What is the Best Wireless Driveway Alarm System?

Would it be nice to know if someone is coming onto your property before they arrive at your house? If you have a large property or have a long driveway you might not know who is there until they are knocking on your door. With a wireless driveway alarm system you’ll know you are getting a visitor before they get too close. My wife likes to pick up at the last minute and this gives you that minute of warning. Some people are more secretive and want to know who is driving up before they actually get there. Well, we tried a few of these and I thought I would jot down my thoughts on some of the best driveway alarm systems.

guardline driveway alarm reviews

Guardline Wireless Driveway Alarm

  • 1/4 mile or 500 feet range – depending on model – from sensor to receiver
  • Sensor alert range is 40 feet in a 9 to 12 degree sensing radius
  • Will alert to people, animals and cars
  • Up to 16 sensors can be added using the same receiver for full house perimeter protection on one receiver
  • USA based company with phone support and live chat
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty
  • Motion and heat detection so no false alarms from blowing leaves
  • Might have reduced reception distance if mounted on metal surface
  • Sensors require 4 AA batteries, Receivers are plugged into an outlet but will take 4 AAA batteries for backup power

best wireless driveway alarm

Chamberlain Wireless Motion Alert

  • 1/2 mile reception range from sensor to receiver
  • Sensor alert range is 30 feet in a 9 to 12 degree sensing radius
  • Sensors require 4 AA batteries, Receivers are plugged into an outlet but will take 4 AA batteries for backup power
  • Sensors can be adjusted between low sensitivity and high sensitivity
  • Comes with only a 1 year warranty
  • Up to 8 sensors can be used with just one receiver
  • USA based support, closed on Sunday
  • Receiver can be programmed for unique sounds to alert you to which sensor was set off

driveway alarm long range

eMACROS Solar Wireless Driveway Alarm

  • Solar powered so no need to ever replace batteries
  • Receiver can be used for up to 4 sensors
  • 1/2 mile range under ideal conditions, 1500 feet range under any circumstances
  • Each sensor can be programmed to a unique sound so you know which sensor was triggered
  • Has a swivel mount for getting more accurate detection angle
  • Don’t mount in a location where it gets direct sunlight or heat detection sensor will send a false alert
  • Sensors come with a lithoum battery that will work up to 6 months on a full charge
  • Alerts within a 30 foot radius
  • Sensitivity can be set from 30 foot to 20 foot distance

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Hosmart Rechargeable Wireless Driveway Alarm

driveway alarms wireless reviews
  • 1/2 mile range under ideal conditions, 1500 feet range under any circumstances
  • Can be set up to unlimited sensors and unlimited receivers for complete coverage of your property
  • Each sensor can be programmed to a unique sound to differentiate which area was alerted
  • Each sensor takes a rechargeable lithium battery that will last up to one year depending on use
  • Original models from 2018 had a 1/4 mile range but the newer models have new technology providing 1/2 mile range
  • Has 4 sensitivity settings – 30 feet, 25 feet, 20 feet and 15 feet
  • 2 year warranty
  • With coupon code “DOORSECURITY” you get 10% off your purchase at Hosmart.com

Htzsafe Solar Driveway Alarm System

  • This is the other solar powered one in the list of the best wireless driveway alarm systems
  • Has a 1/4 mile reception range and detects moving objects and heat signatures up to 50 feet away
  • Sensitivity can be set from HI at 50 feet, Mid at 30 feet and low at 15 feet, depending on how many false alarms you’re getting
  • Can add up to 32 sensors and unlimited receivers enabling you to completely cover your property in security alarms
  • Receiver has 35 unique ring tones allowing each sensor to have its own ring tone so you know where a sensor has ben triggered
  • Receiver has an alarm volume setting so you can hear it anywhere in your house or even if you have a hard time hearing

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Final Notes on Best Wireless Driveway Alarm Systems

These driveway alarm systems are all expandable. If you buy just one sensor and receiver and find you could use more sensors it is easy to add more to the same receiver. These sensors and alarms are not just for cars driving on your property, they also sense animals and people that are walking on your property or trying to cross a fence. You can add a wireless security camera next to the sensor so that when you get a notification that the wireless driveway alarm goes off you can see what it is with the security camera.

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3 thoughts on “What is the Best Wireless Driveway Alarm System?

  1. Great stuff there. It is really a smart move to set alarms to your property. Its is not just setting protection for your property but for setting security for your entire household.

    Of all that you have mentioned, my favorite is Hosmart Rechargeable Wireless Driveway Alarm. I like its feature of accommodating unlimited sensors and receivers plus the unique sound of each sensor for differentiating the area alerted.

  2. Personally, I love both Solar wireless systems since they will save energy and I won’t have to concern myself with recharging or changing batteries. How long can both the alarms function if they are never charged again with solar energy? Also, which one of them is more budget-friendly, or which one do you recommend more between them? Thanks for your suggestions.

    1. With the solar panels they won’t run out of power. Even on cloudy or rainy days they would still be exposed to rays from the sun so I am not sure it is possible for them to never be charged again as long as they are outside. If you are looking at the solar powered driveway alarms I would recommend the Htzsafe driveway alarm system. You can add many sensors to the same system so not just the driveway but all areas can be covered with intrusion sensors. 

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