The Elusive Pick Proof Door Lock

What is a pick proof door lock? Is there such a thing?

I get that question at least once a day. The truth is if it has a keyway – the slot you insert a physical key in – it can be picked.

Some say they are pick resistant deadbolts. That just means it is harder to pick but it can still be picked and probably already has.

Some lock manufacturers advertise that their newest deadbolt hasn’t been picked. Which means it is new or a lock-picker hasn’t figured it out yet.

Lock-picking Enthusiasts

Lock Picking Set
Lock Picking Set

A lock-picker or one who picks locks is not necessarily up to no good.

There are groups that pick locks as a hobby or professionally such as a locksmith. The hobbyists think of picking locks as a puzzle to figure out.

I don’t have a problem with this. Everyone needs to have a hobby. And locksmiths need to keep their skills up to date because people get locked out of their house or car all the time.

But my point is that there are people that are trying all the time to pick that “unpickable” lock. So it will eventually be picked.

The Unpickable Lock

If one of your main security concerns is your front door lock getting picked or bumped you should think about a smart lock that does not use a physical key, even as a backup.

If you want a lock that can’t be picked it has to be one that does not accept a physical key.

The keyway is how the lock gets picked or even bumped, if it doesn’t have one it can’t be picked.

Pick Proof Deadbolts

Yale Security Push Button Deadbolt

pick proof door lock


  • Certified Grade 2 lock
  • 9Volt battery backup
  • Works with Alexa, Ring, SmartThings, Wink, Z-Wave for remote operation
  • Create up to 100 user codes
  • Easy installation in standard deadbolt cutout


  • Only one administrator of lock allowed
  • One year electronic warranty

Schlage Touch Deadbolt


  • Rated Grade 2 lock
  • 2 year batter life with 9Volt battery backup
  • Can get it with a lever for garage or office door
  • Can have up to 19 codes
  • 3 year electronic and lifetime mechanical warranty
  • Fingerprint resistant touchscreen
  • Easy installation in standard deadbolt cutout


  • No autolock feature
  • Does not allow remote operation
  • No BlueTooth or smartphone app compatibility

Kwikset Obsidian Touchscreen Deadbolt

pick proof locks residential


  • Low profile design ideal for use with screen/storm doors
  • 9Volt battery backup
  • SecureScreen – requires random numbers then the passcode to deter fingerprint detection
  • Rated Grade 2 lock
  • Autolock setting after 30 seconds
  • Can have up to 16 user codes.
  • Easy installation in standard deadbolt cutout


  • Not wireless operable – remote operation version can be found here
  • 1 year electronic warranty

Samsung Digital Door Lock SHS-2920

pickproof door lock


  • Random numbers before code to deter fingerprint reading
  • 9Volt battery backup
  • 10 month battery life
  • Opens with BlueTooth, code or RFID keyfob
  • Can use up to 20 RFID keyfobs


  • Some have reported getting instructions in Korean
  • Might be a difficult installation for some. The deadbolt part of this lock is in the housing on the interior part of the door. It does not go through the door like a regular deadbolt
  • Only allows for 1 user code
  • Has not been ANSI certified for durability or abuse

Populife Smart Deadbolt Lock

pick proof deadbolt


  • IP65 Certified for exterior use
  • 18 month battery life
  • Comes with door sensor to know if door is shut for Auto Relock
  • Works with Alexa and Google Assistant with the separate Populife Gateway
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 9Volt battery backup


  • Only one administrator of lock allowed
  • Has not been ANSI certified for durability or abuse

To Close..

There are not that many smart lock and pick proof door locks on the market. Again, pick proof only applies to locks without keyways. If your lock has a keyway it can be picked.

But the truth is, picking a lock to gain entrance is something that is mostly seen in movies. Have you seen some of the Ring doorbell camera videos police have released? Intruders don’t pick locks. If a burglar really wants to get in, it’s usually by brute force.

That is why you should get a more secure door and employ ways to reinforce them.

7 thoughts on “The Elusive Pick Proof Door Lock

    1. Sure, that can happen but that would take a long time to do and they still wouldn’t accomplish anything by doing that. If that is the only way the stalker tries to get in then they would still be outside. Plus, you could still get in by using the battery “jumpstart” that most of these locks feature.

  1. The reason most people are here looking for pick-proof, bump-proof locks is not because they are worried about burglars. We know they can get in if they want to steal something. The reason many people are reading your article (and there are MANY) is because we are being stalked. The stalker doesn’t want to be caught, just known that he was there. Therefore, that stalker picks/bumps locks and takes or goes through the stalked person’s belongs. Then locks the door back and leaves. Why? Because they won’t be caught, unless in the act. Because they feel powerful that they can do this and get away with it. Because they enjoy causing mental and emotional distress to the person they are stalking. Because they know the chances of that person being believed is pretty dang slim.
    So, can you help with this in regards to locks that can’t be picked or bumped? Because I would welcome my stalker to kick the door in instead.
    And since my electronics and cameras are also being compromised, I’m afraid to try a keyless lock. I don’t actually want to get locked out myself because the stalker compromised the keyless lock.

    1. I’m sorry to hear this is happening to you. I can only imagine the distress that can do to a person.

      You say you want to stay away from electronics, I understand the concern. The smart locks that are listed here don’t use keys so they can’t be picked or bumped. And the Schlage or Kwikset lock listed here does not have operation through an app, only a keypad, so it would very difficult to compromise.

      However, if you are completely against using an electronic lock then the best deadbolt to get that is the hardest to pick or bump is the either the Medeco Maxum or the Mul-T-lock Hercular deadbolt. You can see more on my post about these locks here.

      1. Exactly! The bozos dont do more than move property around and try to make me nervous.
        I wouldn’t trust a wireless lock either.

  2. Thanks for recommending some of the best pick proof door lock. I may need to suggest this type of lock to my cousin, who just moved to his new home. But, reading the end of your article made me thinking about the need to use this lock. Assuming he has limited budget, should he go to reinforcing door or getting pick proof lock first? Thank you.

    1. Hi, thanks for the question. Definitely reinforce the door frame first with a jamb reinforcement kit. The door frame is the weakest part of the door assembly. They’re easy to install. He can get the pick proof deadbolt later. 

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