Best Apple HomeKit Smart Locks for 2022

Using Siri for information is just one of the benefits of using an Apple device, the other is being able to operate Apple HomeKit smart locks. If you have other Apple HomeKit devices like an AppleTV or iPad they have made it very easy to integrate all these devices so that only one device or app is needed for all of them.

All of these Apple HomeKit Smart locks are good even if you don’t use them with your HomeKit system. All of them will work with BlueTooth, some with WiFi, and some of them will work with other home systems like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. So these are still good locks even without the use of HomeKit.

Best Smart Locks that work with Apple HomeKit for 2022

Kwikset Premis Smart Deadbolt

Kwikset is a very popular residential lock and lever brand. They don’t do a whole lot in the commercial arena but they are one of the top 2 in the residential market. They are pretty good locks and one of the more affordable of the brands that have been around a long time.

homekit smart locks

With a AAA grade from BHMA. The AAA grade means it is has been tested for strength and durability and received the highest grade.

The Kwikset Premis Touchscreen lock is only for use with Apple HomeKit compatible devices like AppleTV, Apple HomePod, iPods and iPhones. As a Homekit compatible device you can use it with Siri. Unlocking and locking the door is as easy as using your voice.

With the Kwikset Premis app or the Apple Home app you can give codes to people and also set times they can be used. So with the cleaning service I can give them a code that lets them in at 10am and stops working at 3pm. They won’t be able to use it at 8pm or on the weekends or any other time that is not allowed for that code.

My Experience

If I only had the Kwikset Premis and the AppleTV I might have used the Kwikset Premis app. But I preferred to use the Apple HomeKit app because I have other Apple devices like an AppleTV and HomeKit lights.

Luckily, practically all locks for the residential market, regardless of manufacturer, are made to fit in the same size crossbore and with adjustable backsets. So I had no problems installing the Kwikset Premis HomeKit. If you do have problems installing there is a an interactive installation guide on the Kwikset Premis app.

The Kwikset Premis Touchscreen comes in two finishes – Satin Nickel and Matte Black. That is not a wide assortment of finishes but those two finishes are the most popular. And Matte Black is the most popular right now, many architects are specifying on their projects.

Kwikset locks also have their patented Smartkey technology. This allows you to rekey your own locks in case you loan a key that is not returned.

Many users have reported that they had better connectivity stability using an AppleTV as a hub rather than an iPad or iPhone. I use an AppleTV that is 4th generation and have not had any issues with my lock not responding.

  • Has Smartkey technology
  • Grade AAA – highest graded by BHMA for residential quality and durability
  • Has 4.0 out of 5 stars from Amazon customer reviews
  • Lifetime mechanical and finish warranty
  • Will not work with an Android device but this is a list of Apple compatible locks anyway
  • Using an iPad or iPhone as a hub will not work as well as using an AppleTV

Yale Assure Lock SL

apple homekit lock

Yale has been around a long time and has a history of making exceptional residential and commercial locks. They have not released a new homekit enabled door lock since this one came out.

The style, function and reliability have not changed since this was first released in 2017. It all still works beautifully. And Yale Assure SL is still compatible with all the latest Apple TV, iPhone and iPads. There really is no need to release a new model. The firmware in the lock is updated through WiFi so it’s always compatible with the newest HomeKit enabled devices.

This apple homekit deadbolt comes in 3 finishes – black, satin nickel and oil rubbed bronze.

My Experience with this Apple HomeKit Smart Lock

The one I have is in black, the keypad is black so having it in black makes it appear as one solid unit. And against my blue front door it looks really nice.

It was easy enough to install. It fit my door nicely, nothing had to be done to my door to make it fit. But I expected nothing less from a company making locks since 1840.

I didn’t have any trouble connecting it to my AppleTV and now I can access the lock’s status wherever I am, even when I’m at work. I set up members of my family with codes, only problem is I don’t know who is using what code. The app doesn’t have a way to assign a code to a person so it’s difficult to know which member is coming and going.

I even have it set up to lock and unlock using Siri.

The keypad lights up at night so it is easy to see the numbers to be able to press them. But if you have the app, its not needed.

After about 11 months I had to replace the batteries. I wasn’t paying attention to the low battery warnings and the batteries ran out. But luckily, this apple homekit deadbolt has a backup system for just this type of situation. There are contacts on the bottom of the lock where you can place a 9 volt battery to jumpstart the lock for enough juice to unlock it.

