not a keyless front door lock
not a keyless front door lock

I don’t know how many times I have seen these types of locks on “best keyless front door locks” lists or comparing them to an electronic or keypad deadbolt. These are not deadbolts and they do not belong on a front door. These will not increase the security of an exterior door like a true deadbolt will.

Locks of this type are best used on an interior door like an office or storage room. Or can even be used on the interior door from garage to living space.

Don’t misunderstand. A lot of manufacturers make these types of locks. They are good for securing an office, storage or a garage door. These locks do have a deadlatch. This means the latch won’t retract unless the lever or knob is turned but it is no substitute for a deadbolt.

But on a front or back door a deadbolt is needed. You can have these types of latching locks on the front or back door but you also should add a deadbolt for security.

Residential deadbolts

Like I have mentioned in another post the deadbolt is the better option to secure your door than a handle with a latch. When an intruder is trying to break in, the handle will be the first to be defeated. Usually because it is not made of the same grade material as the deadbolt.

There is a reason that residential building codes require a deadbolt on apartment front entry doors. These keyless front door locks are just not designed to take the abuse and tampering like a deadbolt is.

If it was the door to my house that was protecting my family I would invest in a keypad or keyed deadbolt instead of a keypad handle.

In addition…

When discussing security and safety for your home a deadbolt is only one part of what is needed. There are other products that will help the deadbolt to reinforce the front and back doors.

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MissusB · June 24, 2019 at 2:10 am

Thanks for differentiating the uses of deadbolt vs. deadlocks and where the keyless front door lock should really be placed. We recently purchased a house and we can move there by the end of the year. My husband probably knows that deadbolts is a better option for our front door and I will suggest to use a deadlatch in our kitchen instead. What can you say about the security of electronic deadbolt? Which do you think is a better option , the electronic or traditional/mechanical?  

    Bill Kiser · June 24, 2019 at 6:59 pm

    Electronic deadbolts are just as secure as traditional deadbolts. Electronic locks are more useful for convenience, monitoring, letting someone in while you’re away, and easier to change the code or access on an electronic lock than to rekey or replace a traditional deadbolt. 

Stella · June 24, 2019 at 2:01 am

If key is part of the factor preventing Intruders from disturbing houses. Key word have had a unique rank before now. But I think it is part of inevitable things we need for our house. For me I like using a handled deadbolt for easy opening when I want to open door and many other security purposes. Like you’ve said,this keyless keypad is best suit for office or warehouse. I have seen several key like this at some warehouse and hotel in my area. Every office can use this in my working place except a finance office. They have their special key designed for the door. 

Mecyll Gaspary · June 24, 2019 at 1:56 am

Having deadbolt locks for our homes keep our haven as safe as possible. Both front and back doors should have those to ensure 100% safety of the household. We are already in the 21st century and technology is fast advancing. Hence, the level of security should also move forward.

I appreciate the time to write the content and inform the readers without prior knowledge about door locks as specific as you did on your post. 

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