on a door to your home office, wine cellar, man cave, liquor cabinet, gun safe, medicine cabinet or super secret nerd cave and if the door is opened you will get a personal alert. An alarm will not go off and only you will know that someone tried to access that room.

“Duress PIN” – exactly what it means. If you are under duress, like if you know an intruder is in your home or you are being forced to disarm the SimpliSafe security system. Then, you enter a special code PIN code that is different than your arm/disarm code. That tells the monitoring system you are under duress and police will be dispatched immediately. Under normal circumstances the SimpliSafe monitors would contact you first to be sure that a false alarm was not triggered. With a duress PIN that “checking with you step” is not done. If you enter the code obviously something is not right.

Why SimpliSafe 

Even after knowing all this, if you are thinking about why you should try SimpliSafe home security, you need to take a look at its benefits. Other security plans restrict you with huge payments, contracts, commitments, and monthly installments.

SimpliSafe wireless security system is the best security system in my opinion. Due to being highly customizable for your needs. You can buy the smallest package and keep it at that. And if you wish to add a doorbell camera you can. Or add three window sensors and a camera to monitor inside you can do that too.

simplisafe security system cost

If you don’t wish to continue with the monthly plans you can select your desired components. You will still get notifications when a sensor or alarm gets activated. But it will be up to you to contact emergency services.

Or you can get the largest security package they have, the Haven, and monitor it yourself or have SimpliSafe do the professional monitoring. Point is, you don’t have to sign up for their monitoring system to get the equipment like some other security companies have you do.

And SimpliSafe security system motion sensors and detectors aren’t bulky and obtrusive. You might even forget they are there.

This security system works 24/7 at affordable rates and gives you complete control to use it as per your schedule. It consists of amazing features, flexible approach, and compatible devices, which makes it an amazing choice among all security systems.

Finishing Thoughts on the SimpliSafe Wireless Security System

If you want the best and most complete security plan or monitoring plan for your home, I would highly recommend for you to use SimpliSafe. And they have a 60 day money back guarantee.

When I thought about doing a SimpliSafe security system review I considered how any home, apartment or business could use it. I also considered that it is currently in use in over 2 million homes nationwide.

97% of the people who buy this system install it themselves. SlimpliSafe has made their security system easy enough that when it is unboxed all that needs to be done is connect to your WiFi and it is working to protect you.

I really like this system. It works with or without a monitoring subscription. And you can upgrade and add sensors so that every entrance and corner of your house is covered.

SimpliSafe Wireless Security System


Ease of Operating




Customer Service







  • Don't have to get professional monitoring with this system
  • System allows multiple addon devices
  • Professional monitoring is affordable
  • Get alarm notification alerts on your phone and email
  • Can add environmental sensors to the system


  • No mobile access for basic monitoring plan
  • Technical support can't seem to solve some customer's issues with the system
  • No smartphone app control unless you pay for the $25 a month monitoring plan

13 thoughts on “SimpliSafe Wireless Security System Review

  1. Hi, my name is Gomer, I work as a fireman here in my country. This review of SimpliSafe Home Security is a “must-read” for everyone and you guys got this on good timing. This reminds me of the bush fires that ignited in places like Australia. The option to add environmental sensors to the system is great and with that reason alone I highly recommend installing this home security set. In addition to the environmental threat like fires, incidents of burglars breaking into our houses are also on the rise. So, having this set is a great help not only in deterring these criminals but also in keeping us informed of what has happened.

    With regard to the security system, I’d like to ask what would happen if someone fails to pay the monthly fee? Will the security system’s hardware stop functioning?

    1. When you purchase the hardware it’s yours. And when it is setup you can choose to monitor it yourself or have SimpliSafe do the monitoring. So if someone fails to pay it will revert back to monitoring the system yourself. 

  2. I shop alot online  and my packages are always left outside my door. Even if I’m at home the carrier’s dont even try to knock. So I certainly need some kind of camera system sooner than later. It’s just me and my girls so a security system in general will give me some added comfort. 

  3. Thanks for the SimpliSafe review. My friend suggested this one for my summer house. I think it’s a bit expensive because the monitoring is so basic with the basic plan, but I will consider it. If there is an issue with power-down or internet down, can the basic plan still give me notification? Thanks

    1. Yes, this is pretty neat. The SimpliSafe base station has a rechargeable backup battery that will keep it powered for up to 24 hours. And if your WiFi goes down the base station has its own cellular network that will allow monitoring while your home network is down.

  4. Hello
    I live in a really small apartment and besides my computer, I really don’t have anything worth stealing. This looks like it will be great with my parents as they live in an area with a high break in rate. They have installed a Ring doorbell so that they may see who is at their door. I should inform them about the SimpliSafe System. 

  5. I have been looking at options for a new security system for my villa and this is one that was recommended to me. I like to read such reviews prior to making a decision on which to purchase, so this article is perfect timing for me.

    The system is very full-featured and the variety of packages that they have put together is huge. The monthly cost to get 24/7 monitoring and the extra features like smartphone notification is really good too. Overall, this system far surpasses anything I have seen to now. I likely will take this, as peace of mind is at the forefront of this move, and SimpliSafe provides that! 

  6. Thank you so much for your review on Simplisafe Wireless Security system. This sounds like a perfect security for my apartment. My one concern though, will the system work if my Wifi is down? This happens a couple of times in my neighborhood. It is not bad for the price. Thanks in advance.

    1. That is a good question. After all, if WiFi is down and your security system won’t work what good is it. But the Good News is yes SimpliSafe will work if your WiFi is down or your power is out. The system has a backup rechargeable battery supply for power in case the power goes out. And if the WiFi goes down it automatically connects to your local cellular network.

  7. Thank you for this article. I live in a relatively small apartment. I didn’t think I needed a security system, but my neighbor’s house caught fire two days ago, but it didn’t cause much damage. I began to worry about the security of my home. Thank you for the product you mentioned, I will take a closer look.

  8. Thank you for this! SimpliSafe sounds pretty good for home security. I’m trying to find an affordable but safe solution for my grandmother’s place. The issues you listed with mobile are annoying but she doesn’t use them anyways lol, so all good. Do you think I will run into any problems installing this system for an 83 year old grandmother? Thank you.

    1. This is a good question, thank you. 

      I think it should be fine. Some of their packages come with a panic button so if she falls or is having a health issue she could press that and get help. And once it is installed and you have the Interactive Monitoring plan she wouldn’t need to actually notify fire or police because the monitoring service will take over and notify them if something happens. 

  9. Hello. I’m not really sure what to think about the SimpliSafe Wireless Security System. It is definitely better than nothing. I do really like the secret alarm and the duress options. That is truly innovative. I expect to be getting a house within the next two years, and I am certainly planning on a security system. Perhaps by then, SimpliSafe will have improved even more. I’m really glad you shared this.  Thank you!

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