The 5 Best Doorbell Cameras

Are you searching for a good doorbell camera? What about one that will seamlessly pair with a smart lock or Alexa? Doorbell cameras have revolutionized home security and provide the ability to not miss a single person or package that crosses near your front door.

The 5 video doorbells selected here will make the answering of your doorbell a little easier and safer process. I don’t know how many times we have been watching TV or out in the yard and the doorbell rings and we’re wondering “who is at the door”. We go and answer only to find a salesman going door to door or a package being delivered.

Neither case requires us to drop what we’re doing to go to the door but we did. If we had one of these doorbell camera systems we could have checked the door through the app on our phone.

Having one of these cameras and a smart lock such as the August Smart Lock Pro or the Schlage Sense Deadbolt will let you see who is at the door and unlock the door to allow them in, if you so choose, all without stopping what you’re doing.


Of course, there is the safety aspect, which for many is far more important than the convenience of it. If my neighborhood is like yours, around the holidays “porch pirating” becomes big business. Many people do a lot of their holiday shopping with online retailers such as Amazon or WalMart. This results in a lot of packages on your doorstep if you’re not there to receive them. And the thieves see these packages as easy money.

While these doorbell cameras might not prevent the theft of any delivered packages, it will allow you to have video evidence to hand over to the authorities. And not just of their face, some of these cameras have high definition cameras and if pointed toward the street might even provide a vehicle image.


The use of these cameras might can keep you safe as well. Many of these cameras start recording when motion is detected so whether the bad guys ring your doorbell or not you will be able to see them on your app and take precautions. You will be able to see how many bad guys and if there is anything in their hands. These cameras also can serve as a deterrent once they realize they’re being recorded or that you’ve had time to take precautions.

Doorbell video camera systems are the newest addition to the suite of gadgets for the smart home, increasing your safety and convenience. We have compiled a list of the best home doorbell cameras available.

Get the best wireless doorbell camera.

#1 – Ring Video Doorbell Pro

You might have heard of Ring. They were the makers of the first video doorbell camera. The Pro is the latest generation of their doorbell camera.

It comes with four different colored interchangeable faceplates – satin black, satin nickel, dark bronze, and satin white – to match and blend in with the house decor.

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro has editable custom motion zones. This camera has a motion sensor and if it senses motion will begin recording and send you a notification. But what if the camera was pointed toward the street and every time a car goes by it alerts you? Well, that’s where the custom motion zone feature becomes valuable. This lets you tell the camera to only alert you if the motion is sensed in your doorway.

This will connect to your WiFi with either 2.4GHz or 5.0GHz. Other doorbell cameras will only connect to the 2.4GHz, which transmits video slower than 5.GHz.


  • Uses 1080HD with infrared night vision
  • Sends you alerts when detects motion or the doorbell is pressed
  • Can communicate through the doorbell with Alexa and Echo devices
  • Ring will replace it for free if stolen
  • Customized motion sensing areas


  • Base price is highest on our list – $249
  • Requires hardwiring using existing wires
  • If miss an event you won’t be able to view video without subscription to Ring’s service that starts at $3 a month.
  • Does not come with a wedged mounting plate, needs to be bought separately
The Nest is a great video doorbell camera.

#2 – Nest Hello

This offering by thermostat company Nest for a doorbell camera system will work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. When someone presses the bell you get a notification and can talk through the doorbell to whoever is there.

Or, if you prefer, the Nest Hello can be set up to respond to visitors with pre-recorded messages. It needs an existing wired doorbell and chime to operate. It comes in a pretty sleek size, only 4 1/2″ tall X 1 3/4″ wide, so it isn’t as bulky as #3 on our list. And, unlike the SkyBell HD, comes with a 15 degree mounting wedge.


  • Small size, perfect for thin door frames
  • Smart facial recognition for family and friends
  • Pre-recorded messages to respond when you don’t want to
  • HD video in 4:3 ratio which allows head to toe capture
  • Will alert you if someone approaches the door but doesn’t push the bell
  • Will sync with Google Home
  • If stolen Nest will replace the doorbell for free


  • Needs wired doorbell connection, which some have found difficult to install, in fact Nest recommends professional installation
  • Some of the best features need a subscription to access

Your can get a Nest Aware subscription with your Nest Hello at a cost of $30 a month or $300 for a year. The subscription will let your Nest Hello provide you with additional features.

  • You can access up to 30 days of history on cloud storage and recordings 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • A notification if the person at your door is a friendly face or a stranger.
  • Or create custom clips to share with neighbors or authorities.
You need to have a front door security camera.

