Best Entry Door Reinforcement Kit

To better understand what is the best entry door reinforcement kit for your front door I want to review what makes up a door and door frame. This will help you to make a better decision on the type of reinforcement you should get to protect your home, and more importantly, your family.

Many front doors are pre-hung. This means the door comes already installed in the frame. This makes it easier for the home builder to make sure the door is square and plumb and also fits the frame with the required clearances for thresholds, seals and hinges.

Typical Prehung Door Frame

Typical Prehung Door Frame Attachment (picture credit

The down side to this is the frame the door came in is not very sturdy, usually it is a piece of 3/4″ wood. This is then attached to the jack stud with screws. These screws are only attached to the jack stud, this makes it much easier to tear the frame from the stud if force is used to open the door. Once the frame is detached from the jack stud it doesnt take long for an intruder to gain entry.

Into the Door Framing

When I say door framing I am referring to the studs that form the opening for the door and frame unit. When I say door frame I am talking about the 3/4″ piece of wood that the door is hinged to.

The best reinforcement comes with at least 3″ screws. If it doesn’t come with 3″ screws, buy some. They have them at Home Depot, Lowe’s or any local hardware store. This is because the door opening is framed by 2 studs on either side – the jack stud and the king stud. As you can see in the image below the king stud is attached to the floor stud and the top plate, effectively securing the king stud to the rest of your house’s framing.

If your door reinforcement is screwed into the king stud there will have to be much more force applied to get through the door.

If you are buying an entry door reinforcement kit remember this, the best door reinforcement kits always gets screwed into the king stud. If you’re not going to do that, don’t waste your money.

Now that you know…let’s get on with the list of best entry door reinforcement kits

#1 Armor Concepts Entry Door Reinforcement Kit

best entry door reinforcement kit
  • Best in the industry – police even have a hard time busting in with a battering ram (see video below)
  • Comes with a lifetime $500 guarantee – if your door is broken in after installing this kit Armor Concepts will pay you $500
  • Easily installed over your existing hinges – in most cases will not need to remove anything
  • This door and frame reinforcement kit comes with a pry shield – this prevents an intruder from prying the door open with a crowbar
  • Whole kit installs within 30 minutes with just a drill
  • NO need to remove your door or make any adjustments to your door
Door Armor effective against a battering ram

#2 Boss v2 Break-in Resistant Exterior Door Frame Kit

See the 3″ screw through both 2x4s?
  • Made out of 100% rot free PVC, primed and ready to be painted
  • This entry door reinforcement kit is ideal for blank door slabs so your door preps can easily match the hinge and lock locations of this kit
  • The lock and hinge jambs are steel reinforced for additional security from forced entries
  • Kit can be trimmed for a customized fit
  • Be careful when ordering – kits come in a left hand inswing or a right hand inswing model
  • This door reinforcement kit does not come with protection plates for the door lock, this kit only work on the door jambs

#3 StrikeMaster II Pro Door Frame and Hinge Reinforcement

strikemaster entry door reinforcement kit
  • In business for over 23 years without a single reported failure of this entry door reinforcement kit
  • Kit comes with 2-1/2″ screws – bad. Buy 3″+ screws to use with this kit
  • This kit comes with plates that attach to door at the lock, reinforcing door at this location
  • Repairs and strengthens damaged and broken door frames. Statistics show previously broken into doors are more likely to be broken into again in the future
  • Comes in white powder coated but can be painted
  • Installs in under 30 minutes
  • Unlike the Armor Concepts kit, this kit does not come with a plate for the hinge side, only 2-1/2″ screws

#4 Prime-Line Jamb and Reinforcement Kit

  • Unique setup – 2 overlapping plates, screwed through both plates and into the studs this adds more resistance than a single plate
  • Reinforces door jambs and repair door jambs that are already damaged
  • Comes with 2 edge door guards to reinforce the door at handle and deaedbolt locations
  • This entry door reinforcement kit comes with the all important 3″ screws
  • In white powder coated finish for increased durability and can be painted any color
  • Once installed the 2 plates combine to be 12 gauge thick steel plate – this is thicker than the gauge of a hollow metal frame
  • Kit does not come with reinforcement plates for the hinge side – for that use 3″+ screws to replace the 2″ screws that came with the door

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Locking it up…on entry door reinforcement

Entry door reinforcement kits are only one part of an assortment of tools and gadgets to increase your home security. But with kick-in home invasions on the rise I believe it is the biggest part of keeping you and your family safe. It prevents or, at the least, slows down forcible entries. This allows time for you to escape, grab a weapon or police to respond. There are many other security measures you can take to reinforce your front door but adding entry door reinforcement should be at the top of your list.

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