Using Apple HomeKit to automate smart devices around your home? If you don’t have smart devices to control your home environment you should look into it. With Apple HomeKit you are able to control many electronic devices that you would use everyday – lights, thermostats, security cameras, motion sensors, etc. But being able to control the access to your home with Apple HomeKit door locks is the most useful function.

If you currently use Apple HomeKit you know how incredibly nice it is to be able to control devices with the iOS app . It lets you turn on or off things while you are at home or even when you’re away.

Generally, all of these smart locks have a few things in common. All are easy to install and will fit in your standard deadbolt cutout in your door. What this means for you is no modifications need to be made to your door making it a very easy installation for most people. They fit doors from 1-3/8″ to 1-7/8″ thick and will work on doors with a 2-3/8″ or 2-3/4″ backset.

Most of the well known smart lock manufacturers and some you probably haven’t heard about have a lock model that works with Apple HomeKit.

Apple HomeKit Smart Door Locks

Kwikset Premis Apple HomeKit Smart Lock

kwikset premis is a door lock that works with apple homekit

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  • Works with Apple HomeKit using AppleTV 4th Gen+ or HomePod
  • Can have up to 30 user codes, check logs of users comings and goings
  • Receive push notifications when the lock is used
  • For best functionality and to use all the lock’s features you will need the AppleTV 4th Gen+
  • Is a BHMA certified Grade 2 lock
  • Can create temporary access codes for AirBnb renters, cleaners or anyone else who you want to have temporary access and the codes can be set for certain time periods
  • Has SecureScreen technology – if you use a code for access you can enter random numbers then your correct code. Prevents onlookers from remembering your code
  • Has Kwikset’s SmartKey Technology. This allows you to rekey the lock yourself without calling in a locksmith
  • Can be set to auto-lock after 30 seconds and has a code alarm that sounds after 3 unsuccessful code attempts

August Smart Lock

August Smart Lock Pro is a door lock that works with apple homekit

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  • To use voice controls and setup HomeKit access you need the Connect WiFi Bridge, AppleTV, HomePod, Apple Watch or an August Doorbell Cam
  • Probably the easiest to install on this list as it does not replace the entire deadbolt. Retrofits to the interior thumbturn
  • Comes with DoorSense – a magnetic sensor that attaches to the door frame to tell the August Smart Lock the door is closed before it autolocks
  • Works for AirBnb or any type of professional service – access can be limited to a few days or a few hours depending on need
  • Because it doesn’t replace your existing deadbolt your current key will still open the lock if batteries are dead or there is a connectivity issue
  • The August Smart Lock can be accessed from an alternative device if you loses your phone or lock yourself out

Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt

schlage sense works with homekit

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  • Pair with an AppleTV or iPad to operate via HomeKit
  • Can be opened with smarthphone app, passcode or a physical key
  • Can store up to 30 user codes that are 4 to 8 digits and has a tamper alarm
  • This is a BHMA certified Grade 2 lock
  • Doesn’t log users access and cannot set duration for passcodes

VOCOlinc T-Guard Smart Lock

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  • Works with Apple HomeKit with iOS 10.3 or above using AppleTV, HomePod or an iPad
  • Android and Google Assistant is not supported
  • Fits in a standard deadbolt cutout and easy to install
  • Supports up to 30 users with a 4 to 8 digit code
  • Can be voice controlled and get lock status with Apple Siri
  • 4 AA batteries lasts up to 6 months depending on usage
  • Can be unlocked using voice control, App through Apple HomeKit, passcode, or with a standard key
  • Entry codes can be scheduled and expiration times can be set for one time use – dog walker, cleaners or repair service.
  • Lock has not been graded by BHMA

Reagle Smart Lock

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  • Works with Apple HomeKit using AppleTV, HomePod or an iPad – no additional gateway or hub needed
  • Limited feature using HomeKit – can only remote lock & unlock and check status and receive push notifications
  • Can create temporary access codes for AirBnb renters, cleaners or anyone else who you want to have temporary access
  • Has settings for auto-lock after a set time and auto-unlock if your smartphone is within a specified range
  • Lock has not been graded but passes Grade 3 tests according to manufacturer

Yale Assure SL

yale assure works with apple homekit

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  • Can operate the lock through HomeKit from anywhere with an AppleTV 4th Gen+ or iPad close to the lock
  • Only HomeKit compatible lock that is completely pick and bump proof due to not having a keyhole
  • Accepts up to 25 user codes that can be 4 to 8 digits long
  • This is a Grade 2 certified lock
  • Can use a 9 volt battery to “jump start” the lock if batteries are dead preventing you from unlocking
  • Has a tapered deadbolt that works better on misaligned doors
  • Has auto-lock and tamper alarm settings
  • You will get notifications on your phone when it is locked and unlocked but not which code and cannot schedule code duration for service workers or renters

Which Apple HomeKit Door Lock Would I Choose?

If it was my hard earned money I was spending on Apple HomeKit compatible door locks it would have to be the Kwikset Premis. They have good customer service and really good about honoring their lifetime mechanical and 1 year electronic warranty. It will even work with an Apple Watch and you can add it to your Apple Home scenes.

This lock is made for Apple HomeKit and will only work remotely if you have a HomePod, AppleTV or an always on iPad. It will also work locally with BlueTooth but not if you have a an Android phone. It’s a good looking lock that is easy to install and has a simple to use app that boasts a lot of features.



Dereck · January 29, 2020 at 9:37 am

This is super helpful. I’d never really thought about getting a smart lock for our house until recently. We do happen to use Apple products predominately, so these are some great options you’ve provided. The amount of features that are provided in some of these products are just incredible, I would’ve never thought about some of these. Have you had any experience with models that don’t replace the deadbolt? Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

    Bill Kiser · January 29, 2020 at 8:33 pm

    Actually I have tested the August Smart Lock Pro and it works very well. Remotely it works really well with the Connect and my WiFi. If you are not looking to change out your deadbolt it is one I would highly recommend.

Jeremy Brewerton · January 28, 2020 at 8:51 pm

Wow, this is good to know. I live in a big house with several other people and we have a key-less entry pin lock to get in. But it needs updating as it’s old and worn. I’m going to pass this on to the Landlord and show him some good options, he’s being stubborn and there are some good price ranges here too. Thanks.

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