#3 – August Doorbell Cam Pro

August Lock Company started by being a smart lock company. Then they added doorbell cameras to their lineup. Their latest doorbell camera is the August Doorbell Cam Pro. And it pairs flawlessly with their all their smart locks, including the August Smart Lock Pro.

The doorbell camera uses your existing wiring and chime, this lock does not come with a chime.

You can view video from the door on your phone and with the addition of their smart lock you can let them in from your phone as well.

August provides 24 hour video storage so you replay any video from the past 24 hours. For some of us this might not be a long enough time frame. But they do have an available $4.99 a month subscription that will save 30 days of videos. The subscription will also let you download and save any video from the past 30 days.


  • Full color HD at night
  • Pairs seamlessly with the August Smart Lock Pro allowing you to control the smart lock through the Cam app
  • “HindSight” is on constantly and will record the few seconds before you get a motion alert
  • Can adjust the motion sensitivity
  • Comes with a wedge mounting plate
  • Has a rechargeable backup battery


  • 30 days of saved video with a $4.99 monthly subscription. SkyBell HD has 30 days for free
  • Is 3 inches wide, so like the SkyBell HD might be too wide for some door frames
  • Field of view is only 120 degrees, (by contrast Ring has 160 degrees, SkyBell is 180 degrees)
  • Has a floodlight but only bright enough to light up a visitor’s face and not the whole doorway

I saw him through the doorbell video camera.

#4 – SkyBell HD

The SkyBell HD was the best rated doorbell camera system by in 2016, 2017 and 2108. This Wireless doorbell system has color night vision and motion sensor alerts to let you know when someone is there even if they don’t press the button.

Unlike other cameras on this list, this doorbell camera integrates with systems. And it is the only camera on this list that allows you access to video for the past 7 days without a subscription.

The SkyBell HD needs to be hardwired and can withstand extreme temperatures, from -40F to 140F. It does not come with a wedge mount which is needed if you want to install this at an angle. That needs to be purchased separately.


  • 1080p video
  • Color night video
  • Free cloud storage for up to 7 days
  • Works with Alexa voice commands
  • Integrates with smart home devices
  • Pre-records when motion is detected
  • 180 degree field of view, best on this list


  • No web app, only Android and iOS
  • Does not have customizable motion zones
  • Only comes in brushed silver and bronze finishes
  • Push alert settings can’t be adjusted
  • At 2.8 inches wide it won’t fit on everyone’s door frame

#5 – Ring Video Doorbell 2

The Ring Video Doorbell 2 is the best wireless camera system. It helps there aren’t very many wireless doorbell cameras on the market.

The app for this doorbell camera is the same app used for the Ring Pro and has the Neighborhood feature which lets you download and share videos with the community.

Ring also has released a standalone app called Neighbors and you don’t need to have a Ring doorbell to view videos on it. You can see videos that your neighbors have posted and it alerts you to criminal or suspicious activity in your area.

Ideal choice of doorbell camera if you don’t want to mess with wiring it yourself. It has a rechargeable battery for power if you don’t connect it to the existing doorbell wiring.

There is an available solar charging station that is sold separately to eliminate the hassle of charging it through USB. The charging station is mounted to the wall and the Ring Doorbell Camera is attached to the charger.


  • Wired or wireless connection
  • 1080p video
  • Works with Alexa
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Comes with mounting wedges
  • Field of view is 160 degrees


  • Does not record the few seconds before motion is detected unlike the Ring Doorbell Pro
  • Removable faceplates are only in two colors – black and satin nickel
  • Night vision is in black and white
  • If miss an event you won’t be able to view video without subscription to Ring’s service that starts at $3 a month.

If you have any questions or comments, regarding these or similar products, please leave them below.

20 thoughts on “The 5 Best Doorbell Cameras

  1. Thank you so much for this review… I just recently put up the RING Door bell generation 1 for my front door.  This review would have assisted me in making a better buying decision.  I spent so much time researching what was best.  You answered it very well!

    Please continue to do product reviews!  You are very good at them.

    1. Thank you. I’m glad you liked my list. I’m sorry you didn’t see this before you got your doorbell camera. 

  2. Great post and good info.

    Me and my wife are actually looking for something like this, we changed our fence and we need a doorbell with camera. 

    Now, we only will use a wireless doorbell so we already saw what we wanted, thanks to you, we know it is a good one. 

    It is expensive, but quality has its price, right? 

    Thanks for sharing it, we will buy one right away! 

  3. Great review of the best doorbell cameras on the market. For me, the Hello Nest is the best one, primarily because it’s well hidden and you can create custom clips of activity that it records and you can share it with neighbors and authorities. I once had a friend who had a camera built in from the top of the door down, and it only could show people coming to the door, but once when he was out of town someone tried to break in, they weren’t successful and fled after several attempts to break the lock, the video only showed the person (wearing all black with a ski mask) and didn’t show what devices were used to try and break in. This would’ve been helpful to my friend to know why his door jam was all jacked up, and more importantly, it could’ve helped the authorities by locating local businesses where the supplies are sold to interview the store owners etc.

