The Best Outdoor Gate Locks

wooden gate locks

Fences were originally used as a marker for separation of land. They started out as just posts with three pieces of wood between them. I’m sure you’ve seen those driving in the country. Those just used a rope or some other implement to keep their gate closed and weren’t really secure. In Texas where I live barbed wire fences got its start but those fences were not meant to keep intruders out. They were built to keep their cattle on their land so they wouldn’t roam onto someone else’s land. Once fences became a way to separate my land from your land, I also didn’t want someone roaming into my yard and taking my possessions. Or worse, trying to get close enough to enter my house or harm my family. That created the need for outdoor gate locks.

Types of Outdoor Gate Locks

metal gate lock
chain link fence

There are many types of gate locks. I’m not referring to gate locks on a white picket fence or a chain link fence. Putting a gate lock on a chain link fence that is 3 feet high to me doesn’t make much sense if you are using it for security purposes. That fence can be jumped over pretty easily. But that lock will make sure that anyone that gets within that fence is trespassing.

The Security of Outdoor Gate Locks

No, outdoor gate locks make much more sense on fences that are 6 feet high or higher. The website you are on is about security so the purpose of these outdoor gate locks are to keep intruders out of your backyard. In a lot of the planned communities they have wooden fences that separate neighbors backyards and also serves to demarcate property lines. These are the types of outdoor gate locks I am talking about.

Unfortunately, I know of too many people that had possessions stolen from their back yard, like lawn mowers and grills, because they did not take a simple and inexpensive precaution to put a lock on their gate.

Yardlock Keyless Gatelock

combination gate locks
Yardlock Gate Lock inside

The Yardlock Gatelock leaves a very clean look on the front because the latch is on the inside of the fence. The box has a combination that gets installed on the post on the outside. If you are on the outside and want to get in the back yard you use the combination to open the box, which pulls the cable and releases the latch on the inside allowing you to open the gate. Close the box, rejumble the combination and latch the resets to lock the gate. If you are on the inside and want to get out you push release button on the inside and the latch releases. It also comes with a shroud that prevents someone reaching over the fence to release the latch. This the most popular among combination gate locks.

National Hardware LokkLatch Deluxe

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National Hardware Lokklatch gate lock

This gate lock will work on a wood or metal square post. It is keyed on both sides with a 6 pin rekeyable cylinder. This means you can key the lock to the same key that matches any other lock you have. The key will open the lock from the outside or from the inside. If you are in the backyard and want to open the gate you must have the key. Comes with a lifetime warranty and is made from engineered polymer and stainless steel so it will not rust. The housing has an adjustability mechanism so that if the fence or post sags or warps over time it can be adjusted horizontally or vertically so the lock will still latch. Once unlocked with the key, it will still positively latch. Then be unlatched will just a flip of the latch lever.

GateMate Long Throw Gate Lock

GateMate Long Throw Gate Lock

The GateMate Gate Lock is made of marine grade stainless steel so it will not rust being exposed to the weather. The lock can work on gates that have a gap to the post of up to 1-1/2″, the throw is over 2″ long. The keep is large enough that if the gate sags, the bolt still can be locked. The fence gate lock comes with 5 keys for the 6 pin lock. The keyhole is on both sides of the lock. You will need to drill a hole for access to the keyhole from the other side. The only downside will be you will probably need better screws, the screws on this gate lock are a little small.

Keystone 2 sided Lockable Latch

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Keystone 2 sided Lockable Latch

The Keystone is made of zinc diecast metal construction and will rust or corrode. The latch is keyed on both sides, comes with 4 keys and can be keyed alike to a 5 pin house key. It can be used on wood, metal or vinyl gates. This outside gate latch works on gates with gaps from 1/2″ to 1-3/4″ but 1″ gap is ideal. And will fit gate posts up to 5 inches in width. Installation is easier than other fencing gate locks because it comes with a template for correct placing of holes. Works on square posts and gates but an adapter or round posts can be purchased separately.

D&D LokkLatch Plus

D&D LokkLatch PLus

Made of industrial strength polymer and marine grade stainless steel. That makes the lock maintenance free because it won’t rust, corrode, chip or fade. Lock is keyed on both sides. Works on gates with gaps between 3/8″ and 1-1/16″, Manufacturer says 3/4″ gap is ideal. Can be used on posts between 1″ and 6″ deep. This outdoor gate lock comes with 5″ and 6″ connector rods and snaps into place making for an easy installation. It comes in black or white so it will even look good on a vinyl fence. A round post model is also available that works on metal fence posts.

Locking it up…on Outdoor Gate Locks

There are definitely other gate latches available. Such as ones that latch and you put a padlock through a hole. Those don’t offer as much security as the outdoor gate locks above. The latches with the padlocks are also not very adjustable if the gate starts to sag. And if the padlock gets lost or you forget to put it back the gate is not secure at all. I had one like that and when it started to sag I had to push the gate up to get it to latch. All of the above locks offer adjustability in both directions, vertically and horizontally or allow enough space in the escutcheon to still accept the bolt.

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