The only negative to this lock is the higher price compared to other homekit compatible smart locks. But again Yale has a long history of making very good locks, this lock being one of them. And this lock has not changed since 2017 which means it works well and there is no need to change a thing.

  • Lock is keyless – preventing any picking or bumping of the lock
  • Exceptional lock with no need for a new model – it updates firmware periodically to keep up with latest HomeKit devices
  • 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon from customer ratings
  • Easily sets up with your HomeKit system with the app – took about 15 minutes total from install to working
  • If the latch can’t lock and unlock without any interference the batteries will drain quickly
  • Customer service sometimes is difficult to work with
  • On the high end of cost for Apple HomeKit compatible smart locks

Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt

Let me start by saying that I really like Schlage locks. They are well made, work well and have one of, if not the, best warranty and customer service reputations in the industry.

The lock is a certified commercial grade 1, easily the most secure of the Apple HomeKit Smart Locks on this list.

The warranties are best in the industry as well. This Schlage Sense Deadbolt comes with a 3 year electronics warranty and a lifetime mechanical and finish warranty. There is no other lock manufacturer that provides a 3 year electronics warranty.

This Apple HomeKit Smart Lock comes in 3 finishes – satin nickel, matte black and aged bronze.

The lock is not an exclusively HomeKit lock. It can be used with an iOS device or Android.

It does pair with Apple HomeKit so that iPhones or other iOS devices can work with it. Doing so will also let you use Siri voice commands.

You can use this remotely if you set it up with an iPad or AppleTV. Then it will work in your HomeKit-enabled home.

My Experience

I had no trouble installing this lock in my door. In fact, it was one of the easier installs. Schlage includes a kind of “hands free” method of installation. They include a jig of sorts that will hold the lock in place while you screw it from the other side. And if you have installed enough locks like me, you know how much difficulty it is holding both front and back pieces, a screw and screwdriver all at the same time.

I used an AppleTV 4th generation as my hub and have had no connectivity issues so far. Others can use an always on iPad. I was able to give codes, set permissions, see logs, lock and unlock all from the Schlage Sense app and all done remotely.

You can add up to 30 user codes if needed. But if they have the Schlage Sense app your guests or family should be able to open with Siri or the app instead.

Others have reported issues with a steady connection but I think that’s related to those particular individuals HomeKit system. The HomeKit hub, in my case the AppleTV, needs to be in BlueTooth range to communicate with the lock. If not then it won’t work. If that is not possible you will need to get the WiFi adapter and use it remotely with your home’s WiFi network.

Like I mentioned above, Schlage is a very reputable company and tries to make things right with their customers. I have seen mention of Schlage sending completely new locks to customers who call and complain that the one they have won’t work. Even though this is probably due to user error.

  • Built-in alarm technology alerts you to potential tampering
  • Batteries last a long time and this is due to the connectivity to HomeKit using BlueTooth
  • Customer service and warranty are top of the line
  • Warranties that Schlage provides are the best among all lock manufacturers
  • If you don’t have a HomeKit enabled house with an iPad or AppleTV you will need to buy a WiFi adapter tto use remotely
  • Does not come with the 4 AA batteries

VOCOlinc Entry Deadbolt

apple homekit smart lock

Vocolinc makes many smart things – light bulbs, security cameras, smart plugs – and they all are made to be used on the Apple HomeKit service. Just like this lock. What I like about the lock is the clean design. It’s not rounded at the top, it is square. Rounded is the look that smart locks had 4 years ago. I like the square look, it just looks cleaner to me.

It works with your existing HomeKit house environment so you can use your voice with Siri, Apple Home app or the Vocolinc app to unlock, set permissions, track logs, monitor activity, etc. You can also do all these things remotely if you have an AppleTV, HomePod or Ipad nearby, preferably within 20 feet.

My Experience

It was also easy to install. And like most locks today it fit easily in my door’s cutout. With the adjustable backset it will fit most doors.

The setting permissions feature is awesome. I have a dog walker that comes every weekday around 11am. I set up a code for them to use and have it set so it only works from 1045am to 1pm. This prevents them from being able to use it at 10pm or even on the weekends if we’re not home.

I also get notifications when it is unlocked or is locked. That way I can make sure my kids arrived or the dog walker showed up. Plus with the history log in the app I can see when and who used the code for entry.

