The 10 Best Garage Door Security Solutions

You should not overlook garage door security when you are burglar proofing your home. According to crime statistics, 9% of all home burglaries gain entrance through the garage. And once they’re in your garage, burglars don’t only have access to whatever you have in your garage. If you have an attached garage, they also will have easy access to your home.

Even if your garage is not attached to the rest of your house, you still have expensive or sentimental things in your garage that you do not want to see for sale at your local flea market or pawn shop. Some garages are made into a man cave or painting studio or even made into an office. The point is, there are things you keep in that garage that you do not want getting stolen – cars, tools, tv’s, musical instruments, boats, motorcycles.

Here are the 10 Best Garage Door Security Solutions

1. Shut the door remotely with an Automatic Garage Door Closer

If you are one of those people like me who leave the house and can’t remember if you shut the garage door, then this is the product that should be on your wish list.

It is the Nexx Smart Wi-Fi Controller. It only takes a few minutes to install but will save a lot of time wondering if the garage door is shut.

The controller easily connects to the wires on the garage door operator. This kit will let you remotely shut or open the garage door.

A sensor is also included that attached to the garage door with strong Velcro tape. This senses the position of the garage door to let you know if it is up or down.

A hub to connect to WiFi is not needed. It connects directly to your WiFi. Secondly, it can also be used locally with Bluetooth on your phone.

Everything can be done through the controller’s app. The app will send you a notification if the garage door is not shut. And you can open or shut the door with the app. Like most smart door locks, it will keep a log of activities that can be viewed on the app. You can also give access to others in your family that would need to use it.

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2. See what’s going on in your garage

What do you do if you hear a noise inside the garage late at night? You don’t want to open the door, not knowing what is out there.

In this case, having a Ring Floodlight Cam or something similar would be the perfect solution to this garage security problem.

Having this or one like it will let you see into the garage from the safety of your home using the camera’s phone app. The floodlight will illuminate the garage letting you see who or what is causing that noise in the garage.

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3. Ditch the garage door remote you keep in your car

Get a keyfob garage door opener instead. Keeping the garage door opener in your car will allow easy access to your garage if you park your car outside. It would be very easy to gain access to your garage and your house if they break a car window. Keeping a garage door opener in your car is especially unsafe if you are someone who keeps your car unlocked while it is parked in your driveway.

4. Piece of mind that your garage door is shut

It’s simple right? Just shut the door. But sometimes you forget or you think your spouse shut it. I know sometimes I can’t remember if I shut it or not and turn around to go check. So you buy the GarageDoorBuddy Monitor.

This alerts you if the door is not shut. However, it is only a monitor so it won’t shut the door but will let you know if it is open or shut. This monitor is wireless and works with WiFi. It uses an app or your phone so you can monitor the situation with your garage door from anywhere.

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On the app you will get reminder notifications when the door is open and every 10 minutes letting you know it is still open. It keeps a log of all activity – whether it is open or closed. It works by sensing the position the monitor is in. If it is vertical on the door then the door is shut, if it horizontal the garage door is open. Very easy to set up, it sticks to a good, clean surface of the garage door. Then you connect to WiFi and you’re all set. For a garage security sensor this is the easiest and cheapest option.

5. Protect the Glass

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Some garage doors have windows – it adds a decorative touch and allows light into the garage. But unusually the light they allow into the garage is not enough. And the window is too high to see out of anyway. All this means to me is they are not really needed but if you do have them I would suggest using a protective film.

This film doesn’t keep the glass from breaking (no film does) but it keeps the glass intact making it much more difficult to gain access through windows. This film also works well on sliding glass doors and front doors.

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6. Garage Door Slide Lock

For those of us without a garage door opener, you can get this very inexpensive slide lock. It is made to be installed on garage doors that are manually opened and shut. There is not an outside mechanism on this lock that can be accessed by a burglar.

This is used on the inside of the garage after you’ve shut the garage door. It works by sliding into the track and not allowing the garage door to be raised. And because no parts are on the outside this garage door security bar can’t be picked or forcefully opened. As far as garage security devices go this is probably the easiest and cheapest option.

7. Protect against door fishing

Easy as this

Some burglars can gain access to your garage by fishing for the emergency garage door release. They do this through either the flexible seal at the top of the door or by placing a wedge between the door and the garage wall.

To prevent this, it’s as easy as adding zip ties to the emergency release. The ties wrap around the release lever and the garage door trolley. The zip ties are strong enough to stop the fishing attempt but also still weak enough that they will break when the emergency release is pulled.

Alternatively, you could use a product that is made for just this purpose. It is called the Garage Shield. It installs on the release handle and blocks attempts at using a coat hanger to pull the release cord from the outside.

8. Get rid of the outside keypad

A keypad that installed on the wall is included in most modern garage door openers. If you’re using this you could potentially expose your code to onlookers.

These keypads are installed about 5 feet high. And this is a good height for access to the keypad. But makes it hard to conceal the numbers when you are pressing the keys.

9. Secure the door from the garage to the house

Many people think that with the garage door shut they don’t need to lock the door to the house. This could not be more wrong. Once inside the garage, burglars have easy access to your home. Like your front door, this door needs to be secured. Add a high security deadbolt to a door that swings into the garage and it will make this door nearly impossible to break into

10. Don’t forget to reinforce the door to the outside

If your garage has a side entrance that lets you get into your garage from the outside it should be reinforced just the same as you would your front door. If you are adding security to the garage door, A burglar might try to get into the garage from this side entrance even if you add security to the garage door. All the garage door security you have done will be for nothing if you do not have a good deadbolt, strikes plates and other reinforcement on the side entrance.

4 thoughts on “The 10 Best Garage Door Security Solutions

  1. Hi there, I must agree with you that most of the garages have all the important equipment that we do not want getting stolen, and unfortunately, most of the garages are attached to the main house, I’ve seen this all over the places, it’s on a very rare case that you can see a garage separate from the main house. I think this kit is very useful and user-friendly because if there is no WiFi, it connects to my phone via Bluetooth as you clearly stated. Technology is making life easier every day. Thanks for sharing.

  2. These are some great suggestions and ideas to mke your garage door more secure and prevent a break-in. I think most people leave the remote control for the garage door in their car, so using a key fob instead, makes a lot of sense. Great tip to use cable ties to prevent the emergency door release being pulled. And yes it might break if being pulled very hard, but most cable ties are so strong that it would not be easy.

  3. The ring flood lights seem like something that would be helpful for our situation. I really like all of your points and solutions. I was not aware of many of your common-sense solutions like getting rid of the car garage remote and replacing it with a key fob remote. That makes perfect common sense. 

    1. I have been guilty of leaving the garage remote in the car. But it just takes a few seconds to remove it from your car parked in the driveway. And the keyfob remote is a pretty inexpensive solution.

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