    1. Hi Marshall, thanks for the comment! 

      From the top down? So just right in front of the door? That must have been an older one. The newer ones have a larger field of view allowing you to see the whole porch or doorway and part of the front where visitors approach. 

  4. I just bought a new house and I have been looking for door cameras. I’m glad that I found this post because it had what I wanted and now I think I have decision.

    Out of all the door bell cameras listed in this article I personally like the SkyBell HD. It has a 1080 P video which can deliver good quality images to me. And I love how it has cloud storage of 7 days. I am definitely going with this one.

    Thank you for posting this article.

    1. Hi Sujandar, thanks for the comment. The 7 days of free cloud storage is a big plus to the Skybell. Within that time you can download the clips you want for free. The others you would need the subscription to be able to do that. 

  5. Hi Bill,Awesome article, I really liked the reading!I work the whole day, and when my kids are at home alone, I am always worried. So I was looking for a Doorbell camera, and that’s how I found your website. I have checked all the cameras on the list, and the one that seems to be the best for me is the first one “Ring Video Doorbell Pro” it is maybe the more expensive, but I would rather pay for something of good quality and be sure it will work fine for years to come. Is there a warranty? If so how long time?. It’s critical for me to know this detail because we never know if something happens. Thank you very much for this excellent post!

    1. Hi Daniella. Yes, there is a 1 year warranty and a lifetime theft protection warranty. So if it is stolen they will replace it free of charge.

  6. This is a great review. Doorbell cameras are really a great way to keep yourself and your home secure. I think with advancing technology we will be better able to protect ourselves from criminals like porch pirates as the new technology will likely be a big deterrent.

    The Ring Pro camera is great because they replace it if its stolen and I think $3 a month is not a lot to pay for peace of mind. I actually like the fact that it is hardwired.

    The Nest Doorbell camera is also great because of the pre-recorded message feature.

    I like the Skybell the most though mainly because of the look as well as the colour night vision which is awesome.

    Thanks for sharing this great list!

    1. I agree with you $3 a month is nothing and if you go with the yearly option it is only $30 so you get 2 months free!

  7. The nest hello seem like a better option above the rest, it’s going to be worth my money if purchased, it works with google assistance, the fact that When someone presses the bell you get a notification and can talk through the doorbell to whoever is at the door though some of the feature needs subscription to access, it is still worth buying to me. 

  8. Hi, 

    I’m planning to buy one of these “smart” doorbells, but not to sure to pick.

    Are these easy to install? What type of surface can I put these on?

    I had the old ones that need to be wired. Stupid question I guess but these things don’t need to be wired anymore right?

    Which one would you recommend?

    Thanks in advance,


    1. They’re fairly easy to install. They come with a mounting plate and it can attach to wood, brick and cement board. Remove the old doorbell, attach the mounting plate to the wall and connect the wires to the new doorbell. But if you don’t want to mess with that the Ring Video Doorbell 2 is wireless and runs on a rechargeable battery.  

  9. Thanks for sharing your knowledge of doorbell security cameras as it comes right in time for me. I have a new house and recently build a fence around the property. I thought that no any doorbell or gate-bell I needed as everyone has cellphone and friends could call me before they visit me. The reality is a little different as sometimes I missed some visits because of a lack a bell on gates. What you recommend for me. I do not want the hardwired solution, distance from gates to Wi-Fi router is about fifteen meters (50 feet). Is a solution to connect a bell with W-Fi security camera? Thanks.

    1. 50 feet should be fine and if not you can get a wifi booster. But if you do not want a hardwired one, the Ring Video Doorbell 2 can be wired or wireless depending on your needs and has a rechargeable battery that lasts about 6 months.

  10. Thank you for a very interest and useful information you gave to us. For about a year I have been interested input a doorbell , but I didn’t because I thought that was very expensive and I could not afford. The models that you show here are very affordable and for sure I will get .   I will consider SkyBell HD because it has night color video and it is useful to me at night to alert with its motion sensor when something is approaching my house. I know  the price is a little hight, but worth for so much technology.

  11. Thank you for this informative post, I like the introduction of these door bell  camera devices mostly especially for it security features, it will help film and record activities happening when one is not around. Among the doorbell devices you posted, I fancy the ring video doorbell but the price is too expensive. 

    1. There is the Ring Video Doorbell 2, #5 on our list, that has many of the same features but is $50 less. It might be more affordable for you but it is bulkier than the Pro.

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