I really like using the autolock feature. Locking the door behind me is not a worry because after a specified time it automatically locks. I have mine set at 1 minutes but it can be set up to 3 minutes or even disabled.

  • Works exclusively with Apple HomeKit
  • Can be used with voice by Siri
  • Clean contemporary look
  • Can be used with BlueTooth
  • Will only work with HomeKit – you might like this lock but if you use Google Home you are out of luck
  • Only comes in Satin Nickel

Level Lock Level Bolt

hidden apple homekit smart lock

This is the most interesting of the Apple HomeKit locks. It doesn’t replace your current deadbolt and is nearly unseen except for the exposed part of the latch.

After this is installed you are still able to use your the outside and inside parts of your existing deadbolt. This lock replaces the internal parts of your lock so when you remove the existing lock don’t lose any of the parts. You’ll need them later.

Before you remove your existing strike plate you need to see if the latch will work without removing it. Because the latch plate for the Level Lock is slightly bigger than a standard latch plate. So if you want to or need to use the latch from the level lock you will need to trim out the recess for the latch so it will fit.

My Experience

Luckily, I was able to use my existing strike plate so I didn’t have to mess with that.

Using a HomeKit hub you can lock and unlock using Siri from anywhere. If you do not have a HomeKit hub you can still operate the lock using Blue Tooth.

I really liked using Siri to unlock my door when I had to open it for my son because he forgot his key. And I was able to use my key when the battery ran out of power. I used my existing key because that part of the lock was kept from the previous deadbolt.

Changing out the battery is pretty convenient also. When it is time to replace the battery you extend the latch and the batteries are in there. You unscrew the end cap of the latch and it is right there. This makes it pretty easy to do with no screws.

  • This retrofits to your existing deadbolt so your keys can still be used
  • Hidden inside your door, only you will know it is a smart lock
  • Can lock and unlock using your voice from anywhere in the world using Siri and a HomeKit hub
  • Strike plate is a little larger than your standard strike plate

August WiFi Smart Lock

The August WiFi Lock is not a deadbolt, it retrofits to the back of your existing deadbolt. It automates the thumbturn mechanism that is on the interior part of your deadbolt.

This lock is the newest version of the August Smart Lock and comes with built-in WiFi. But this HomeKit WiFi door lock uses BlueTooth to communicate with your HomeKit hub. The hub, like an AppleTV, needs to be within BlueTooth range.

This also works well for apartments and other rental properties because there is nothing that has to be removed. And the landlord can still use their existing key.

As a former renter myself I know that it can be difficult for a landlord to let you use a smart lock if they have a traditional deadbolt. They don’t want you to be able to change the deadbolt because they fear they will not have access. But with this HomeKit compatible lock nothing needs to be changed.

My Experience with this Smart Lock

This lock was easy to install. It just slides over the existing deadbolt’s thumbturn and attaches there. If someone is home they can still unlock the door by turning the outside housing. And when it lost connectivity I was still able to operate it with my phone using BlueTooth.

I really liked the door sensor that came with this Apple HomeKit compatible lock. August calls it DoorSense. And what it does is it senses when your door is closed or not and will send you a push notification when it is not closed. Also it prevents the autolock feature from auto extending the bolt when the door is not shut.

The DoorSense is a really cool idea and is very helpful if you are in your bed and wondering if your door is shut and locked. Shutting and locking the door is a routine that every one does but sometimes that routine makes it so you don’t remember if you did it or not.

Within the app you can give permissions to family and guests and they can use their phones to unlock the door. You can also set times that those permissions work. You got a dogwalker or repair company coming by? Then you can give them a code that only will work for the time that they need to be there, after that, it won’t work beyond those hours.

  • Does not require the removal of existing deadbolt
  • Perfect for renters
  • The August app will notify you if the door is left open with the included DoorSense
  • Set permissions for family and guests that you can set to expire or be permanent
  • Will not work on some types of deadbolts, such as one that is keyed on both sides

Apple HomeKit Smart Locks

As far as Apple homekit compatible locks go, this is a short list but in my experience if you are going to purchase one, these are the best homekit smart locks. Especially the first 3. There are other Apple HomeKit smart locks that are not on this list but they are either not made well or made by manufacturers that haven’t been around that long to get a feel for their dependability or if they even back up their product.

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